Tuesday, April 21, 2009

So kiasu.

I went to watch a Thai horror movie, Coming Soon, with my cousin brother just now.
A horror movie which my CousKat highly recommend, and mind, she's someone whose really scared of horror movies, but she still went to watch it! So it should be good right?
So off we went!
And then it was at the moment i realized that i very kiasu.
You see, the minute the movie started, it was already the scary part that i have almost every intention i can possibly come up with to run out of the cinema hall screaming.
With hands up the air (and wave 'em like you just don't care omg i'm so lame) and everything you know.
Its either the movie is really freaking scary, or it was because it has been a while since i last watch a (really scary) horror movie, i got chicken.
But then i thought, "Eh, if i run out now very "memalukan" lar!! Cannot, just watch nya lar!"...
And so i sat there, occasionally flinching when necessary (and covering my head with my jacket parts), and wah-lah, finished the movie.
Yes, i sat throughout the movie just because i feel it's memalukan to run out of it. What turf. (but honestly, as scary as it is i'm glad i didn't, it's actually not bad!)

And i thought there would never ever be another horror movie which is actually "scary" ok, after being disappointed so many times! THIS IS FREAKING SCARY!!! My heart was beating real fast even 15 mins after the movie!
But i still think Shutter rocks (even the English version) because it focuses on the storyline, slowly developing and everything... and it doesn't even need too scary scenes to scare you! While this one just focus on scaring the daylights out of you (and encourages you to run out of the cinema screaming with your hands up the air). Not bad though! Highly recommended!

Throughout the movie i kept messaging people, just to distract myself (though i don't think it worked)... and while it kinda works and everything, i think Loo Yee is a meanie, because i jokingly messaged her, very drama-ish, "I come sleep with you tonight", but she didn't reply me =(...
But it's still ok, because LeggyPoo beats everyone hands down.
Her message says:
"Have fun sleeping tonight."
Yeah everyone, meet LeggyPoo, my uber-most wonderful friend ever. What turf.

ps: Justin Long!!
All LeggyPoo's fault =P, i think his damn hot now after "He's Just Not That Into You" (*blames scriptwriter for his lines* BAH!)!
I don't care, you're watching this horror movie (which he is in) with me!~ Tra-la!~

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