Saturday, April 11, 2009

To being a vainpot.

But before that...
My Niece is Cooler than your niece.
Because she can dance "SORRY, SORRY" (though just a short while, and i swear she's so much cuter than a full of aegyo-ness SungMin XD!), as inspired by Santino! The "wash hands dance"!~ Lols!

Anyways, back to my title.
Let's see how long this last (to being a vainpot lar), hehehe!
Now the record of hair products on my head daily is like... 4 different types... after shampoo and conditioner, what turf!
And this is comes from someone who DOESN'T use hair products AT ALL! Hairstylists always scold me (well, no lar, they just advise "it won't be nice without using wax whatever"), but come on lar, previous hair products smells horrible, and they give me a headache, so why lar i want to give myself headache? (trust me, i don't need to rely on hair products to give myself a headache)

Then came Lucido-L, and OMG it's like the holy grail of hair products! I super heart it!
I'll probably talk about it another day, i have something else i want to say.

My family always go to this Japanese restaurant nearby, and of all the times i've been there (must be more than a year), i've never ever go to the toilet before. I just don't. I'm very fussy when it comes to toilet.
Anyways, so today, i went to the toilet... "FINALLY"!
... to use the mirror.
... only to discover they don't have mirrors above the sink.
At all.

What turf, is that even a toilet?

On the other hand..
Look what came in the mail!!

My brush guard!
I lazy explain what it is, so just clicky their website yah?

It dries pretty fast, and considering that my skin is super sensitive, and my brushes have to be clean all the time, yeah, it's a worthy investment (so to protect my brushes)!
It keeps it clean imo, dries quite fast after washing, and most important, protecting the shape (of the brush)!
I bought it from a local buyer though, which i would highly recommend (just leave a comment if you're interested) because everything was settled really quick! Price-wise agak-agak the same lar, that's why i didn't bother buying from the website (^^ )!
Ahah ahah ahah! Lols, what turf!

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