Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Random thought:
Baby, they give you short pants to show off your skinny legs.
And also because if your legs aren't distracting enough, your face will be... and it's not good to get all the attention from your hyungs, hahaha!
- eiko-sama.
On why SiWon was the only one who has to wear short pants.

First my OCDness.
Now self-obsessess-ness.

Soon i'll be walking around with two mirrors attached to my side like a car.
What the...

And you know yearbooks?
You know how some will have those "Most likely to..." things and all?

I would definitely be the one:
"Most likely to have all her hair fall off due to obsessive touching."
(or in other words, all my hair will fall off because i touch it too much.)
And the "He" part would proudly be awarded to JongWoon. Hehehe!

What turf.
Ok so random. Bah!

And btw, apparently, i learn from Chit-chat of Beautiful Ladies on KBS World.
Malaysian girls are pretty much like Korean girls!
If say someone takes a picture for you, if it's not nice, damn sure that person will be requested to delete the picture, OR do not never ever post that picture!

However, apparently according to one of the beautiful ladies (i think the one from Canada), for them (i assume Canadians) if you take a very funny, hilarious, ugly etc pic of your friend, it'll be posted up so to let everyone (including the said friend whose picture got taken) have a good laugh over it!!

HAHA, the wonders of different cultures!! I love watching Chit-chat of Beautiful Ladies, never fail to make me laugh (madly) every single time =D!

Personally i don't mind having my ugly pictures taken, just never ever post it!!
Hmph!! I know someone who has some of 'em, and she actually showed it to people! BAH!! What turf!
Disown you! Lousy friend! Hmph!

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