Thursday, May 07, 2009

Just thinking out loud.

About privacy and secrets.
I'm sure everyone has and needs them, right?

You know how sometimes, due to certain circumstances you don't want to talk about something but someone else forces you to do so?
I don't know... personally, i don't understand why some people would do that. Excluding all special circumstances of course when the truth is necessary or deserved, then i have nothing to say... but all that aside... seriously, why?
The side forced to reveal the secret wouldn't be happy, the side which forces people to reveal it wouldn't be happy as well. I mean, unless you both enjoy doing that, which makes you very weird but hey, whose judging... so... yeah... isn't it bad for both sides?

THAT said... i hate it when people hide stuffs from me. Like seriously hate it. I get annoyed, that's just me, like it, yeah! Hate it, go eat my pants lar (no wonder i'm always buying pants what turf).
I think people who hide stuffs from me should be prosecuted and hang by their toenails. What? I can't do that? Poo! Of course i can do that! I'm God you know, go play Facebook lar what turf you cacing di bawah tempurung!!

Anyways, back to yeah... God speaking, what turf. (Yes Legs, i copied that from you =P!)
I'm a highly curious person, and freaking busybody... so naturally, i want to know everything. But respecting people who wanted to keep the secret, contradicting the fact i hate it when people hide stuffs from me...

So yeah, i do is i need to know that someone is hiding something from me, but not necessary the full details, citations and everything... no.
Curious and busybody i may be. But i rather know that there is something hidden from me, but no details necessary. I guess you can say "bertolak ansur"? Lols, years of Moral in public school does pay off after all.

Put it simply, you reveal you're hiding something, i don't need to know details, isn't it benefiting both parties? I'm not totally unhappy because at least i know there's something, and you're not totally unhappy because you don't need to say everything... yeah, happiness is the keyword!
Example conversation:
"Hey, there's something... which i can't tell you... maybe in the future...?"
"Oh ok... What do you want for lunch?"
Yeah, that's it.

That said, if it's matters relating to me i think i have the right to know don't i (don't forget, i'm GOD!! Mwehehehehehe!!!)?
Except good surprises for me, ooh i love nice suprises!! My favourite was the one on my birthday!
Ok that maybe another day yah? I owe a post to thank all the nice peeps who celebrated my birthday for me so long adee, might as well just wait a little longer yah? I promise it would be before my next birthday. What turf.

So yeah... yeah that's it.
Ok i go sleep now good night. What turf.

So random.

ps: I'm not being disrespectful lar, it's just in FB i played this quiz and i was God ok, lols!

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