Saturday, April 04, 2009

Must we always compare?

I've had it with people who goes, "i prefer dogs" whenever i show them HeeChul's picture.
I know it's just a general statement, and i do respect different opinions and all... but this is getting annoying.
Why cannot "i prefer iguanas" or "i prefer snakes" or even "i prefer hamsters" (or fish, i would vouch for that!)...? Why must it always be between cats and dogs?
But its still ok lar! You're just stating your own opinion, it's fine, and i respect that...
... but what i really can't stand, are people who go:
"Eeeeeeeee, why don't you keep dogs instead?"

What's the problem with keeping cats, OR dogs!
Having different opinions is one thing, asking someone else that is another thing!
I'll proceed with explaining on why i can't keep a dog and all, but deep inside i want to go:
It's actually very insulting to my little baby ok!! What's wrong with keeping cats?

I will admit, between having a cat or a dog, of course i would want a dog!
In fact, i actually have a whole list of dog breeds i like, and even their names are set ok! Even though i can't keep any, it's still fun thinking about it! I seriously super love dogs!

Despite that, between a cat and a dog, the one i love most is Kim HeeChul.
Or to be exact, Her Royal Highness Princess Kim HeeChul. Official title, don't siao.
It's not a question between a cat and a dog, it's more of her being Kim HeeChul.
So it really is insulting you know, it's like, what is wrong with my cat lar you idiot, go drown yourself in a kid's pool please.

It's like you have a daughter, and people go: "Eh, why don't you have a son instead?"
For one, you don't choose your kids gender. (actually you can, but that's a whole other thing.)
Second, shouldn't you love your kid whether it's a he or she? Love them for who they are, and not only if they are who you want them to be.

Seriously, the things some people say. It's really what turf lar, what turf.
There's always good and bad to every situation, even when it comes to keeping a cat, or a dog. It depends on the person keeping the pet. What is good for you, may not be good for me and vice versa.

Don't force people to accept your opinion. If in terms of other matters, you can try to convince others, but in matters like this, just express your own opinion, shut up, and that's it.
If you think about it, the statement "I would prefer a dog" is also a bit what turf also lar (i'm showing off my cat now lor!), but it's still acceptable, because each one to their own and all, different tastes etc...

So yeah.
People always compare cats and dogs, or prejudice that cats and dogs always fight and all... but i think cat owners and dog owners are the ones whose always fighting, as they compete to see which is "the better pet" and all... but i actually think their pets are probably having tea behind their back while laughing at what a nitwit their owners are.

Personally, honestly and everything... i would say, no cat and dog is better, but rather...
Now shut up about "cat and dog comparisons". Our baby's the best, what turf.
Kim HeeChul NICE.
You say that when you buy your 3집 btw. ㅋㅋㅋ!

ps: And apparently, dolphin and sharks got compared as well.
What turf, what's with crazy conservationist who puts blame at other animals, or compare, just to save the animal of their choice? It's TWO COMPLETELY DIFFERENT ANIMALS LAR DAI LOU. Just because they swim in the ocean, so you're comparing?

Well, i think dolphins are way cuter than sharks, but that doesn't mean shark doesn't matter!! All animals matter ok (except maybe my brother, rofl!), there's a reason why mother nature made each and every animal this way. You think what, millions of years ago those orang purba start teaching those animals, "Ok dolphin you shall be cute and cuddly, sharks, be as mean as you can be, so in the future those incampoops will start filming a very movie which shows you are the meanie, then everyone will start blaming you for everything, how cool can that be? We get popcorns and wait for a good movie now yeah?"
Dolphins and sharks are important to the eco-system. You don't just protect a species because it's cute and cuddly, you protect them because you wanted to, and don't want them to go extinct! Even if you hated sharks and don't want to protect them, it's your choice, BUT STOP COMPARING WHAT SHARK AND DOLPHIN DOES!!! LIKE WHAT THE!!! TWO DIFFERENT ANIMALS LAR!!!

And yes, the fact that i love both dolphin and sharks equally (though since sharks are always misunderstood and all, i choose to conserve sharks more) is the reason why i write this.
I don't believe in conserving one animal, and leave the other to die.
I believe in conserving as a whole, and not be too "anal" or "one-sided" or "fanatic" or "overly passionate" or "overly enthusiast" bla bla on this matter, as it's as controversial as politics, even worst sometimes.
Except on Shark Finning, because i don't find that controversial. If you can find one reason why Shark Finning is good for humans (apart from being a delicacy, because frankly, you *can* live without it - and btw if you can't go drown yourself in your toilet bowl, you deserve it!), i'll go to the nearest restaurant and take a bowl of SFS, something i haven't took for 8 years (oh so proud~~!). Ewwwwwwwwwwwwww!


静雯 said...

Her Royal Highness Princess Kim long title...
aiya,dun be so angry lah~
ur cat very cute mah, although avtime she will run away when i came close her...T.T

eiko-chan said...

Oh yes my Pig Mama, i listen to you~~! Hehehe!
Maybe because Pig Mama very scary XD??? KEKEKE!!!