Friday, May 29, 2009

Don't know to laugh or to cry.

My nephews are adorable!

Just now we were playing Mahjong (OMG MAHJONG I MISS YOU MAHJONG!!!), my nephew Ethan was watching Thomas, saw us playing, and then came over and erm... joined kaki.

We used his small table as Mahjong table. First he messed around with my laptop and played with my Restaurant City, letting all my cooks rest, leaving two waiters to work (with no cook) and also fired another waiter.
He also feed one particular staff (don't know who) a lot a lot of bananas, by repeating "banana banana" (in the cutest way ever) and repeatedly clicking on the banana sign (those who play RC should know what i'm talking about. I'm thankful i only left like $1000 plus or less =P!).

Then, he came and played with a few tiles we had discarded. When we finished one game, we were shuffling the tiles (dry swimming) and seeing what we was doing, he thought we were messing it? Anyways, he came and seriously messed with the tiles! It was funny! He probably thought we were playing with it like he did or something! Rofl!

After that, quarter into the game, we still haven't really start when suddenly... VRA!!! He came and "helped" us shuffle our tiles!! Haha, the whole game was ruined, but lols, i find it so funny i couldn't stop laughing! He finds it funny too =P!

Now his standing on top of that table (right behind me), and hanging to my neck from the back attempting to jump from the table (and then hang onto me for dear life those type, luckily i'm seated on the small Ikea stool so it's not too tall). Haha, the adorableness!

My nephews are adorable =D! Don't jeles yo!

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