Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Sunrise, sunset and swimming.

Do you know i actually don't really like sunset?
It's because the day is going to end, and i always prefer the day than the night, and thus...

Though, sunset is one of the times when the sky will be prettiest. Well, actually, twilight, dawn and dusk are all pretty! But anyways... have you taken a look at the sky sunset these days? These days, i took note that the sky gets super pretty as compared to during sunrise (not that i've seen a lot of sunrise though...) due to the different colouration.
Blue and reddish-orange clashes, producing a light colour of purple which blends so perfectly, you would've thought that's the colour sky should be.

Its one of this times which you wish you could capture and share what you see!
Too bad my camera couldn't! It really is so beautiful! (^^ )

On the other hand.... I miss swimming.
It has been so long since i last went swimming.
The feeling of freedom... ah.

A friend was actually appalled when he heard that i "swim". What turf. Just because i'm very overweight doesn't mean i don't do sports ok.
Swimming isn't even a sport. It's an art. What turf.
And it's not my fault a swimming pool isn't available whenever i wanted it. What, i should just dig a hole in my garden, fill it with water and jump into it???

No lar, it's not his fault. I just want to rant.
But then the same person is just so... narrow-minded... PFFT!
He actually asked me once why i like to take pictures of myself so much (note: camwhore or self-obsessed), since i always do that whenever i feel like it. What's wrong if i'm in love with myself? Just because he isn't, doesn't mean we all have to!
Call me vain-self-obsessed nada blah blee boo beh poo! Whatever man!

I guess i do mislead people but whatever, i hate people who prejudice (and stereotype, but i do stereotype sometimes so i can't exactly hate myself right?). I am who i am, and i don't need anyone's approval just to be myself.

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