Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Leave her alone.

How do you feel about the couple in the picture when you see this picture?
Sweet, lovey-dovey, VERY HAPPY etc, right?

Though if you really ask me, since she's my cousin and i know her and everything... i say I GOOSEBUMP ("mo gun dong") lar wei! So lovey-dovey!!
But it's ok, because i love my cousin, and i'm happy that she finally found her happiness =D!

A lot of things had happened, but to keep this short (and so you won't get tired of my long-winded-ness)... let's just say something from her past is pestering her.

I don't understand. Things move on. Matters move on. PEOPLE... move on.
Why do some people still want to pull the past into the future? More over making EVERYONE ELSE unhappy in the process.
What do you get from it?
Is it fun?
Is it worth it?
Is it worth making yourself unhappy?
Is it worth making yourself and everyone else unhappy?
Are you happy seeing that other people is unhappy?

The main point is, what do you get when you make yourself and everyone else unhappy?
Just anger and frustration. A bit the sado right?

Do you realize that if you see things from another perspective, from a different view, and don't be so "calculative" and "insecure" and "paranoid"... you can be happier? Things are not necessarily bad just because it *seemed* bad. Maybe if you try to understand it, be more open-minded and accept what's in the past IS the past, you will see that it's just a misunderstanding or "miscommunication". That's all.

Main point: She used the wrong words, she meant no harm AT ALL, is there any point in overacting about this small matter? Why lar so kecil hati?

She's happy in her life now, with someone who cares about her a lot, and loves her a lot, who she really loves back. And most importantly, SOMEONE WHO WILL ALWAYS PROTECT HER FROM ANYTHING. Someone who won't even let her be unhappy even for a moment!! She doesn't want, nor need, to "go back the old road" or take anything from her past to put into her future. In fact, she's EMBRACING the future. She already have plans for the future, none of which involves the past! She already have what she needed most (that includes me, haha, perasan kao-kao ok i shaddup now =P!), and she doesn't need anything else from the past, especially one which saddens her.

If i may use a fresh apple and a rotten apple as an example, the rotten apple is the past, something which she has discarded long long ago, nor will she ever pick it up again.
It's a rotten apple. Something which has gone bad. If she insisted in it, it'll just give her a tummy ache (and worst, worms), so i doubt she'll ever go back for it. She's not stupid duh-eh!

I know my cousin since birth (duh!), so you know i'm right (as always) when i say i have seen the changes in her. Positive GOOD changes which i know where it comes from. And i know she is so happy now, what for she wants to go back to the past for something which makes her unhappy? Please lar, my cousin is very smart one lor!!

Think about it.
And please leave her alone in the process.
She's too happy now to be burdened with your unhappiness. Don't ruin her life.

Sekian, terima kasih.

ps: Don't bother asking why the picture's PS-ed. I'm not answering that question, even though i know that my cousin's boyfriend is very very camera shy. He actually personally PS the picture before my cousin send it to me ok!!
Oh sods, i think i just answered the question. Oops.

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