Monday, April 13, 2009

The new addition.

Ok fine it's not mine. Nor it's my brother's.
It's his friends !@#$%^&* can't i just show off for a minute???
Ok fine lar it's just PS3 nothing special. Not like it's the White one, what turf.

Hahaha, HeeChul is bugging my mom in the kitchen, so adorable the two of them!

Anyways, i seriously admire gamers. They just swap and borrow each others consoles like nobody's business. If it were me i would be inseparable with my console (which is portable though, and has a name, and then again, since i play with it every 2-3 days so it's justifiable. Any new games? I'm sick of looking at Mario and hearing Princess Peach's girly squeals what turf).

Stupid brother won't play Resident Evil.
He has the game (friend's). He just doesn't want to play it.
I even offered to buy him that bloody game ok, but it's so freaking expensive i rather buy myself something bimbotic and completely useless instead. What turf.

It sucks being a lousy gamer.
I seriously so badly wanted to play Resident Evil, but...
Let's just say the first time i attempted playing it, i switched on the bloody thing and i ran around in the room i started in for like 5 minutes before braving up to leave the room.
And when the zombies appeared i couldn't fight them off so i just shut down the bloody console and left the room cursing.
Yes, i'm that lousy. Shut up.
That's why i super like watching my brother play RE. Because i can play the game, but *without* playing it, what turf.

I shall find a boyfriend who is a (sensible) gamer. And if he doesn't play RE i shall dump him. What turf.

Currently the only consolation is watching my brother play his stupid MGS, stupid alarm sound. Frightens me everytime ok stupid!!
Bah whatever. I'll just bribe him into playing RE or something soon. My brother is easily bribed. Mwehehehehehehe *evil laugh*!

On the other hand, my house currently has almost every single console there ever was, i think. At least those popular ones.
PlayStation (from ages ok, but either my bro lend it to his friend or he kept it somewhere, shall ransack his room someday to confirm), PlayStation 2 (bugged my brother into getting it back from his friend, i wanna play Final Fantasy-X again!!), XBox (bloody useless taking up space thing), XBox 360 and GameCube (cousin bro's).
Now if only we could get or borrow someone's Nintendo-WII just for the sake of it... MWEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE!!

Ok, i shut up now. What turf.

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