Thursday, April 02, 2009

Who hates Earth Hour most?

No, definitely not those antis whatsoever, but rather...

And OMG, Queensbay Mall has got to be one of the most confusing malls ever!!
And that is saying something from a mall-goer like me
I made it a point (actually, it's kinda in my unconscious mind i think) to familiarize myself with the mall's structure every time i go to a new mall, but it actually took me 15-20 minutes to figure that place out!! What turf!!!
And the parking... WHAT THE!!! Why so puny???

Actually i've written a post on this, but internet was horrible in Penang, and erm... it didn't save so... i forgotten what i've written so... erm... yeah =P!

But anyways, apart from the confusing mall structure, QBM is kinda nice. It's sorta like OU really, but the funniest part is...
I went into Etude House, and i asked this lady something in English, then the lady just proceeded to use Hokkien so i followed, but in my mind i was going, "HEY FREAK I'M SHOPPING IN HOKKIEN XD!!!"
Sorry for being so lala suaku-ish, considering that every time i go back to Penang is to EAT and erm... EAT... and there's no point going to shopping malls there when the shops are basically the same as in KL, so... yeah... first time experiencing this!!
Really, speaking Hokkien in Etude House is just... funnily weird, hehehe!!

And the shops there participated in Earth Hour, so it was funny shopping in the dark (or rather, dim lights lar really)! I was thinking too bad i had to miss this experience since i will be in Penang (otherwise i plan to go Ikea or something), but apparently i didn't miss anything!
Although funny, it was weird. I actually hesitated before entering some shops because most of the shops dim their lights that the shop seems like it's closed or something, till i remember it's because of Earth Hour!

And oh yah, and i went to watch Confessions of a Shopaholic that day!
*girly squeal*
Seriously, he could be wearing a tutu and pranced around throughout the movie and i would *still* think his HOT!!!
His voice and accent... *dies*!!!

Ok enough fangirlying, rofl!

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