Saturday, May 23, 2009

Super Junior = Family.

DongHae: SJ is LeeTeuk and kids. Hahahaha
JongWoon: Hey, let's stop messing about now. This is a serious interview!
The boys are adorable, as always XD!

I remember when the boys went to Taiwan for the Golden Melody Awards, and this VJ had a hard time gathering all of them to get a group shot, it was hilarious!! (i forgot whether or not he did get his group shot in the end, i think not, hehehe!)
He said something along the lines of he first managed to get a few, then when he got the remainings, some of the initial "a few" has already disappeared. When he got those who disappeared back, some of the "remainings" had then disappeared! It was hilarious, at least to me =P!

Then recently in a Cosmopolitan interview, the Editor said:
If you find one, another disappears,
If you make two sit down, another two disappears.
Ah, there's no answer. I'll just have to play with them.
(Translations credit to soundscape @
Haha, i love it that we have so many members, it's funny =P!

Speaking of which, this reminded me of something!
I was at OU today looking at the Malaysian version of the album SORRY, SORRY. They are giving away mouse pads free with every CD. Tempted, but because the mouse pad only have 10 members, i didn't feel the "urge" to buy it besides i already have too many copies of SORRY, SORRY i can play Frisbee with Cow's dog Roxy and still have a few left.

That said, when i look at the mouse pad, typical first thing an ELF does is to count the number of members on it.
Hmm, only 10.
Ok, whose missing!!
*continues pondering for a few minutes*
Hah! ShinDong, EunHyuk and SungMin!
Oh wait, there's ShinDong. So who...?
EeTeuk...!! No wait, his there.
Kang... no... Ryeo... no no... (he and EvilBoy is at the back.)
Ok, whose missing, surrender or i'll eat the CD!!!
*refuses to go through the chronological order (like i always do) and think hard*
Oh right... DongHae.

See lar, i work my brain harder than a supreme math quiz for people with PHD. Lols!
Haha, i'm so punny!
Wait, i don't think that's a pun!
Oh well, hah!!

Ok, bo-liao again. ㅋㅋㅋ!

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