Monday, May 04, 2009

It feels good.

I was being incoherent, and was babbling out all my feelings towards Pig about how i felt about Super Junior and ELF.
Truth to be told, i don't think she got 100% of what i'm trying to say, but it just feels so good to let everything out! Even if i missed out loads of important points, misled her, or even give her the wrong idea!
It feels good, really, just being able to babble everything out, and for someone to listen to it, and to a certain extent, try to understand it! Thank you (^^ )!~ I really appreciate it!~

I can't explain properly to save someone's life, because it would mean that person would have to die.
And i should stop trying to talk so fast, because i tend to jumble my words up and the words which comes out would be totally... incoherent i guess!

Anyhow, it really feels good, and i appreciate it Pig! Thank you!~ Nyans!~

Seriously, Super Junior and ELF... sometimes i had to take pity on myself because... well... i'm greedy. I want all 13!!
But then again, from this all i learned how to be grateful and appreciative of every small little moments, no matter how short they are, when the 13 are together.

I'm grateful!
And i love my 13 boys (^^ )!~


静雯 said...

Ahaha! Make me so shy, hehe!
Aiya, friends is like that mah, moreover u r my sister n duaghter somemore!(what a messy relationship)...u oso alwz listen to me about king, danson n farenhait mah!

eiko-chan said...

You forget "lao po" (self-proclaim) and my "da sao" =P! HAHAHA!

"Dai sou~~~"!! Lols!! Sayang me more now ler =P!