Monday, April 13, 2009

April 11th 2009.

A significant day.
Because 4 years after moving into the new house, i've finally... FINALLY... finishes purr-fecting my room, and every nook and cranny nada mada boobaa beebee bom!
Yes i'm random. Love me for it.

Actually, i think i blogged about it before right?
But anyways, this time it is FOR REAL. Every thing is purr-fect now! EVERYTHING!
Last time i just used to tidy it, then it gets messy, and i tidy it, then messy again... but finally, a few months back i started cleaning out all the cupboards (though throw nothing much =P); then a few weeks back i started finally deciding where to put stuffs properly and all... and a few days back i started this rampage of buying new stuffs just to finish up my room once and for all! Purr-fecting it, if i may say!
Now it's like a room out of a magazines those type! Or at least, to me! Since it's very personalized with all my stuffs!
Very happy!)

Initially i thought i missed something, but no, it's not important so it's ok. And yeah, though i actually finalized the toilet on April 12th 2009, but it's ok, April 11th is the official date what turf!

I love it before, i love it even more now!! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!~
Though with great powers, come great responsibilities, what turf.
No, serious. I just realize how obsessed i can get over certain matters what turf.

Shall i blog about it? Let's see how XD! Mwehehehehehehehehehehehe!
I have something else to Blog first! Toodles!

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