Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Shopping at Ikea.

Kinda long-winded, so you really should just skim through it honestly, hehehe!

I went to Ikea today (Mom went to Tesco) to get some stuffs for my room.
... i *seriously* swear the word "declutter" doesn't exist in my dictionary. I kept bringing stuffs in, but not a lot of stuffs seem to go out. Its like 80% of stuffs go in my room most of the time, and only 5% comes out... every few months, or when i tidy my room.
But considering i've tidied like almost every corner, i doubt whether i could even reach 5% in the next few months. Hehehe!

ANYWAYS, i was like a kid prancing and skipping around Ikea shopping, and well... i didn't manage to get what i purposely went to get (but instead came out with a whole bunch of other stuffs instead), but i found the "oh-most-purr-fect" chair there could possibly be in the world.

Yes, it's WHITE (of course!)! AND IT'S SO ADORABLE!
Which so totally fit my room ok! It being all white and all (thank God i liked white all along that i chose my furnitures to be white, and now that my obsession with white had strengthen i have loads of white stuffs to keep me contended =D!)!

But with such pretty thing comes a hefty price tag.
... talking about the price makes me feel like crying so i shall not say how much it is.

I was busy trying the different chairs they have there, but trying it alone is pretty weird because i was smiling to myself when i found *the chair* (the one above)... and just then someone walked pass (= =")...
I was not sure if that person saw me or anything, i just looked down and act like what normal people do when they try chairs, lols!
But really... ehem!
(Oh yes, and i was trying the chairs the way i would if i was at home, so i was kinda erm... rough, not bothering to act gentle... i mean, come on, do you act gentle in your own room where no one's looking? You just plomp down on the chair like nobody cares right?)

The current chair in my room was nicked taken from the study room because i was too lazy to find a new chair, and i wanted a chair with roller wheels (so i can glide all around my room when i get too lazy to walk), so i didn't bother even though it doesn't exactly match (wow that's saying something considering the chair's been in my room for more than 2 years, what turf i'm such an idiot).
But that baby!! AH I WANT IT!!!
I even thought of a name for it dee =P!!!

I should do a presentation on why i *need* that chair! It's like the last piece to an unfinished puzzle! The last most important thing to add into my room to complete it 100%! It is *the thing*!
Yeah, took me 3 years to clean my room completely, but yeah, that chair's *the* final piece.
Ok, i sounded like Becky Bloomwood now.
But it's true ok, with that chair my room would be purr-fect!!!
(And also a potted plant in the toilet, which apparently i always kill them so my mom stop planting any for me. It's not my fault i was over-enthusiastic in watering it ok.).

There's also another one which i kinda like.

Because it's erm... WHITE.
But... it's not as comfy really, though a lot cheaper... and i actually hesitated every time before i sit on it because it's just so... plastic i guess...

On the other hand, i don't understand how Ikea works really.
I spotted this white chair, and although it's not "very nice", it's white so... well, just go try it lar. Besides if it's comfy i can always consider it for my room instead....
But just as i reached it i saw the price tag.
RM200+ for THIS THING???
So i pretended i was checking out the other displays and left. No point even trying it lar, waste time nya really.

I'm thankful my pretty chair isn't RM200+. It's cheaper, and it's so much more beautiful, kekeke!

Ooh, and as i was typing this, HeeChul came in and demanded some love.
I was typing so i ignored her a bit, which she sat next to me (on the floor) and literally SCREAMED!!! HAHAHA!!!
So i have to layan her awhile before continuing, lols, the things she do!!

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