Monday, April 13, 2009


In my attempts of purr-fecting my room, i find myself going to Ikea a lot a lot of times.
Like A LOT.
And i also realize how significant Ikea can be in a lot of people's lives. Even if i'm not home, i can see at least ONE Ikea products somewhere else ok!

OMG. I'm addicted to Ikea.
Apart from the nice woody smell i like there (though it's icky when it's too strong), there's another very huge factor which keeps drawing me back to Ikea.

(The pic is my dream living room btw, so you're not allowed even the slightest to copy it, go away! What turf!)
If that is my house it would be like holiday everyday (it is now too isn't it?), hahaha!

Yes, i do realize the seriousness of my obsession and addictiveness over the colour WHITE. I need therapy i think.

I blame this on OldMan Teuk.
I've always liked White, but not so obsessed! I would always choose BLUE over White then (and there was this stage in my life when i went Pink obsessed, but i find it too overrated and almost every girl likes Pink, and i don't want to be stereotyped... and its overrated so in the end i went back to good 'ol Blue! Hehe!).
Then after SuJu, the love for Blue grew stronger (Sapphire Blue!), but at the same time Teukie kept showering me with the colour WHITE... that i go for White unconsciously whenever i choose stuffs (and sometimes because the Blue version is not so nice or unavailable, or if it just so happens i was thinking of Teukie then).

Till the end, it ended up i myself loving White a whole lot, and not because of Teukie anymore! It's just so pretty ok, WHITE!
And now, the obsession is like.., getting more and more serious, what turf!

And recently Teukie just put into my head that wearing White is good. What turf. I suddenly have this obsession of wanting to change all my undergarments to White, just so i would have something White on my body whenever. What the...
Seriously, blame Teukie. All his fault he influenced me in the first place. Hmph! I think i need rehab and therapy! Liking white and having loads of White is ok, but the obsessiveness...

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