Saturday, May 09, 2009


Won't be updating often... i think =P!
I don't know, it's like... if i don't mention it (that i'm not updating), i can go MIA for days... but when i *do* mention it, i could then come up with like... 10 posts a day =P! It really depends!

But thought i should just leave a message just in case!
Recently the most happening thing in my life (what turf) is Chit Chat of Beautiful Ladies!
I super heart this show, it's just so hilarious! I can't wait to watch it every week!
Recently, i got my cousin brother "addicted" to the show too! Well, he only watched it once lar, but i think he likes it so, whatever lar, kekeke!

I added this clip because it shows Super Junior in the beginning of the clip, and it has Nichkhun =D!
But honestly, i don't know much about Nichkhun... except that his Thai and his in 2PM (2AM? 2PM? Ok, i don't remember lar SORRY, SORRY! OMG SuJu's song is so useful XD!).
Hey, his Thai, so we're related =D!
In a my-cousin-is-born-in-Thailand-and-we-are-both-humans-kind-of-way.
What turf, i can honestly come up with every single reason just to find similar points.
If this goes on, i can even be related to the Queen of England. We're both Royals, kekeke!

Ok, enough of being delusional, go sleep. Boo! BYE!

ps: Hahaha, this is funny!!

I like watching Dominique (the one on the lower right of screen in French version of HYD) in the show, she's pretty and really hilarious (and she's Canadian!!! But you really don't need to know that, what turf. I like everything (sorta) Canadian! Blame my one-and-a-half-years of being in ICPU! My lecturers brain washed me to love Canada just because =P!)!

pps Never forgetting!

My boys are the best (^^ )!~

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