Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Looking young is a compliment, but it doesn't mean looking old is bad.

I got this from "Chit-chat of Beautiful Ladies"! And i so agree with it!
Honestly speaking, i look a lot older than my age, plus i'm overweight so most people just jump to conclusion that "overweight people = older". It's like because you're young you have to be anorexic thin... ok, maybe that's true.

Anyways, i don't really give a hoots about what people think (though i do like to rant about it)! So what if i look older? Thinking and feeling young is more important!! Though that said, i think i'm aging fast (given all the late night sleeps etc) and a lot of circumstances etc etc... ok that's not the point lar!!

Back to the show (which i want to talk about)!
They were talking about how Koreans will look their age, while foreigners (angmoh) mature fast, but then after wards they will *stay* that age.
Do you get what i mean?
Like two girls of the same age, one Korean and one American.
When they are 18, the Korean will look 18, or maybe even younger! While the American probably looked like she's 25!
Then when they *are* 25, the Korean will look 25, while the American still looks the same!
Fast forward 30 years later, the Korean will probably look 55 or even older, while the American would probably *still* look 25, except maybe with some extra wrinkles and stuffs it made her look 10 years older than 25!
Do you get what i mean now?

One of the girls commented on how her Korean friend's mother looks so much older than her own mom, who in real age is actually a lot older!!
BTW i would so go for the latter, just in case you want to know my opinion in this matter.

So it got me wondering. I actually thought only i think so, i didn't know that angmohs themselves think so!
And it got me wondering even more.
I'm Asian.
I already looked older than my age.
Aiyar cham by the time i'm 55 i'll probably look like i'm celebrating my 100th birthday.
Nyats. Drats.

Ok, so bo-liao post =P!

ps: Everything said, i still strongly believe in the above statement. You can say i think so so that i will make myself feel better, and i'm not denying it! Who doesn't want to look young? But instead of letting it ruin my day worrying whether or not i "look young or look old", i decide to just embrace it and don't let it ruin or rule my life! But oh yah, be prepared for me to rant all i want about it whenever i want to, just because!! HAHA!!

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