Monday, May 04, 2009

Oh yeah!

Oh hail my greatness!
What turf.

I like this picture a lot!
Sometimes it just goes to show that "greatness" need not come from "great people" (ei professionals).
It doesn't have to be "great" just because it was taken by a professional.
Nor does it have to "great" because it was taken by a professional.

But rather, it is great because you think it's great!
And i think i rock! Woohoo! XD

ps: Ignore what i wrote about the "greatness" part. (though you have to admit it was good!)
I re-read... and i confused myself what turf.
I'm getting incoherent. Ah!

pps: Just in case you're wondering how this pic is taken...
Shee, it's for me to know, and for you not to find out (because it's taken illegally).

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