Thursday, April 16, 2009

Neuter your pets.

I hate it when people say "It's cruel to neuter your pets". Then they went on saying blah blah blah. I am all for "different people different opinion", and i like to share opinions as long as you don't dwell too much into "i'm right" those thing... but i guess this is just one thing which i can never ever agree with the "different people different opinion" thing.

Sure, i guess for angmohs they can say that, but they don't live in Malaysia. They don't live in an place where there are just too many stray dogs and cats which caused so much havoc around that residents hated them, to the extent that some actually poison the poor strays. The local authorities aren't much help either, the animals (mostly stray dogs) they caught are cruelly catched and treated. There were even news that DBKL actually poisons the animals just so they wouldn't need to catch them.
Furthermore, the pound which they live in are just horrible. SPCA, PAWS and a lot of other animal organizations in Malaysia actually make weekly visits to see which animal they can rescue which they could put up for adoption.

Sure a few lucky ones get picked, and it's definitely better than living in the pound... but what about the others who aren't chosen?

Living in Malaysia, where there are so many stray dogs and cats around because typical Malaysian owners with Orang-Cina mindset think "it's cruel", and then when the pets reproduce and they couldn't find owners for the babies, they just throw them away, sometimes along with the mother.

Do you know what are the chances of me seeing a dead animal on the streets in a week?

Imagine seeing this girl here by the roadside. Do you want it?

What about this boy. How would you feel?

It's irresponsible to judge others that they are "cruel" because they choose to spay their pets. If anything, i admire people who choose to spay their pets because they understand what is it to being responsible.
Being a responsible pet owner is not only being responsible to your own pet, but also responsible that you don't create problems for other people.

I choose to spay HeeChul, because i know should she give birth, there are little to no chances of me being able to keep her babies. Finding people to take her kittens in would be a hassle, and why should i even do so when there are so many other cats up for adoption, who seriously needed somewhere to call home, from so many different animal organizations in Malaysia!
I especially despise people who keeps male dogs or cats, and because male pets wouldn't get pregnant (obviously), so they didn't bother with spaying because it wouldn't bother them anyway. This kinda people are just selfish and cruel, and not responsible at all. Their pets wouldn't come home bringing "extra burden" to them, but what about the strays who got pregnant by your pet??

It sickens me how some people say "it's cruel" to spay your animals, when it's them who are cruel in the first place for not thinking of the other stray animals who are suffering just because they don't agree with spaying.

If you don't agree with spaying not because of the cruel part, but rather because of the gaining weight, being lazy etc... you're just being a lazy irresonsible owner, and choose to take the "easy way out". I'd rather my cat be fat and lazy (but with a healthy diet and everything), and i having to find ways to encourage her to play at least 15 minutes a day, than letting 10 stray cats out there getting hurt or injured. Besides, spayed animals are usually healthier if taken care properly.

Have you ever been to SPCA or PAWS? Or even to adoption drives like those organized by Independent Pet Rescuers?

Do you know what's it like to long to have some place you can call home, and someone to call your owner? Someone who will love you unconditionally?

"You bringing me home?"

Well, HeeChul is lucky she found us! But do you think i can say so for every other animals in SPCA or PAWS? Some of them get put to sleep just because it was too long and they still didn't get adopted.

Be a responsible owner. Even if you don't agree with spaying, you can stick to that belief, but DON'T impose your beliefs on other people or judge them, because after all, spaying *is* the right thing to do. Especially in Malaysia, where problems caused by too many strays are rampant.

If you don't care a hoots about strays, think of your pets, and how would you feel if they were the ones whose the stray. Will you still think it's just "another animal" which you can ignore? I know i can't.

Can you?

Adopt if you can!
Independent Pet Rescuers
(i forgot the rest of links barnacles.)

ps: All photos stolen (because i was too lazy to email to ask for permission) from Independent Pet Rescuers. Besides we can help them by spreading the word around about what they are doing to save the animals! They need help in any way they can! Spread the word!


Jaerin said...

I totally agree with this one too! Responsible owners should neuter their pets!
I get so annoyed when ppl say that it's cruel to do so. It's even more cruel not doing so. They just don't understand the consequences of not neutering their pets.

Btw, I have a mixed Siamese cat named Solomon and he's neutered. Hehe.

Jaerin said...

And and another thing. I think that ppl who are planning of getting a pet should really consider adopting from places like SPCA.
All the pets I had so far are strays. I even found Solomon by the road side when he was just a little kitten. And he's still as adorable as any other so called "higher class" cats or maybe even more adorable.

eiko-chan said...

Thanks for spending time to read it! I really appreciate it!

I picked up my HeeChul (the cat, although i wouldn't mind picking up the human version as well =P) from the road side too! Furthermore, i find pedigree cats bought are usually more useless (sorry HeeBum!), haha! I guess it has something to do with them being pampered to begin with?