Friday, April 17, 2009

『Life 天国で君に逢えたら』

This is a movie which i super like.
Normally i don't really like "realistic" romance-genre Japanese movies, because it's just too sappy and too artistic and yeah, too realistic and all...
(Death Note, L, and Nana are not what i consider "realistic" Japanese movies yah?)

That said, this is one of the movies i really like. When i first saw the preview, i actually know this is a movie i don't want to watch. But by fate, one day i just turned on the tee-vee, it was on, and so... i just watched it. And OMG me and my mom cried in the end, because it was just too touching!

Another two "realistic" romance-genre Japanese movies which i really like are 『世界の中心で愛をさけぶ』 and 『いま、会いにゆきます』, but those are just too sappy, and despite i super heart 『いま、会いにゆきます』's storyline, i actually fall asleep halfway in the show, despite waiting for like ages before getting to watch it (blame ORANGE RANGE and their Hana song! And the trailer! They made me anticipate the movie like super much!).
Hey, it's not my fault my brain lacks artistic genes blah whatever dah. In my defence it was late at night, and my cousin sis (who has waited super long for the movie too) fell asleep too ok!

Anyways, as much as i love those movies, i still prefer 『Life 天国で君に逢えたら』 a lot more. Perhaps the fact the story is mostly based in Hawaii has its perks??
Ok fine lar, the fact that it is mostly based in Hawaii is one of the main reasons why i super like this movie!! The feel from watching it is just wonderful ok!!!

Like i'm there enjoying the sun, the wind and the sea too (^^ )!

Another thing i like how it emphasize on the relationship between the husband and wife, and also of them and their kids. The youngest son is super cute! It's a family movie, so yeah, expected lar! Click here to read what the movie's about (i think there's spoilers too btw)!

I also like how the main character's will to live and his passion everything is just so touching and inspiring!
Yeah i know i'm a lousy reviewer but blah whatever! It's based on a true story too btw! Watch it if you have the chance, i know i like it (^^ )!

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