Friday, April 24, 2009

Sedikit sedikit lama lama jadi GUNUNG.

OMG. This is scary.
Not bukit anymore, it's GUNUNG.

On the other hand...
Ok, i guess you don't use "adorkable" this way but whatever! I mean, how do you call someone whose a dorky driver but is oh so adorable at the same time!
Come sayang, let nuna me teach you how to drive yah (i'm not his nuna apparently ガ━━Σ(゚Д゚|||)━━ン!!, as much as i would like to say that i am), vertical parking is my speciality (except if you expect me to go head first, then i suck big time. Ooh, and parallel parking too, apparently if you don't practice parallel parking for awhile you tend to suck at it bigger time as well... ah the good ol' parallel parking days, rofl)!

I got it from this site!
Apparently one fine day it was easy for him because there were many empty lots (i can imagine his smirk, if he ever did, on this accomplishment), but the following days it got worst because he had trouble reversing in and pretty much parked too close to the other car on the driver's side he had to SQUEEZE out *rolls on floor laughing*!! And another time he took up two parking lots (XD XD XD), and the other time he almost reversed into the tree... kekeke!

How more adorable can you get O(≧∇≦)O???

ps: Yes, i do realize i super bias, because if it was any other person who took up two parking lots, i would so fire them (except if finding a parking was easy). Hehehe!

pps: My cousin is adorable too =D!
wHOisBaBy says:
u need anything from here?
no korean movie star to bring for u
eiko-chan: Cat Biscuit says:
so far haven't thought of any yet~ kekkee
LOLS!!! cannot =(??? (as in the Korean movie star part.)
Ooh, i want zac efron please, lols!!
wHOisBaBy says:
ooh that one ... i dunno how to pack him inside my suitcase
only limited 23kg



whoisbaby said...

kekekek ... told you split into two loh ... MAY be ... just may be can fit.

eiko-chan said...

Ok lar, just do it! HAHAHA XD!