Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Oh yeah, i'm slow.

I just died and gone to heaven like... 3 times round.

w-inds. and G-Dragon!!!
Don't fight Kei and JiYong, because Kei will win hands down so bias omg hahaha!

And we go... OMG!!! XD
If w-inds. and SuJu were to do a collaboration one day, guess whose the one who'll be flying so high up nobody can catch her (^^ )???

ps: I HATE it when people write w-inds.' name wrongly!!
It's a small "w" with a "-" and "inds" PLUS a "."!!!
Is it that difficult???
"Spelling" (or even capitalization, symbols etc) is an important thing in Japanese, especially in the entertainment industry. If you're wondering why i can be so anal about capitalization and stuffs, well, i guess i got it from being a J-pop fan since ancient times?

pps: I especially HATE it if it's w-inds. fans who wrote w-inds. name wrongly. Like... what turf. It's like you're calling yourself an ELF when you call HeeChul as EunHyuk, SungMin as ShinDong, and RyeoWook as Jo Jo. What turf.

pps: Oh yeah, i hate JiYong's hair in it. Like something wrong happened to his hair dryer =P!!!

pppps: Here i go with my "ps"-es again =P!

ppppps: BTW Keita looks like an idiot XD!!! HAHAHA!!!
But i still super super super LOVE him most =D!!!
Ooh, so fangirly!~ I like!~

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