Thursday, April 02, 2009

My eyes were well-nourished today.

Because i get to see two good-looking guys =D!
Ok lar, more like cute (pretty) boys really, but my type, so its ok, rofl!

One was a perfume sales assistant in Isetan KLCC, another is a... erm... someone in Mont Kiara.
Oh sods, i'll just say lar. Everybody knows it anyways.
His one of the stylist in a saloon in Mont Kiara.
And yes, i cut my hair.
My verdict?
I LOVE YUKI-SAN (as usual)!
Long story short, my hair is ♡!
... but it's so sweet i need to get use to it what turf.

Don't get me wrong, i super love my hair ok!
But i'm guess i'm more used to layer, and also considering that i like to "act cool" (耍帥)... so its a bit contradicting... unless if i'm high lols, then i get really childish and i'll look like a big kid, what turf.
But i can't be a rocker anymore for now T-T!!!

Now if only i know how to style it nicely...
I've been spending loads on beauty products these days. Like i got rasuk-ed by the Hantu of Beauty Products Past or something what the...
I guess the years of being lazy all these while is finally coming to an end, because otherwise the new stuffs i bought guarantee collect dust what turf.

Went to KLCC today just because.
I realized that when i'm blur... i won't be Chinese rofl!
Because i would be too blur to calculate all those tiny sums (being Chinese mar), haha!

I try not to get too overworked over certain stuffs, and especially try my best not to buy on impulse, because i want to make sure i won't regret the buy. It's not like i live in US or Aussie where you are allowed to exchange your stuffs or get a refund ok!!
Hence, my brother for one, is super annoyed with my indecisiveness, but lets just say if i was someone who buy on impulse, my trip to Korea last year would not have come through.
And my room will definitely be SO FULL now i can't even go in!

Anyways, at Isetan 2nd floor, near the street wear section (today anyways), the sales assistant is just... is really... oh what turf, i believe in karma, so ask me personally if you want, lols!
Long story short, unfriendly bad customer service, BAH!!

Then, i was eating while driving, and jam a bit at Sultan Ismail so i camwhored...
Yes, eating, camwhoring and driving at the same time, that's me rofl!
Mana tau the jam was because of a road block!! OMG ALMOST KENA!
I solemnly swear i shall never attempt such things again, at least, definitely not in KL. Too many police around to risk it again. Gah!

On the other hand, i realized if i was high while driving (either due to being very excited, or i just drank something sweet), i would start singing really loudly i'm not surprised if the car behind the car behind my car can hear me lols!
And i also can't stop jumping up and down while seated... AND DRIVING, what turf!

I'm an amazement to myself, mwehehehe!

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