Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Kim HeeChul, that cat who breaks records.

Backdated post. I think April something-something.

That, and literally as well. That is, if we're still using record lar, what turf.
Super kacau.
She got herself into trouble, *again*, last night, which made me restless the entire night taking care of her. I'll go into details later, but anyways, though this morning she was better, being the paranoid owner that i am i thought it's better to bring her to the vet, and waddya know... this time cheaper though, RM62.50.
And i was thinking this year we shall try *not* to go to the vet except for her annual vaccinations and deworming and stuffs, but...
Last year i spend at least over RM600 for her vet bills, each visit for a different reason (tail, hind leg and tonsil inflammation), though spread throughout the year, but still... what turf.
Oh well, touchwood and pray she is a good girl this year!

One funny thing i have to note, my cats name attract attention! (duh, with a name like that, who wouldn't?)
There was this other girl who brought her kitten for a check up (super small and cute!), and my doctor forgot my cat's name (he almost put my name for my cat's name, hahaha!) and so when i told him it was "HeeChul", that girl gasp and hide behind her friend! Cute boh?
Yes, she's a Petal (*The* Kim HeeChul's fan), thus the reaction! Apparently she joined this Malaysia K-pop organization i joined before too, isn't the world small (then again if you're a K-pop fan in Malaysia, chances are you can't run far away from each other lar)?
I forgot to ask for her name though, HeeChul was making a fuss and so i left after getting her medication (yes, and so begin, again, the days of catching her to stuff her medicine).

Ok, how the whole thing was.
Last night after dinner, HeeChul kept running around, in and out, of the house, occasionally stopping to bite and lick her back as if it was bothering her. Then when she came into the house for the night, she stayed in the kitchen, couldn't stop panting (not good when it comes to cats, means they are highly stressed), her nose was hot, and so was her breath. Plus she was breathing very fast, and her body kept twitching, and she couldn't stop licking herself.

Naturally, i went online to check what could be wrong with her (but have to keep running to-and-fro from kitchen cause every 5 minutes or so HeeChul kept calling for me). Initially i thought she "overheated" whats with her being so hot (literally) and everything, so i tried cooling her with some wet paper towel. She calmed down after a while but still wouldn't stop licking herself. I called the doctor and he told me to give her plenty of water and some egg white, and to bring her in tomorrow.

I tried bringing her to the living room (i can sleep there as i monitor her), but she kept running back to the kitchen. Fearing it was bladder infection or whatsoever (stupid internet), i brought her litter box to the kitchen. The minute she saw her litter box, she sat inside it.
Impossible i sleep in kitchen right, so i brought her litter box to the living room, but she kept looking outside like... very scared like that (honestly, for a split second i thought she saw something i couldn't.) and kept wanting to run back into the kitchen, so i gave up, and put her litter box at the kitchen doorway (which she climbed inside immediately the minute i put the box down) so i could see her and sleep in the living room at the same time.

All was well.
Till some (to be specific, TWO) STUPID LIVERPOOL FANS watched some stupid match in the middle of the night!!!
I guess i was too tired for their yells and screams to wake me up, but HeeChul came to me round 5am, woke me up and wanted me to pet her. I felt relief then, because it meant she was feeling better! Then the Liverpool fans kept shouting at random moments it scared HeeChul she ran away to hide somewhere.
Bugger. ATM i even wished that Arsenal won ok, just so i could laugh at them, which is saying something because i don't like Arsenal AT ALL. I swear it's not Liverpool's fault, but it's their fans who are getting to me i will soon start a "I hate Liverpool Fans Club". What turf.

Anyways, after the match ended i went upstairs to sleep because bloody living room was SO HOT!!! Left my room door open so HeeChul could come in (which she didn't). The next morning, she was ok and everything, gave her cat food and all, then i watched Transformers and the cute thing came and slept next to me, everyone go "Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww". It's so adorable ok, that stupid cat rarely do this! She even let me hold her tail and her paws (go "Awwwww" again people)!
At one moment she twitched and kept licking her back again till i calmed her down, then she slept till like... 4-5pm (both of us did, kekeke) and then i brought her to the vet.

The vet says her spine was "injured" (L1 to L4 or something), it was either from a fall or because she got bitten by wasp or red ant, both which would cause those symptoms. That's why she has this tingling sensation on her back so she kept wanting to get rid of it by biting and licking her back. It hurts her when the doctor applied pressure at that point, so she was injected and given medication.
One fine day i should take a picture of her in the vet. She's such a good girl there ok! She'll just sit on the examination table, though trying to move slowly to the edge (which i'll stand there and she'll lean against me). And when i put her bag on the table she'll immediately climb into it, which she won't do at home because she has associated the bag with "vet", which she doesn't like to go.

Oh yah, and btw...
And i didn't gave her a lot of can food already ok, but... oh well...

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