Sunday, April 19, 2009

See why it's important to neuter your pet?

Edit 19 April 2009, 1:12am: Apparently, all the males and 1 female are adopted, leaving only 2 females (^^ )! Yeahs! Hope all the pups are going to good homes!

Edit 19 April 2009, 2pm: All puppies are adopted (^^ )!~ Yeahs!

My friend Loo Yee's friend found 7 abandoned pups, who she wants to give up for adoption as she couldn't take them all. Please go to her Blog here for further information if you're interested in adopting the puppies. They are super cute! If you can give them a good home, please do consider ok!

So you see how important it is to neuter your pet?
If you're a "responsible" owner who somehow fails to consider the spaying part, one day your pet (say, a dog) comes home pregnant and gave birth to some puppies... being "responsible" you'll try your best to find them a good home right?
But what about those irresponsible people? Yeap, they'll just put the puppies into a box and throw them somewhere, not caring about their future as long as it won't trouble them.

Those puppies i mentioned (who are up for adoption here) are most probably a result of a bad family. It was raining when they get abandoned. If not for my friend's friend, they would probably had died, either from the cold or starve to dead. Do you want to see that happen?

Even if the one you own is a male, how would you feel knowing your pet probably made some other pet pregnant... and how if the owner is a bad person who just throw the pups away? Can you live with that?


Am@n3 said...

The Male2 look so cute.. :P

eiko-chan said...

You and Loo2 same taste XD! I like lion head better!~ Cool yo! Or the one with the "white chest"!~