Sunday, April 26, 2009

Koreans are vile.

Heavily emphasized 10 times round.
Except my 13 boys.

First, they let you see gorgeous beautiful clothes.
So gorgeous you go, "i don't care i'm broke just gimmeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee"...
Then they proceed to show you the clothes measurements, and you realized you can't fit into it due to your plus size.
Then so they let you see the plus side clothes which are also, oh-so-gorgeous, and you can think of a hundred ways on how to wear them!!
It's an investment really (think Becky Bloomwood)! And YOU CAN WEAR THEM XD!!
Then they show you the hefty price tag that goes along with it (which, if you are actually slimmer, it would've only cost half that price... i think...)
They are taking advantage of you because you are overweight. What turf.

I can so imagine those skinny girls in Korea going, "Hah, makes you wish you have kimchi everyday right?"
Go dieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee all of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ps: In matters of weight, i don't think i'm a hypocrite because as much as i despise girls who are already skinny thin yet say they are "fat" and all (then what am i? Extinct animals of the past ei dinosaur?)... i still badly want to lose weight for health reasons.
And also because i want to wear nice clothes (and don't have to spend too much in the process of buying them) XD!!
There are so many styles and outfits i want to put together, but are limited due to my erm... limitations. What turf.
Bah, whatever lar!

pps: What turf. They ('em Koreans) are promoting plus-sized clothings, yet the models are all skinny "i-only-eat-two-baby-carrots-a-day" thin.
It's either they *don't* have plus-sized girls in Korea.
Or, being Koreans, they are too vain they wanted to make sure they are skinny thin before they model 'em clothes... by eating only "two-baby-carrots-a-day". And a slice of kimchi. What turf.

ppps: Just in case you're wondering, i'm not against skinny people. In fact, i admire skinny-thin-slim beautiful people who are confident in themselves and their body, and shows it. Don't you think it's admirable, that they are confident in being themselves?
I only can't stand skinny people who keep saying they are fat. Apart from being very inconsiderate (well, if in my presence that is =P) it just shows that you are low in confidence, show off and compliment-hungry person. It's annoying.

pppps: The above statement doesn't apply to people i know, because i understand the reason why they say so. Plus i know them well enough, and they are comfortable enough with me to tell me whats bothering them. That i'm ok with =D!

ppppps: I. want. 'em. CLOTHES!!! BAH!!!

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