Tuesday, April 28, 2009

This is a very random post.

You know back then when i was a little girl, and having two elder brothers, you do know a lot more about "boy toys". Besides, i was too influenced by them to be "girly".

Anyways, Transformers. Ah yes, good 'ol Transformers.
I admit i don't remember much about it, except that i used to like it and it's cool! I remember my brother have this Optimus Prime toy or something, which is like the coolest toy ever then (among his other Transformers) and i super like it!! Too bad being kids, making sure your sister never touches any of your toys is one of the most important thing ever... so that Optimus Prime was out of my reach, stupid brother.

Another thing i remember about Transformers are...
Well, you know whats the real transformers right??
The first time i heard the word "Transformers", it's the robots so to me then (little girl and all, don't forget) Transformers = Robots. It's like a rule cast in stone!
Then once upon a time when we were on our way to or back from Subang (if i remember correctly), my parents or brother(?) pointed at the real transformers and told me, "That's a transformer".
I looked at it and go... hey, it's not what i was expecting. It looks so... boring!!
And then i actually half expect it to transform (=v=")... what turf!

Oh yes, i have bloody good imagination as a kid.
On the other hand, it's an amazement how i can't remember important stuffs, but i can remember old random silly things from the ancient times, what turf.

Oh yeah, that's me.
I love Transformers! Can't wait for the second movie =D!

ps: Oh yeah, this is a random post because i was watching Transformers the movie, and all this random stuffs just came out =P! Hehe!

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