Saturday, May 30, 2009

A good morning every morning!

I wake up every morning to cheerful, cutest, most adorable "Good Morning Jo Jo Yee Yee!" greets from my nephews! All automatic! They are so well-mannered (i have great cousins, haha!)! It makes me feel so loved and everything, it's the greatest feeling in the world =D!
(haha, it's especially-loved considering the fact that i looked really scruffy in the morning, and they still greet me with full of love XD!)

Yes, just that one greet every morning, and the rest of the day becomes very fabbish!! Yeah!

ps: And the way they call me are also so cute!! OMG XD!!!

Of Children Songs.

There's a hole in my bucket, dear Liza, dear Liza,
There's a hole in my bucket, dear Liza, a hole.
Then fix it, dear Henry, dear Henry, dear Henry,
Then fix it, dear Henry, dear Henry, then fix it.
With what shall I fix it, dear Liza, dear Liza?
With what shall I fix it, dear Liza, with what?
With some straw, dear Henry, dear Henry, dear Henry,
With some straw, dear Henry, dear Henry, some straw.
The straw is too long, dear Liza, dear Liza,
The straw is too long, dear Liza, too long,
Then cut it, dear Henry, dear Henry, dear Henry,
Then cut it, dear Henry, dear Henry, cut it.
With what shall I cut it, dear Liza, dear Liza?
With what shall I cut it, dear Liza, with what?
With an axe, dear Henry, dear Henry, dear Henry,
With an axe, dear Henry, dear Henry, an axe.
The axe is too dull, dear Liza, dear Liza,
The axe is too dull, dear Liza, too dull.
Then sharpen it, dear Henry, dear Henry, dear Henry,
Then sharpen it, dear Henry, dear Henry, sharpen it.
With what shall I sharpen it, dear Liza, dear Liza?
With what shall I sharpen it, dear Liza, with what?
With a stone, dear Henry, dear Henry, dear Henry,
With a stone, dear Henry, dear Henry, a stone.
The stone is too dry, dear Liza, dear Liza,
The stone is too dry, dear Liza, too dry.
Then wet it, dear Henry, dear Henry, dear Henry,
Then wet it, dear Henry, dear Henry, then wet it.
With what shall I wet it, dear Liza, dear Liza?
With what shall I wet it, dear Liza, with what?
With water, dear Henry, dear Henry, dear Henry,
With water, dear Henry, dear Henry, with water.
From where shall I get it, dear Liza, dear Liza?
From where shall I get it, dear Liza, from where?
From the well, dear Henry, dear Henry, dear Henry,
From the well, dear Henry, dear Henry, the well.
In what shall I get it, dear Liza, dear Liza?
In what shall I get it, dear Liza, in what?
In a bucket dear Henry, dear Henry, dear Henry,
In a bucket dear Henry, dear Henry, in a bucket.
There's a hole in my bucket, dear Liza, dear Liza,
There's a hole in my bucket, dear Liza, a hole.
OMG of all songs this song is ANNOYING!!!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Don't know to laugh or to cry.

My nephews are adorable!

Just now we were playing Mahjong (OMG MAHJONG I MISS YOU MAHJONG!!!), my nephew Ethan was watching Thomas, saw us playing, and then came over and erm... joined kaki.

We used his small table as Mahjong table. First he messed around with my laptop and played with my Restaurant City, letting all my cooks rest, leaving two waiters to work (with no cook) and also fired another waiter.
He also feed one particular staff (don't know who) a lot a lot of bananas, by repeating "banana banana" (in the cutest way ever) and repeatedly clicking on the banana sign (those who play RC should know what i'm talking about. I'm thankful i only left like $1000 plus or less =P!).

Then, he came and played with a few tiles we had discarded. When we finished one game, we were shuffling the tiles (dry swimming) and seeing what we was doing, he thought we were messing it? Anyways, he came and seriously messed with the tiles! It was funny! He probably thought we were playing with it like he did or something! Rofl!

After that, quarter into the game, we still haven't really start when suddenly... VRA!!! He came and "helped" us shuffle our tiles!! Haha, the whole game was ruined, but lols, i find it so funny i couldn't stop laughing! He finds it funny too =P!

Now his standing on top of that table (right behind me), and hanging to my neck from the back attempting to jump from the table (and then hang onto me for dear life those type, luckily i'm seated on the small Ikea stool so it's not too tall). Haha, the adorableness!

My nephews are adorable =D! Don't jeles yo!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

I said, BRRRRRR It's COLD in here!!

Freaking cold!!
And i thought after Korea i've experienced everything, what turf.
(actually i had lar, i just didn't wear my winter jacket.)

I couldn't upload some of my pics yet, so no pics for now ok?
A short update though!

Arrived on Tuesday morning, with practically NO SLEEP on the plane the night before. ARGH!!!
I tried to sleep, i really did... and when i did they woke me up for breakfast.
Then when i finally tried to sleep again, the captain announced that they're arriving.
What the.

Anyways, reached Adelaide, my cousin picked us up... i bathed then followed my nephew for his swimming lesson!
Loo Yee would literally DIE here! (she would also be charged with child kidnapping, haha!)
Little angmoh babies were having their swimming lessons here. Before my nephew's class, they were teaching the younger babies (which the mommies are required to join as well, to hold the babies, and they'll sing songs and swim and everything). So cute ok!

My nephew's in the advance class? Anyways, i really admire the way the teacher taught the kids (for my nephew's class). She handled only two kids per lesson (half an hour), and i find that she really encourage the kids (not forcing, but encouraging) the kids to be independent and to really learn to swim by themselves. And she was really patient, and never once fierce or anything (if me the kids sure... hehehe, i'm not that patient =P!)! There was another angmoh girl in my nephew's class, she's really cute too! Seriously cuteness overload there! XD

We had Vietnamese for lunch, which later when we got home i died-ed until 7pm =P! HAHAHA! Too tired ok!
Then we went for Chinese dinner, OMG the Chinese there tasted so much better =P!

Yesterday we went to Barossa Valley, my other cousin sister Anna arrived at night, then today (Thursday) we had DimSum for lunch, and honestly, the DimSum here is so much better ok!! I love it =D!

I'm so enjoying my time here with my cousins and nephews! My nephews are the bomb! Ethan is playing with his toys next to me now, SO CUTE!! I love to hear him sing and talk, like... OMG ADORABLENESS!

Ok, till i get a card reader, otherwise later =D!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Good morning!

The most adorable-est thing happened today!
I just woke up from a "sorta" afternoon nap (i didn't sleep the night before, so it's not exactly a "nap" isn't it?) at 6-7pmish?
I went to the living room, and Ethan greeted me in his cutest voice:
"Good morning Jo Jo Yee Yee!"
The adorablenesssssssssssss!! XD

I'm at Aussie now! Super excited with everything, hehe!
I'm having a great time with my cousin sister Jo Ann and Ethan-boy! Waiting for my cousin sister Anna and Brandon-boy to join us nyah, then hurray!! XD

Weather's freaking super 'effin cold (oh, what happen to the good 'ol days of Seoul?)!! Or maybe it's just me, my cousins and nephew seem to be doing fine, so i guess i just need to get use to it!

Will update soon with pics! Till then! (^^ )

ps: Ooh, do you know whose SungMin? He'll be making his appearance soon! Wait for it XD!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Would you date a Super Junior?

Eeteuk Park JungSu.
Nah, too naggy.

Kim HeeChul.
Too scary. Eeek!

Too quiet. Either one of us will go mad.
(Him because i talk too much, me because he doesn't talk much.)

YehSung Kim JongWoon.
Too too weird. Too too TOO weird. No no!

KangIn Kim YoungWoon.
Too talkative. Everyone will probably know which brand of toilet paper i use. Eeeps!

ShinDong Shin DongHee.
He'll finish my food!!! NO!!!

Lee SungMin.
Too cute, cuter than me lar what turf.

EunHyuk Lee HyukJae.
Too Monkey-ish.

Lee DongHae.
I don't like seafood.
(Haha, i like this reason the most!)

Choi SiWon.
Too OCD.

Kim RyeoWook.
Cooks better than me. BAH!! I'm the best cook ok!!!

Kim KiBum.
Die-smile, tak boleh.

Jo KyuHyun.
No way, too evil!!

So the question goes...
Would you date Super Junior?

Super Junior 13.
Ok, come lar! 13 i want!~

ps: I *do* love seafood ok!!! All the "answers" are just for retardedness purposes, because i think i'm not being retarded enough, what turf, hehe =P!!!
It's just for fun, don't take it too seriously!~

And yes, i'm the lousiest ELF ever! Haha!
I'm so proud of myself what turf.
Ok, good night, i'm off XD!~ YEAHS!!~

Sunday, May 24, 2009

What the.

I hate it when i have to choose between two things which are equally good, but one has something i want, and the other has something i also want.
Why can't manufacturers just go ahead and build everything i want in one model (oi it's nothing kinky lar you hamsap people!)? I don't mind paying extra for it!
(ok lar, maybe *not exactly*, but since i'm ranting now, if i don't say so i wouldn't be able to look like the innocent party conned by evil globalization manufacturers etc because they don't have everything good in one package and thus requiring us to purchase more than one.)


Edit: OK! So i've made up my mind!... i think.
I seriously super hate it when i've *finally* made up my mind, then something else comes out to ruin it. Ok lar, it didn't "ruin" it, it just made me *think* more (and ended up delaying everything else).
I like having choices, but i honestly don't really like making decisions. It's just so... bah! That said, although my brother thinks it's annoying, at least if i had think thoroughly and done all my homework, i won't regret the decision i've made (if i have then too bad i'll eat my own pants)!

Haha, i like doing homework before i embarked on something, especially for something *this* important =D!
Don't bother asking what it is! Apparently after i made the first choice, there comes having to make the "second choice" part, lols what turf. It's like there's another branch to it.

Now... back to thinking. GAH!!!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Retarded multi-lingual siblings.

I have SiWon!
It's a Korean phone, that's why i can use Korean as the phone's main language.
The reason why i changed the language to Korean is apart from because i was already used to it to practice my Korean. I don't need to show off, i already show off every time i make a public appearance.
HAHA, ok SS what turf.
That said, my brother claimed i do so so that other people would not be able to use my phone, evidently from when he wanted to use my phone and sweated after seeing that everything is in Korean (a language he has yet to master, like me. but i continued anyways just because).
It's a good point, but i honestly didn't think of that point before, so now i guess i have an extra point =D?

Anyways, then the stupid git bought an iPhone.
Stupid brother. It's super neat ok!!
When i asked for his phone (not like he can refuse), he told me it's in Japanese, and laughed that he put it so so that other people wouldn't know how to use it (evil brother!). He knows i can read Japanese, but he also know that i'm not good at it yet, so he laughed at me as well.
Idiot!! I played with the phone anyways, and changed my name to something really Royal =D! With a cute emoticon! Yeah!~
Ok he better not change it or karate-chop!!

But you see the similarity here? Although both for different reasons...
Both retarded siblings used different languages on their phone, JUST BECAUSE.
I think my reasons more justified. My brother's just showing off.

But yeah, haha! OMG we're both retarded.
My parents must be very proud of their eldest son, who although doesn't know any "extra" foreign language, is not as retarded as the younger two.
Mwehehe? Should i be happy about this? =P

Super Junior = Family.

DongHae: SJ is LeeTeuk and kids. Hahahaha
JongWoon: Hey, let's stop messing about now. This is a serious interview!
The boys are adorable, as always XD!

I remember when the boys went to Taiwan for the Golden Melody Awards, and this VJ had a hard time gathering all of them to get a group shot, it was hilarious!! (i forgot whether or not he did get his group shot in the end, i think not, hehehe!)
He said something along the lines of he first managed to get a few, then when he got the remainings, some of the initial "a few" has already disappeared. When he got those who disappeared back, some of the "remainings" had then disappeared! It was hilarious, at least to me =P!

Then recently in a Cosmopolitan interview, the Editor said:
If you find one, another disappears,
If you make two sit down, another two disappears.
Ah, there's no answer. I'll just have to play with them.
(Translations credit to soundscape @
Haha, i love it that we have so many members, it's funny =P!

Speaking of which, this reminded me of something!
I was at OU today looking at the Malaysian version of the album SORRY, SORRY. They are giving away mouse pads free with every CD. Tempted, but because the mouse pad only have 10 members, i didn't feel the "urge" to buy it besides i already have too many copies of SORRY, SORRY i can play Frisbee with Cow's dog Roxy and still have a few left.

That said, when i look at the mouse pad, typical first thing an ELF does is to count the number of members on it.
Hmm, only 10.
Ok, whose missing!!
*continues pondering for a few minutes*
Hah! ShinDong, EunHyuk and SungMin!
Oh wait, there's ShinDong. So who...?
EeTeuk...!! No wait, his there.
Kang... no... Ryeo... no no... (he and EvilBoy is at the back.)
Ok, whose missing, surrender or i'll eat the CD!!!
*refuses to go through the chronological order (like i always do) and think hard*
Oh right... DongHae.

See lar, i work my brain harder than a supreme math quiz for people with PHD. Lols!
Haha, i'm so punny!
Wait, i don't think that's a pun!
Oh well, hah!!

Ok, bo-liao again. ㅋㅋㅋ!

I learned my lesson.

Never ever drink a lot a lot of water before watching MiSuDa.
And if there is a break in-between, TREASURE IT (and use it wisely, and not something dumb like switching channels).

I just spend like the worst 20 minutes of physical uncomfortableness in my life.
My bladder was freaking effing full.
But because i was watching MiSuDa (the episode with NichKhun in it), not wanting to miss any of it, i just tahan.
And because this bloody show is just so bloody funny!!
Imagine having to tahan a super full bladder AND laugh like there's no tomorrow!
... my bladder almost burst (= =")...!!

Serious!! The minute it ended i ran so fast to the toilet, you wouldn't be able to see me, perhaps only feel the wind.
What turf.

But it really is very nice (^^ )!~ Probably not worth the dangers it might have on my health, but it was worth the tahan =P! HAHA!

EeTeuk and ShinDong is on MiSuDa too!
I hope i'll be able to watch it!
Presenting Teukie's "Grab her by the nape and kiss her". (something like that i think)

7.48 onwards.
Although it's the un-subbed version (don't ask me if i understand or not, because i don't), but OMG the adorableness XD!!
But no, not Teuky!! It's from one of my favourite girls on MiSuDa Sayuri!!
OMG look at Sayuri!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! She's effin hilarious!
And ehe, Teuky is so charming!~

One of the reason Sayuri's my favourite to watch is because she's always in her own world, it's hilarious!! The way she speaks is always very funny!
I like watching the comedian JiSeon (i hope i got her name right) in the show too, because she's super funny too!

OMG it's like my current life is just to wait for that show every week, kekeke!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I realized.

I'm not short.
Really, i'm not. I'm considered of "average-height", in Malaysia anyways.
BUT hor...
I realized it's because almost everyone around me is a lot (most are ALOT ALOT) TALLER than me, and thus... i've become the short one.

Haha, i was playing with the font size (sentence above) just so i wouldn't give myself a complex from writing this, HAH, TAKE THAT!!!

ㅋㅋㅋ so bo-liao!!~ ヘ(^_^ヘ)(ノ^_^)ノ


Today (actually two days ago), 18th June 2009, was the 8003th day since the day i was born.
Yes, the most wonderful, glorious, beautiful, amazing 8003 days everyone has just because i was alive =D!
It was also HeeChul's 887th day! Everyone say "YEAH!"! YEAH! XD

Apparently, Koreans uses any reason to celebrate. Whether it's the 100th day, 200th, 300th, 500th, 1000th day (excluding annual celebrations), THEY CELEBRATE!
So to ease people from getting headaches and all from calculating all those days, they actually have a "date counter" for you in Korean brand phones! Seriously!
You just input the date, then the number of days you want (example 1000th day etc), and hey presto, it'll show what date it is after that 1000 days! Isn't it neat =D?
Ok lar, it's all the Korean getting to me, i actually think it's "neat" now, what turf.

Oh yes, and everybody say hi to SiWon my phone =D!
Isn't he lovely? XD

Obviously it's the white one!
And no, that is not SiWon! I lazy take a picture of my own phone =P!
We have a long retarded history together, which nobody shall know, so don't bother asking, haha!
So yes, since SiWon's Korean and everything, these basic "Korean stuffs" are definitely inside (the phone)! Which includes the "date counter" thing, hehehe, that's how i know about it =D!~

Anyways, now for a more retarded story!
Since it's a Korean phone, i can also read and write Korean! Yeah!
I can also use Korean as the main language for the phone. So i changed it from English, so as to "practice" my Korean.
But sometimes you see... there are some functions which i don't know it's name in Korean, so i change it back to English.
Then i realized that i'm more used to using SiWon in Korean... so in the end... i'll still switch it back to Korean.
Sweat nya ne? HAHA!! =P

Bo-liao post again! Yeah!~

Looking young is a compliment, but it doesn't mean looking old is bad.

I got this from "Chit-chat of Beautiful Ladies"! And i so agree with it!
Honestly speaking, i look a lot older than my age, plus i'm overweight so most people just jump to conclusion that "overweight people = older". It's like because you're young you have to be anorexic thin... ok, maybe that's true.

Anyways, i don't really give a hoots about what people think (though i do like to rant about it)! So what if i look older? Thinking and feeling young is more important!! Though that said, i think i'm aging fast (given all the late night sleeps etc) and a lot of circumstances etc etc... ok that's not the point lar!!

Back to the show (which i want to talk about)!
They were talking about how Koreans will look their age, while foreigners (angmoh) mature fast, but then after wards they will *stay* that age.
Do you get what i mean?
Like two girls of the same age, one Korean and one American.
When they are 18, the Korean will look 18, or maybe even younger! While the American probably looked like she's 25!
Then when they *are* 25, the Korean will look 25, while the American still looks the same!
Fast forward 30 years later, the Korean will probably look 55 or even older, while the American would probably *still* look 25, except maybe with some extra wrinkles and stuffs it made her look 10 years older than 25!
Do you get what i mean now?

One of the girls commented on how her Korean friend's mother looks so much older than her own mom, who in real age is actually a lot older!!
BTW i would so go for the latter, just in case you want to know my opinion in this matter.

So it got me wondering. I actually thought only i think so, i didn't know that angmohs themselves think so!
And it got me wondering even more.
I'm Asian.
I already looked older than my age.
Aiyar cham by the time i'm 55 i'll probably look like i'm celebrating my 100th birthday.
Nyats. Drats.

Ok, so bo-liao post =P!

ps: Everything said, i still strongly believe in the above statement. You can say i think so so that i will make myself feel better, and i'm not denying it! Who doesn't want to look young? But instead of letting it ruin my day worrying whether or not i "look young or look old", i decide to just embrace it and don't let it ruin or rule my life! But oh yah, be prepared for me to rant all i want about it whenever i want to, just because!! HAHA!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Leave her alone.

How do you feel about the couple in the picture when you see this picture?
Sweet, lovey-dovey, VERY HAPPY etc, right?

Though if you really ask me, since she's my cousin and i know her and everything... i say I GOOSEBUMP ("mo gun dong") lar wei! So lovey-dovey!!
But it's ok, because i love my cousin, and i'm happy that she finally found her happiness =D!

A lot of things had happened, but to keep this short (and so you won't get tired of my long-winded-ness)... let's just say something from her past is pestering her.

I don't understand. Things move on. Matters move on. PEOPLE... move on.
Why do some people still want to pull the past into the future? More over making EVERYONE ELSE unhappy in the process.
What do you get from it?
Is it fun?
Is it worth it?
Is it worth making yourself unhappy?
Is it worth making yourself and everyone else unhappy?
Are you happy seeing that other people is unhappy?

The main point is, what do you get when you make yourself and everyone else unhappy?
Just anger and frustration. A bit the sado right?

Do you realize that if you see things from another perspective, from a different view, and don't be so "calculative" and "insecure" and "paranoid"... you can be happier? Things are not necessarily bad just because it *seemed* bad. Maybe if you try to understand it, be more open-minded and accept what's in the past IS the past, you will see that it's just a misunderstanding or "miscommunication". That's all.

Main point: She used the wrong words, she meant no harm AT ALL, is there any point in overacting about this small matter? Why lar so kecil hati?

She's happy in her life now, with someone who cares about her a lot, and loves her a lot, who she really loves back. And most importantly, SOMEONE WHO WILL ALWAYS PROTECT HER FROM ANYTHING. Someone who won't even let her be unhappy even for a moment!! She doesn't want, nor need, to "go back the old road" or take anything from her past to put into her future. In fact, she's EMBRACING the future. She already have plans for the future, none of which involves the past! She already have what she needed most (that includes me, haha, perasan kao-kao ok i shaddup now =P!), and she doesn't need anything else from the past, especially one which saddens her.

If i may use a fresh apple and a rotten apple as an example, the rotten apple is the past, something which she has discarded long long ago, nor will she ever pick it up again.
It's a rotten apple. Something which has gone bad. If she insisted in it, it'll just give her a tummy ache (and worst, worms), so i doubt she'll ever go back for it. She's not stupid duh-eh!

I know my cousin since birth (duh!), so you know i'm right (as always) when i say i have seen the changes in her. Positive GOOD changes which i know where it comes from. And i know she is so happy now, what for she wants to go back to the past for something which makes her unhappy? Please lar, my cousin is very smart one lor!!

Think about it.
And please leave her alone in the process.
She's too happy now to be burdened with your unhappiness. Don't ruin her life.

Sekian, terima kasih.

ps: Don't bother asking why the picture's PS-ed. I'm not answering that question, even though i know that my cousin's boyfriend is very very camera shy. He actually personally PS the picture before my cousin send it to me ok!!
Oh sods, i think i just answered the question. Oops.

Linky: Rainbowwawa, Rainbowwawa-C and Blue-Z.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Dying from the heat.

If it gets any hotter, never mind that i can fry an egg on the floor (honestly, i actually did try it once long long time ago, after i watched this movie which did the same thing... but obviously it won't work lar duh!)...
If i fall down on the floor i think i can even fry myself lar what turf.

And if i see KangTa or Moon HeeJun now, i'm going to slap them round the face. What blood group name H.O.T. lar!!! Hear also HOT dah!!! ARGH!!!

Edit: OK i cooled down =D!

I heart KiBum, i think his the bomb =D (though i also think his expression is very scary and weird at times in the MV)!!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Of Angels and Demons.

Na-ah, no way will i watch the movie if i have to sit in the first row ever again.
Nooooooooooooooooooooo way.
*continue making weird random sounds to show disgust of first-row-seats*

My neck ar!!! BAH!!!
That said, the movies good. It was interesting till the end =D!!
But my poor neck!!!

Ok lar, fine... i was exaggerating =P!! It really isn't *that bad*!
No next time though, kekeke!
And i thought i learned my lesson!! XD

ps: And hahaha, i made everyone laugh because i answered this question this other guy asked his friend... and we don't even know that guy!!
Random Guy A (to Random Guy B): "Do you want to sit inside or outside?"
Before Random Guy B could answer, suddenly someone behind Random Guy A says:
Hehehe =P!!

Friday, May 15, 2009

They look like brothers.

*Chop* (reserve) KiBum!!!

Dear Boss.

Now you know *WHO* you need to give more work to.

OMG it's hilarious!! I would like to say that they are *very free*, but then again, have to applaud them for their bravery(?), really "geng"! LOLS!!

SORRY, SORRY is like... the most "in" song in Korea as of now! You better learn it, otherwise will be "out" dee yo, because almost everyone (from toddlers to elders) knows about it, nyans (^^ )!!

Monday, May 11, 2009

The Assassination of President Choi.

I told you his evil.
(Note what's behind Kyu.)

Oh yeah! Again!

Because it's more fun screaming like that when you're singing =D!

It's so easy to make me happy.

13 boys!~
Don't tell me you didn't expect this, kekeke!
I like the boy in the middle, ㅋㅋㅋ!

OMG it's just so pretty *glittery eyes*!!~
I just died (and gone to heaven, flew around with Angel and everything) seeing a huge version of this poster... COLOURED!

I love my 13 boys!~
I want the poster!! XD
(Where to stick it is a good question i should ask myself though...)

What turf.
It's so easy to make me happy again (^^ )!~
They really think i'm made out of money yah (duh!).
Oh right, they do. (SM lar!)
Now i'm sorta glad the jackets i posted about are out-of-stock. HAHA!

Yes, i'm a sucker for pretty things.

Pretty 13 boys, pretty song... i like =D!
My boys are the best!!


Oh yeah, i just cursed. See how angry i am!!

Because two pretty jackets i super like is sold out.
And the seller didn't even list that it's sold out, so like... i was so happy but the next minute i was like thrown off a cliff.
More like thrown into a pot of melting lava(?), flushed down the world's largest and cleanest (just have to add that) toilet bowl and dipped into a bowl of chocolate or something.

Ok lar, stop exaggerating. Bah!
Whack the bloody daylights out of the seller. GAH!!!

Saturday, May 09, 2009


Won't be updating often... i think =P!
I don't know, it's like... if i don't mention it (that i'm not updating), i can go MIA for days... but when i *do* mention it, i could then come up with like... 10 posts a day =P! It really depends!

But thought i should just leave a message just in case!
Recently the most happening thing in my life (what turf) is Chit Chat of Beautiful Ladies!
I super heart this show, it's just so hilarious! I can't wait to watch it every week!
Recently, i got my cousin brother "addicted" to the show too! Well, he only watched it once lar, but i think he likes it so, whatever lar, kekeke!

I added this clip because it shows Super Junior in the beginning of the clip, and it has Nichkhun =D!
But honestly, i don't know much about Nichkhun... except that his Thai and his in 2PM (2AM? 2PM? Ok, i don't remember lar SORRY, SORRY! OMG SuJu's song is so useful XD!).
Hey, his Thai, so we're related =D!
In a my-cousin-is-born-in-Thailand-and-we-are-both-humans-kind-of-way.
What turf, i can honestly come up with every single reason just to find similar points.
If this goes on, i can even be related to the Queen of England. We're both Royals, kekeke!

Ok, enough of being delusional, go sleep. Boo! BYE!

ps: Hahaha, this is funny!!

I like watching Dominique (the one on the lower right of screen in French version of HYD) in the show, she's pretty and really hilarious (and she's Canadian!!! But you really don't need to know that, what turf. I like everything (sorta) Canadian! Blame my one-and-a-half-years of being in ICPU! My lecturers brain washed me to love Canada just because =P!)!

pps Never forgetting!

My boys are the best (^^ )!~

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Just thinking out loud.

About privacy and secrets.
I'm sure everyone has and needs them, right?

You know how sometimes, due to certain circumstances you don't want to talk about something but someone else forces you to do so?
I don't know... personally, i don't understand why some people would do that. Excluding all special circumstances of course when the truth is necessary or deserved, then i have nothing to say... but all that aside... seriously, why?
The side forced to reveal the secret wouldn't be happy, the side which forces people to reveal it wouldn't be happy as well. I mean, unless you both enjoy doing that, which makes you very weird but hey, whose judging... so... yeah... isn't it bad for both sides?

THAT said... i hate it when people hide stuffs from me. Like seriously hate it. I get annoyed, that's just me, like it, yeah! Hate it, go eat my pants lar (no wonder i'm always buying pants what turf).
I think people who hide stuffs from me should be prosecuted and hang by their toenails. What? I can't do that? Poo! Of course i can do that! I'm God you know, go play Facebook lar what turf you cacing di bawah tempurung!!

Anyways, back to yeah... God speaking, what turf. (Yes Legs, i copied that from you =P!)
I'm a highly curious person, and freaking busybody... so naturally, i want to know everything. But respecting people who wanted to keep the secret, contradicting the fact i hate it when people hide stuffs from me...

So yeah, i do is i need to know that someone is hiding something from me, but not necessary the full details, citations and everything... no.
Curious and busybody i may be. But i rather know that there is something hidden from me, but no details necessary. I guess you can say "bertolak ansur"? Lols, years of Moral in public school does pay off after all.

Put it simply, you reveal you're hiding something, i don't need to know details, isn't it benefiting both parties? I'm not totally unhappy because at least i know there's something, and you're not totally unhappy because you don't need to say everything... yeah, happiness is the keyword!
Example conversation:
"Hey, there's something... which i can't tell you... maybe in the future...?"
"Oh ok... What do you want for lunch?"
Yeah, that's it.

That said, if it's matters relating to me i think i have the right to know don't i (don't forget, i'm GOD!! Mwehehehehehe!!!)?
Except good surprises for me, ooh i love nice suprises!! My favourite was the one on my birthday!
Ok that maybe another day yah? I owe a post to thank all the nice peeps who celebrated my birthday for me so long adee, might as well just wait a little longer yah? I promise it would be before my next birthday. What turf.

So yeah... yeah that's it.
Ok i go sleep now good night. What turf.

So random.

ps: I'm not being disrespectful lar, it's just in FB i played this quiz and i was God ok, lols!

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Kim HeeChul, that cat who breaks records.

Backdated post. I think April something-something.

That, and literally as well. That is, if we're still using record lar, what turf.
Super kacau.
She got herself into trouble, *again*, last night, which made me restless the entire night taking care of her. I'll go into details later, but anyways, though this morning she was better, being the paranoid owner that i am i thought it's better to bring her to the vet, and waddya know... this time cheaper though, RM62.50.
And i was thinking this year we shall try *not* to go to the vet except for her annual vaccinations and deworming and stuffs, but...
Last year i spend at least over RM600 for her vet bills, each visit for a different reason (tail, hind leg and tonsil inflammation), though spread throughout the year, but still... what turf.
Oh well, touchwood and pray she is a good girl this year!

One funny thing i have to note, my cats name attract attention! (duh, with a name like that, who wouldn't?)
There was this other girl who brought her kitten for a check up (super small and cute!), and my doctor forgot my cat's name (he almost put my name for my cat's name, hahaha!) and so when i told him it was "HeeChul", that girl gasp and hide behind her friend! Cute boh?
Yes, she's a Petal (*The* Kim HeeChul's fan), thus the reaction! Apparently she joined this Malaysia K-pop organization i joined before too, isn't the world small (then again if you're a K-pop fan in Malaysia, chances are you can't run far away from each other lar)?
I forgot to ask for her name though, HeeChul was making a fuss and so i left after getting her medication (yes, and so begin, again, the days of catching her to stuff her medicine).

Ok, how the whole thing was.
Last night after dinner, HeeChul kept running around, in and out, of the house, occasionally stopping to bite and lick her back as if it was bothering her. Then when she came into the house for the night, she stayed in the kitchen, couldn't stop panting (not good when it comes to cats, means they are highly stressed), her nose was hot, and so was her breath. Plus she was breathing very fast, and her body kept twitching, and she couldn't stop licking herself.

Naturally, i went online to check what could be wrong with her (but have to keep running to-and-fro from kitchen cause every 5 minutes or so HeeChul kept calling for me). Initially i thought she "overheated" whats with her being so hot (literally) and everything, so i tried cooling her with some wet paper towel. She calmed down after a while but still wouldn't stop licking herself. I called the doctor and he told me to give her plenty of water and some egg white, and to bring her in tomorrow.

I tried bringing her to the living room (i can sleep there as i monitor her), but she kept running back to the kitchen. Fearing it was bladder infection or whatsoever (stupid internet), i brought her litter box to the kitchen. The minute she saw her litter box, she sat inside it.
Impossible i sleep in kitchen right, so i brought her litter box to the living room, but she kept looking outside like... very scared like that (honestly, for a split second i thought she saw something i couldn't.) and kept wanting to run back into the kitchen, so i gave up, and put her litter box at the kitchen doorway (which she climbed inside immediately the minute i put the box down) so i could see her and sleep in the living room at the same time.

All was well.
Till some (to be specific, TWO) STUPID LIVERPOOL FANS watched some stupid match in the middle of the night!!!
I guess i was too tired for their yells and screams to wake me up, but HeeChul came to me round 5am, woke me up and wanted me to pet her. I felt relief then, because it meant she was feeling better! Then the Liverpool fans kept shouting at random moments it scared HeeChul she ran away to hide somewhere.
Bugger. ATM i even wished that Arsenal won ok, just so i could laugh at them, which is saying something because i don't like Arsenal AT ALL. I swear it's not Liverpool's fault, but it's their fans who are getting to me i will soon start a "I hate Liverpool Fans Club". What turf.

Anyways, after the match ended i went upstairs to sleep because bloody living room was SO HOT!!! Left my room door open so HeeChul could come in (which she didn't). The next morning, she was ok and everything, gave her cat food and all, then i watched Transformers and the cute thing came and slept next to me, everyone go "Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww". It's so adorable ok, that stupid cat rarely do this! She even let me hold her tail and her paws (go "Awwwww" again people)!
At one moment she twitched and kept licking her back again till i calmed her down, then she slept till like... 4-5pm (both of us did, kekeke) and then i brought her to the vet.

The vet says her spine was "injured" (L1 to L4 or something), it was either from a fall or because she got bitten by wasp or red ant, both which would cause those symptoms. That's why she has this tingling sensation on her back so she kept wanting to get rid of it by biting and licking her back. It hurts her when the doctor applied pressure at that point, so she was injected and given medication.
One fine day i should take a picture of her in the vet. She's such a good girl there ok! She'll just sit on the examination table, though trying to move slowly to the edge (which i'll stand there and she'll lean against me). And when i put her bag on the table she'll immediately climb into it, which she won't do at home because she has associated the bag with "vet", which she doesn't like to go.

Oh yah, and btw...
And i didn't gave her a lot of can food already ok, but... oh well...

Sunrise, sunset and swimming.

Do you know i actually don't really like sunset?
It's because the day is going to end, and i always prefer the day than the night, and thus...

Though, sunset is one of the times when the sky will be prettiest. Well, actually, twilight, dawn and dusk are all pretty! But anyways... have you taken a look at the sky sunset these days? These days, i took note that the sky gets super pretty as compared to during sunrise (not that i've seen a lot of sunrise though...) due to the different colouration.
Blue and reddish-orange clashes, producing a light colour of purple which blends so perfectly, you would've thought that's the colour sky should be.

Its one of this times which you wish you could capture and share what you see!
Too bad my camera couldn't! It really is so beautiful! (^^ )

On the other hand.... I miss swimming.
It has been so long since i last went swimming.
The feeling of freedom... ah.

A friend was actually appalled when he heard that i "swim". What turf. Just because i'm very overweight doesn't mean i don't do sports ok.
Swimming isn't even a sport. It's an art. What turf.
And it's not my fault a swimming pool isn't available whenever i wanted it. What, i should just dig a hole in my garden, fill it with water and jump into it???

No lar, it's not his fault. I just want to rant.
But then the same person is just so... narrow-minded... PFFT!
He actually asked me once why i like to take pictures of myself so much (note: camwhore or self-obsessed), since i always do that whenever i feel like it. What's wrong if i'm in love with myself? Just because he isn't, doesn't mean we all have to!
Call me vain-self-obsessed nada blah blee boo beh poo! Whatever man!

I guess i do mislead people but whatever, i hate people who prejudice (and stereotype, but i do stereotype sometimes so i can't exactly hate myself right?). I am who i am, and i don't need anyone's approval just to be myself.

Monday, May 04, 2009

It feels good.

I was being incoherent, and was babbling out all my feelings towards Pig about how i felt about Super Junior and ELF.
Truth to be told, i don't think she got 100% of what i'm trying to say, but it just feels so good to let everything out! Even if i missed out loads of important points, misled her, or even give her the wrong idea!
It feels good, really, just being able to babble everything out, and for someone to listen to it, and to a certain extent, try to understand it! Thank you (^^ )!~ I really appreciate it!~

I can't explain properly to save someone's life, because it would mean that person would have to die.
And i should stop trying to talk so fast, because i tend to jumble my words up and the words which comes out would be totally... incoherent i guess!

Anyhow, it really feels good, and i appreciate it Pig! Thank you!~ Nyans!~

Seriously, Super Junior and ELF... sometimes i had to take pity on myself because... well... i'm greedy. I want all 13!!
But then again, from this all i learned how to be grateful and appreciative of every small little moments, no matter how short they are, when the 13 are together.

I'm grateful!
And i love my 13 boys (^^ )!~

Oh yeah!

Oh hail my greatness!
What turf.

I like this picture a lot!
Sometimes it just goes to show that "greatness" need not come from "great people" (ei professionals).
It doesn't have to be "great" just because it was taken by a professional.
Nor does it have to "great" because it was taken by a professional.

But rather, it is great because you think it's great!
And i think i rock! Woohoo! XD

ps: Ignore what i wrote about the "greatness" part. (though you have to admit it was good!)
I re-read... and i confused myself what turf.
I'm getting incoherent. Ah!

pps: Just in case you're wondering how this pic is taken...
Shee, it's for me to know, and for you not to find out (because it's taken illegally).