Monday, April 13, 2009


If i ever take pictures of the scenery, i never believe in PS to make that pic nicer.
Whether or not it's just slight adjustment for the balance nada boda bada, no.
Well, that's me anyways!

The reason so is because i like to capture the moment.
If i see something beautiful, i want to be able to capture it's colours and everything as i've seen it, and not rely on something else to enhance it's beauty.
Yes, it may make the pics nicer and look better, but it's still enhanced and has lost the natural beauty which i've seen through my eyes.

I am someone who likes to share my happiness, because i do believe in the fact that happiness can be spread. So if i have a crappy day, and my friend comes along telling me how great her day is, i would feel happier eventually (though as long as if they would hear me rant it out first, because i always feel better after ranting, hehehe).
So yeah, same reasoning when it comes to pictures. I would like to show people what i've seen from how i've seen it. (Lols, Renesmee what turf!)

What do you think when you see this picture?

To professionals, this is probably one crappy photo, but to me, i like how the light reflects just right at the background. I like how the colour of the sky blend oh-so-purr-fectly. I like how the trees and colours match so well that just by looking at the photo, i still couldn't believe i took this photo at my neighbourhood.
Personally, it looks like some country side far far away =)!

Fairy tales anyone?

And mind, it's not taken using D-SLR, but just your normal everyday compact camera.
I had thought of getting a D-SLR, because i love taking pics! But after some serious consideration (which was why it made me pening yesterday lar really), i've decided not too. Besides, i like pics to be as i've seen it!
Of course, D-SLR will make it better, but it also involves taking up half my brain space, so, yeah, no thanks! Even though i super want one!
(I shall get a boyfriend who is a (sensible) gamer and who likes taking pictures and owns a D-SLR so i can play with it. HAHAHA!)

I love my crappy old anti-anti-shake (means there's no anti-shake, lols) camera, because it's erm... crappy... but anyways...
I still love it for all it's crappy functions, and especially how it captures things as you see it! It doesn't enhance it digitally whatsoever, it just gives you what you see.
Maybe that's why it's crappy too, because it's old! Haha!
But i still heart it a lot! I've brought it to like, so many places, and yeah, no matter what i still love it very much (^^ )!~

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