Saturday, April 18, 2009

I like having an OCD husband.

Edit@4.30am: Turf. I think my room looks very weird with the additional cabinet which would not fit and so i had to find somewhere else for it that cabinet.

Note: Watched Initial-D again today by chance!
No matter what anyone say, i still think
Jay Chou is hot =D!
I still think so everytime i see him (^^ )!~


Years of studying Kemahiran Hidup *actually* pays off.

Not purr-fect (but that's not my fault, go blame Ikea!), but i'm proud of it!

Bloody thing can't fit into the place i wanted it to!!!
BECAUSE IT WAS 0.01cm (whatever, i don't know maths) a bit too much. CURSE YOU!!!

Some more i measured the space before fixing it, even taking one part of it just to use as rough estimation... AND IT WAS SUPPOSED TO FIT OK WHAT TURF!!!
Now i have to find somewhere else for it, WHAT THE !@#$%^&*...

My dad was like, "You're bringing too much stuff into your room...".
Yeah yeah yeah, i know!!! BUT BUT BUT... it was supposed to fit and make me more organize and everything ok!!! And it was not supposed to *look* like i just add something (but since it doesn't fit... well...)...
*pulls Nana's hair - since she wanted a new style anyways*

On the other hand, i made Dad watch Super Junior on Music Bank with me today =D!
... ok lar, it was because he wanted to watch the tee-vee, and i said "after i watch Super Junior first".
Anyways, what i did was right. He *should* know more about Super Junior. Because he deserves to know where i spend all the Korean Won i conned from him the 13 boys i'm so proud of!~
He even watched Girls' Generation performance (which was before SuJu), and made a comment that "Super Junior are more popular than them?". I explained that they are their (13 boys) junior.
Hehe, i still remember the first time i told Dad that Super Junior has 13 members, he went all like "0.O??". HAHAHA! My parents are adorable!~

HeeChul is extra adorable today!
First, i kept showing her pics of other kitties, and finally when i showed her *her* videos she got annoyed and slap the camera before walking off!
Second, i was watching the OCD-of-a-husband (her appa) when she walked towards me, meowed and slept behind me on my bed as i pet her (i was seated on the floor in front of the laptop).
Everyone go, "Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww"...

Or maybe because i laughed too loud she got annoyed but... whatever, hahaha!

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