Sunday, April 26, 2009

I dream.

This morning, i dream i followed my brother Hiro to London (he went there to visit his friends - surprisingly the ticket was dirt cheap), and i went to ErJie, AhMa, Maria and NaiMa's Sam, Cheryl, Tracy and Ave's hostel to wait for them, plus as a surprise.
The inside was somewhat a bit the hostel-ish, but the "outside" garden part is like any ol' house in Subang with the porch and everything, except that there's mist because it's cold, and the neighbourhood is very English.
I was too tired so i slept at the porch... where the shoe racks were... ok, my dreams are always weird, lols!

Then Sam and Tracy came home first on a yellowy-orangey school bus, i remember Sam saw me sleeping near the shoe racks from the bus window and was very happy but surprised to see me (wouldn't you =D?). Then all 3 of us went to the kitchen where Tracy and Sam whipped me up some funny pie (i remember the name in the dream, but forgot it now, i even remember how it looks like gees!), which has German sausages in it.
The sausages must be a courtesy of AhMa's Blog, hehe.
Then i woke up. The End.

But the funniest dream was still this.
I woke up at 8.30am, and was thinking, ah, i'll rest a little... which is a bad idea because i would always end up sleeping in a little longer.
And whaddya know, i did. And i dream i was in my old house, and i was running late for my date with Pig, and i couldn't find this pants i wanted to wear!!
So i was running all around looking for it, when i remembered it's at my new house, and it would be too late if i were to go back and change, so i thought, what the heck, i'll just wear like this lar.

And when i woke up.
I was indeed late.

Will update again, feeling woozy now, i think i kena heat stroke. Bah!!

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