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Where do I start?
So super overdue review ok! And mind, i write crappy reviews, so don't mind this one! It's another just because thing XD!

First off, I’m happy and satisfied that they didn’t “ruin” the movie. I would not say the book is better than the movie, or otherwise, but rather, the movie is as good as the book in it’s own ways. I like how the movie is as if it's based on it’s own storyline, instead of following the book, and it’s not rushed even the slightest (unlike Harry Potter, rush rush rush then die die die. PFFT!).

I think it’s important not to compare (depends though, if you like, follow the book strictly, but screws it up, it's hard not to compare!), since both movie and book has plus points on their own. That said, in the movie, there are a few parts which I want to say “I would like the movie better if…
It’s not exactly “comparing” I guess, but rather, if it’s this way, I would like it better.

I think Robert Pattinson (Bobby) did a good job. The way his eyebrow creases whenever he kisses Bella, as if it’s painful (which if you think about it, I understand his pain. Imagine having to kiss your lunch, and couldn’t eat it even though you starved for a whole century or something).
The only thing I find lacking is the “protectiveness” i’ve always felt Edward has for Bella. Except at the end though. But generally throughout the movie, “something missing”. Like when I watch Joe Cheng in those drama series, his stare is the “selling-point”. The way he stares at the one he loves, it makes you melt on the spot, even though you are not “that one”. It makes you wish there is someone who would stare at you like that. Like you are a cheeseburger the one and only thing he sees in his eyes.
I can see Edward staring at Bella lar, but like I said, “something missing”. Hey not complaining, but if got it’ll be even better.

Kristen Stewart is a bloody brilliant actress! She’s a real natural beauty! Her looks scream “I’m hot” even without trying! I watched her in this other horror movie, and she never fails to amaze me!
I like how in the movie, you can really see how all the other guys goes “goo-goo-ga-ga” over her, making it more believable on what Edward says about Bella “you might not think yourself as attractive, but you should see how the other guys think in first day”.
But somehow she (Kristen) doesn’t strike to me as a klutz, someone who always trips and falls down, zero-hand-eye-coordination type of girl, unlike Bella in the book. However, Kristen Stewart carries out the role “Bella” so well, it’s like she created another Bella of her own, and a really successful one!
That said, the Bella in the book is always falling down, she had to remind herself not to fall down while walking. But in the movie Kristen moves so normal like any other girl, sometimes i was expecting her to fall (which she didn't)!

Another point to note, is since she doesn’t fall down as much, we didn’t get to see how protective Edward is of Bella. I guess I was half hoping to see Edward being all around Bella ensuring she didn’t fall and stuffs?
Oh, and though she did slip and trip a bit at the beginning of the movie, towards the end she hardly even slips or fall anymore (especially when she was running away from James), a bit the disappointing, but it’s ok.

Another character that deserves a mention…
Like his constipated lols!
I’ve always perceived Jasper as a very quiet, serious, “dark” type of character. Not talking, always like mopping around in depression and full of gloominess, but the Jasper in the movie is nothing other than adorable! Like a silly little kid XD!
I especially love his description, “who looks like his always in pain”!! And mind, the actor (Jackson Rathbone) is rather convincing with his “pained look”!
Oh, and the especially cute part is when Jasper and Emmett danced around the “bon-fire” (when they burned James), as if they had never just dismembered a living (well, sorta) body, or as if they dismember vampires and burn them everyday. It was so cute!!

One of my favourite-st part would be when Bella was washing her truck, and Edward jumped onto her truck, and jump down from it, help fix the dent at the side as he invites her to his house. It was so sweet! So cute really, they way they did it. Just like any other normal couple! Bobby Pattinson XD!!

Overall, it’s like, the movie is it’s own movie, the book is it’s own book, both has it’s own plus points and all, and I love it! A definitely must watch (but this comes so late i'm sure a lot of people has watched it lols!)! (^^ )

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