Saturday, April 11, 2009

Super Junior and ELF.

I just read this really touching thing an ELF wrote, about this life and next life.

How she won't love Super Junior anymore in her next life, because she won't be an ELF.
And because there's no ELF, there's no Super Junior anymore, and how she wishes they would be themselves in their next life.
She went on describing every members personality, simple but descriptive.
Then how they could do things every normal people would, free to do what they want, free to be whoever they want to be with...
Then go on to how they wouldn't need to stay up late for practices etc anymore, no more injuries from working too hard, no more having to put up with another "themselves" in front of the camera.

Finally, she talk about how as for now, they are Super Junior who belongs to ELF, something which cannot be changed, and they will love them very very much now, because in the next life there won't be Super Junior. How they will use all their love to love them in this life.
Next life, please live a life that belongs to themselves... and how they won't love them anymore, because there wouldn't be Super Junior in their next life.

However, if in her next life Super Junior still exists.
She will still choose to be an ELF.

I love it.
It's just so... just so... ELF.
So us. It's something i'm sure every single ELF can relate to.

Again, i don't know how to express my feelings into words after reading this, but yeah, i just like it a lot. It reminds me of how much i love my boys, and every single thing about them which i like, including their weird little habits (or just downright nasty ones lols)... everything.

And i especially like how sometimes they won't bother with hiding who they really are, as compared to other artists who have to put up with an image the company has created for them. They are just being themselves, and that's what i like about them =)!

Sometimes i faced difficulties just to talk about how much i like Super Junior, but oh sods, i don't need to explain it to anyone, i only have myself to explain to. And my heart is telling me, just go nuts liking them. It doesn't matter how others see you or judge you, for those who did aren't people who would matter, because people who matter would not have done so in the first place.

Sometimes i tend to hide my fangirl-ism in front of people who i know would perceive fangirls as "crazy bunch of people". But the more i think about it, if that person can't accept me for who i am, why should i bother? I love Super Junior a whole lot, and i want everyone to know that and i don't want to hide even a single second of it. I love talking about the boys. I love saying "ah, my husband", i don't even call them by names now!
And yeah, if they don't like it, even if they want to laugh at me and make nasty remarks at my fangirl-ism, let them be. Because i don't need to care about the opinion of people who aren't even willing to take the first step in being a friend - which is accepting the other for who they are.

I want to be who i am, and if you can't accept me for who i am, you can eat my pants well, there's nothing i can do about it right?
I really don't find the need for me to change myself just to suit what you want. What about what i want? And that is to be myself!
If i can accept you for who you are, you should accept me for who i am.
All's fair in love and erm... being friends... and whatsoever Chatuchak Market!!!... what turf so random!!!

Ah, this supposedly short post has gone really long yah.
But it's ok, i'm long-winded and i just want to express how i really feel, so it's ok!

We are ONE (^^ )!

ps: I'm just being general lar! I'm not pinpointing at anything or anyone, and i'm not angry!!! I'm just expressing my opinion, and how much i love my 13 boys, ㅋㅋㅋ!


Jaerin said...

Hello! I'm Kacy's friend.
I visit ur blog occasionally and I enjoy reading it cos it's so random. LOL.
But this is one of my favorite entries cos I couldn't agree more. That's exactly how I feel! My love for them cannot be expressed in words. I'm so proud to be an ELF! *teary eyes*

eiko-chan said...

Thanks for leaving a comment! I really appreciate it, i like getting comments (^^ )!

Haha, same, E.L.F. unite, hahaha!