Sunday, May 24, 2009

What the.

I hate it when i have to choose between two things which are equally good, but one has something i want, and the other has something i also want.
Why can't manufacturers just go ahead and build everything i want in one model (oi it's nothing kinky lar you hamsap people!)? I don't mind paying extra for it!
(ok lar, maybe *not exactly*, but since i'm ranting now, if i don't say so i wouldn't be able to look like the innocent party conned by evil globalization manufacturers etc because they don't have everything good in one package and thus requiring us to purchase more than one.)


Edit: OK! So i've made up my mind!... i think.
I seriously super hate it when i've *finally* made up my mind, then something else comes out to ruin it. Ok lar, it didn't "ruin" it, it just made me *think* more (and ended up delaying everything else).
I like having choices, but i honestly don't really like making decisions. It's just so... bah! That said, although my brother thinks it's annoying, at least if i had think thoroughly and done all my homework, i won't regret the decision i've made (if i have then too bad i'll eat my own pants)!

Haha, i like doing homework before i embarked on something, especially for something *this* important =D!
Don't bother asking what it is! Apparently after i made the first choice, there comes having to make the "second choice" part, lols what turf. It's like there's another branch to it.

Now... back to thinking. GAH!!!

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