Thursday, April 30, 2009

The love-hate relationship with my hair.

Kinda like how Cam described the relationship between Cow and i.
Which i said, "No, it's a hate-hate relationship."
I reserve love-love for Pig ok? Hahaha, ok, now get to work you! I know you read my Blog during office hours right? Naughty naughty! =P

My hair.
I love it, heart it, adore it.
I think it's the best thing ever in the world. (then again, so are a lot of things XD)

The fact remains it's super nice after i style it... for 15 minutes. Tops.
Then............. flop.
I don't know if it's my hair spray's problem, or i don't know how to spray it properly, or... maybe it's just me.
That's why i super jeles LeggyPoo and LooYee's hair (maybe it has to do with their initials. I shall rename my name then, i shall be Lo Lo from now on, what turf.). It's always so nice and fluffy!! Or in Hokkien, "pong pong"!

Then being the vain monkey me, thus i kept touching and messing my hair every 10 minutes or so (to make it "pong pong" and airy again), that sooner or late i'm sure to end up like JongWoon (my hair will all fall off from over touching).
Or at least that's what HeeChul say would happen (wait, was it HeeChul? We have too many members really (but i like so it's ok~~~!!)...)

Ka-chu-ka-chu!! (omg i love random words, they are just so... so... so random... *sweat*...)

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