Thursday, May 28, 2009

I said, BRRRRRR It's COLD in here!!

Freaking cold!!
And i thought after Korea i've experienced everything, what turf.
(actually i had lar, i just didn't wear my winter jacket.)

I couldn't upload some of my pics yet, so no pics for now ok?
A short update though!

Arrived on Tuesday morning, with practically NO SLEEP on the plane the night before. ARGH!!!
I tried to sleep, i really did... and when i did they woke me up for breakfast.
Then when i finally tried to sleep again, the captain announced that they're arriving.
What the.

Anyways, reached Adelaide, my cousin picked us up... i bathed then followed my nephew for his swimming lesson!
Loo Yee would literally DIE here! (she would also be charged with child kidnapping, haha!)
Little angmoh babies were having their swimming lessons here. Before my nephew's class, they were teaching the younger babies (which the mommies are required to join as well, to hold the babies, and they'll sing songs and swim and everything). So cute ok!

My nephew's in the advance class? Anyways, i really admire the way the teacher taught the kids (for my nephew's class). She handled only two kids per lesson (half an hour), and i find that she really encourage the kids (not forcing, but encouraging) the kids to be independent and to really learn to swim by themselves. And she was really patient, and never once fierce or anything (if me the kids sure... hehehe, i'm not that patient =P!)! There was another angmoh girl in my nephew's class, she's really cute too! Seriously cuteness overload there! XD

We had Vietnamese for lunch, which later when we got home i died-ed until 7pm =P! HAHAHA! Too tired ok!
Then we went for Chinese dinner, OMG the Chinese there tasted so much better =P!

Yesterday we went to Barossa Valley, my other cousin sister Anna arrived at night, then today (Thursday) we had DimSum for lunch, and honestly, the DimSum here is so much better ok!! I love it =D!

I'm so enjoying my time here with my cousins and nephews! My nephews are the bomb! Ethan is playing with his toys next to me now, SO CUTE!! I love to hear him sing and talk, like... OMG ADORABLENESS!

Ok, till i get a card reader, otherwise later =D!

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