Saturday, April 04, 2009

Why i love 988.

My favourite radio station!

This is a super backdated post, back to 26th March 2009 if i wasn't wrong, because that was the day i went nuts and cleaned the last corner of my room needed cleaning, and tidied everything else!
It's a good feeling (^^ )!~ My room is finally clean what turf!~

While cleaning, i forget the time though... early morning?
Anyways, 988's new like, slogan (badum dum) is "On 988" (and maybe continue "on" something else. Remember this?). And they have this short commercial between programs where they played a lot of songs from certain artists (say, Jay Chou) and then they will say, "On 988, on 周杰倫".
My radio was on (as usual) and suddenly, they started playing SUPER JUNIOR's songs!
I was like "Holy marshmallows of holy grail of 13 boys OMG!!", SUPER JUNIOR ON 988??
I mean, i know they are always on 988 and, they even did the commercial line thing for 988 before, but for them to get the "On 988" thing, AND BEING THE FIRST KOREAN ARTIST TO GET THIS ON 988??? (well, they were the first i heard anyways.)

You don't know how excited i got! They even put "SORRY, SORRY" inside ok!!
HAHAHA, and that's why i love 988 XD!~
I just heard it again just now and, ah~! I love it (^^ )!~
(The other Korean artist i've heard are FTTS, but i believe SuJu's one got more airtime =D?? Hehehe!!!)

But why i hate 988.
Considering at that moment i still couldn't go for Fahrenheit's concert, since no free ticket then (thank you Cat, i really appreciate it (^^ )!)... so i try my best not to think or dwell too much on it.
But how lar do you try "not to think so much about it" when 988 plays their songs, the "on" thing, the concert's commercial like... every 5 minutes!
Of course lar, official radio station but STILL!!! BAH!!! I WAS TRYING NOT TO THINK ABOUT IT ONE DEI!!!


静雯 said...

on 988, on唐禹哲...

eiko-chan said...

"On 988, on 羅志祥" =D!