Saturday, May 23, 2009

I learned my lesson.

Never ever drink a lot a lot of water before watching MiSuDa.
And if there is a break in-between, TREASURE IT (and use it wisely, and not something dumb like switching channels).

I just spend like the worst 20 minutes of physical uncomfortableness in my life.
My bladder was freaking effing full.
But because i was watching MiSuDa (the episode with NichKhun in it), not wanting to miss any of it, i just tahan.
And because this bloody show is just so bloody funny!!
Imagine having to tahan a super full bladder AND laugh like there's no tomorrow!
... my bladder almost burst (= =")...!!

Serious!! The minute it ended i ran so fast to the toilet, you wouldn't be able to see me, perhaps only feel the wind.
What turf.

But it really is very nice (^^ )!~ Probably not worth the dangers it might have on my health, but it was worth the tahan =P! HAHA!

EeTeuk and ShinDong is on MiSuDa too!
I hope i'll be able to watch it!
Presenting Teukie's "Grab her by the nape and kiss her". (something like that i think)

7.48 onwards.
Although it's the un-subbed version (don't ask me if i understand or not, because i don't), but OMG the adorableness XD!!
But no, not Teuky!! It's from one of my favourite girls on MiSuDa Sayuri!!
OMG look at Sayuri!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! She's effin hilarious!
And ehe, Teuky is so charming!~

One of the reason Sayuri's my favourite to watch is because she's always in her own world, it's hilarious!! The way she speaks is always very funny!
I like watching the comedian JiSeon (i hope i got her name right) in the show too, because she's super funny too!

OMG it's like my current life is just to wait for that show every week, kekeke!

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