Thursday, April 02, 2009

Why am i KangIn, KyuHyun and Kyung's most hated ELF.

I must be like... the weirdest ELF alive.
Though, there *are* a lot of weird people out there... so... maybe not???
Besides, my cousin does so too, and *she* is not even a fangirl.

What i did?
Well, you see... i was running out of spaces to stick my posters, but anyways, i found this really nice place. It is so nice it totally adds to the beauty of the whole place ok!!
I'm a genius!!~
All hail me!!!~
Ok fine i've stick the 3Ks poster in erm... in my bathroom.

Ehehe =P!!

Though, considering my toilet doors always open, except night, and it's VERY CLEAN, or so i feel so, so it's ok!!
Besides, i like how the poster isn't too "idol-ish" poster type, but rather, like some model pic (of three really hot guys) =D!!~

Then, here is the 13 poster i stick on the wall.

I like how the length of the poster is just right for that part of the room (^^ )!~
Like it's made for the wall (or vice versa, whichever rocks your boat)!!

On the other hand... i *really* had ran out of space for RyeoWook, SiWon and DongHae's poster.
I've considered my bathroom again... but the only places i can put is either in the shower (which will get wet even with plastic, so NO...), the wall opposite my shower, or the wall right in front of my toilet bowl.
The place in front of my toilet bowl seems right (since the one opposite shower is always blocked by the door)...
However, imagine you're doing your "big business", concentrating hard trying to relief yourself, when you suddenly made the mistake of looking up, and you see SiWon staring back at you...
Like this...

Ok, guarantee can kena constipation, what turf.

ps: Ok lar, the last paragraph about WookSiHae poster is just a joke, but i thought it was funny i mention it because i *had* thought of putting it there =D!
And seriously... now my room is Super Junior-ed. You can know my "fan-identity" (an ELF) just by entering my room, hahaha!
pps: Though not by looking into it from outside lar, considering w-inds. poster is facing the door, unless you stand a little more to your right and you can see HeeNim staring back at you... or whoever's month i chose to put, hehehe!

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