Thursday, April 30, 2009

The love-hate relationship with my hair.

Kinda like how Cam described the relationship between Cow and i.
Which i said, "No, it's a hate-hate relationship."
I reserve love-love for Pig ok? Hahaha, ok, now get to work you! I know you read my Blog during office hours right? Naughty naughty! =P

My hair.
I love it, heart it, adore it.
I think it's the best thing ever in the world. (then again, so are a lot of things XD)

The fact remains it's super nice after i style it... for 15 minutes. Tops.
Then............. flop.
I don't know if it's my hair spray's problem, or i don't know how to spray it properly, or... maybe it's just me.
That's why i super jeles LeggyPoo and LooYee's hair (maybe it has to do with their initials. I shall rename my name then, i shall be Lo Lo from now on, what turf.). It's always so nice and fluffy!! Or in Hokkien, "pong pong"!

Then being the vain monkey me, thus i kept touching and messing my hair every 10 minutes or so (to make it "pong pong" and airy again), that sooner or late i'm sure to end up like JongWoon (my hair will all fall off from over touching).
Or at least that's what HeeChul say would happen (wait, was it HeeChul? We have too many members really (but i like so it's ok~~~!!)...)

Ka-chu-ka-chu!! (omg i love random words, they are just so... so... so random... *sweat*...)

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Random thought:
Baby, they give you short pants to show off your skinny legs.
And also because if your legs aren't distracting enough, your face will be... and it's not good to get all the attention from your hyungs, hahaha!
- eiko-sama.
On why SiWon was the only one who has to wear short pants.

First my OCDness.
Now self-obsessess-ness.

Soon i'll be walking around with two mirrors attached to my side like a car.
What the...

And you know yearbooks?
You know how some will have those "Most likely to..." things and all?

I would definitely be the one:
"Most likely to have all her hair fall off due to obsessive touching."
(or in other words, all my hair will fall off because i touch it too much.)
And the "He" part would proudly be awarded to JongWoon. Hehehe!

What turf.
Ok so random. Bah!

And btw, apparently, i learn from Chit-chat of Beautiful Ladies on KBS World.
Malaysian girls are pretty much like Korean girls!
If say someone takes a picture for you, if it's not nice, damn sure that person will be requested to delete the picture, OR do not never ever post that picture!

However, apparently according to one of the beautiful ladies (i think the one from Canada), for them (i assume Canadians) if you take a very funny, hilarious, ugly etc pic of your friend, it'll be posted up so to let everyone (including the said friend whose picture got taken) have a good laugh over it!!

HAHA, the wonders of different cultures!! I love watching Chit-chat of Beautiful Ladies, never fail to make me laugh (madly) every single time =D!

Personally i don't mind having my ugly pictures taken, just never ever post it!!
Hmph!! I know someone who has some of 'em, and she actually showed it to people! BAH!! What turf!
Disown you! Lousy friend! Hmph!

Oh yeah, i'm slow.

I just died and gone to heaven like... 3 times round.

w-inds. and G-Dragon!!!
Don't fight Kei and JiYong, because Kei will win hands down so bias omg hahaha!

And we go... OMG!!! XD
If w-inds. and SuJu were to do a collaboration one day, guess whose the one who'll be flying so high up nobody can catch her (^^ )???

ps: I HATE it when people write w-inds.' name wrongly!!
It's a small "w" with a "-" and "inds" PLUS a "."!!!
Is it that difficult???
"Spelling" (or even capitalization, symbols etc) is an important thing in Japanese, especially in the entertainment industry. If you're wondering why i can be so anal about capitalization and stuffs, well, i guess i got it from being a J-pop fan since ancient times?

pps: I especially HATE it if it's w-inds. fans who wrote w-inds. name wrongly. Like... what turf. It's like you're calling yourself an ELF when you call HeeChul as EunHyuk, SungMin as ShinDong, and RyeoWook as Jo Jo. What turf.

pps: Oh yeah, i hate JiYong's hair in it. Like something wrong happened to his hair dryer =P!!!

pppps: Here i go with my "ps"-es again =P!

ppppps: BTW Keita looks like an idiot XD!!! HAHAHA!!!
But i still super super super LOVE him most =D!!!
Ooh, so fangirly!~ I like!~

네가 사랑하는 이유.

Because you make me smile, no matter how bad everything seems.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

This is a very random post.

You know back then when i was a little girl, and having two elder brothers, you do know a lot more about "boy toys". Besides, i was too influenced by them to be "girly".

Anyways, Transformers. Ah yes, good 'ol Transformers.
I admit i don't remember much about it, except that i used to like it and it's cool! I remember my brother have this Optimus Prime toy or something, which is like the coolest toy ever then (among his other Transformers) and i super like it!! Too bad being kids, making sure your sister never touches any of your toys is one of the most important thing ever... so that Optimus Prime was out of my reach, stupid brother.

Another thing i remember about Transformers are...
Well, you know whats the real transformers right??
The first time i heard the word "Transformers", it's the robots so to me then (little girl and all, don't forget) Transformers = Robots. It's like a rule cast in stone!
Then once upon a time when we were on our way to or back from Subang (if i remember correctly), my parents or brother(?) pointed at the real transformers and told me, "That's a transformer".
I looked at it and go... hey, it's not what i was expecting. It looks so... boring!!
And then i actually half expect it to transform (=v=")... what turf!

Oh yes, i have bloody good imagination as a kid.
On the other hand, it's an amazement how i can't remember important stuffs, but i can remember old random silly things from the ancient times, what turf.

Oh yeah, that's me.
I love Transformers! Can't wait for the second movie =D!

ps: Oh yeah, this is a random post because i was watching Transformers the movie, and all this random stuffs just came out =P! Hehe!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Not my fault.

If you're the type of person who checks Blogs based on first posts' TITLE, boy, are you in for a real treat.
I actually pushed that "YoungWoon post" up, and continue updating new posts below it. Don't blame me, i added a short "edit note" on top of the post, after the title. Not my fault you didn't read it =D! ㅋㅋㅋ!

KyuHyun made me laugh so badly today. HIS EVIL!!! Evil i tell you (but it's ok, because his magnae XD!!)!!
I remember that day 3 years back when i decided to put him in my pocket (and bring him everywhere)... ah, should i take him out and leave only Fluffy inside?
Never judge a book by his cover. If i tell you how the KyuHyun i saw was 3 years back, you're in for a real shock (unless if you already knew it), hehehe. I got hoodwinked!!

I love my 13 boys!!~

Koreans are vile.

Heavily emphasized 10 times round.
Except my 13 boys.

First, they let you see gorgeous beautiful clothes.
So gorgeous you go, "i don't care i'm broke just gimmeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee"...
Then they proceed to show you the clothes measurements, and you realized you can't fit into it due to your plus size.
Then so they let you see the plus side clothes which are also, oh-so-gorgeous, and you can think of a hundred ways on how to wear them!!
It's an investment really (think Becky Bloomwood)! And YOU CAN WEAR THEM XD!!
Then they show you the hefty price tag that goes along with it (which, if you are actually slimmer, it would've only cost half that price... i think...)
They are taking advantage of you because you are overweight. What turf.

I can so imagine those skinny girls in Korea going, "Hah, makes you wish you have kimchi everyday right?"
Go dieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee all of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ps: In matters of weight, i don't think i'm a hypocrite because as much as i despise girls who are already skinny thin yet say they are "fat" and all (then what am i? Extinct animals of the past ei dinosaur?)... i still badly want to lose weight for health reasons.
And also because i want to wear nice clothes (and don't have to spend too much in the process of buying them) XD!!
There are so many styles and outfits i want to put together, but are limited due to my erm... limitations. What turf.
Bah, whatever lar!

pps: What turf. They ('em Koreans) are promoting plus-sized clothings, yet the models are all skinny "i-only-eat-two-baby-carrots-a-day" thin.
It's either they *don't* have plus-sized girls in Korea.
Or, being Koreans, they are too vain they wanted to make sure they are skinny thin before they model 'em clothes... by eating only "two-baby-carrots-a-day". And a slice of kimchi. What turf.

ppps: Just in case you're wondering, i'm not against skinny people. In fact, i admire skinny-thin-slim beautiful people who are confident in themselves and their body, and shows it. Don't you think it's admirable, that they are confident in being themselves?
I only can't stand skinny people who keep saying they are fat. Apart from being very inconsiderate (well, if in my presence that is =P) it just shows that you are low in confidence, show off and compliment-hungry person. It's annoying.

pppps: The above statement doesn't apply to people i know, because i understand the reason why they say so. Plus i know them well enough, and they are comfortable enough with me to tell me whats bothering them. That i'm ok with =D!

ppppps: I. want. 'em. CLOTHES!!! BAH!!!

The ironic thing about Global Warming.

I remember something which my World Issues (BEST SUBJECT EVER!! Plus it was taught by one of the Best Teacher ever!!) lecturer told us.

Not in the exact sentence (because if i did remember it word-to-word, my memory wouldn't be this bad), but it goes along the line of:
The ironic thing about Global Warming is, because it makes the weather so hot, people turn on their air-conditioner. But because people turn on their air-conditioner, it makes the weather ever hotter (as in because air-conditioner contributes to Global Warming).
I'm sorry Earth, but it really is too hot =(.

I dream.

This morning, i dream i followed my brother Hiro to London (he went there to visit his friends - surprisingly the ticket was dirt cheap), and i went to ErJie, AhMa, Maria and NaiMa's Sam, Cheryl, Tracy and Ave's hostel to wait for them, plus as a surprise.
The inside was somewhat a bit the hostel-ish, but the "outside" garden part is like any ol' house in Subang with the porch and everything, except that there's mist because it's cold, and the neighbourhood is very English.
I was too tired so i slept at the porch... where the shoe racks were... ok, my dreams are always weird, lols!

Then Sam and Tracy came home first on a yellowy-orangey school bus, i remember Sam saw me sleeping near the shoe racks from the bus window and was very happy but surprised to see me (wouldn't you =D?). Then all 3 of us went to the kitchen where Tracy and Sam whipped me up some funny pie (i remember the name in the dream, but forgot it now, i even remember how it looks like gees!), which has German sausages in it.
The sausages must be a courtesy of AhMa's Blog, hehe.
Then i woke up. The End.

But the funniest dream was still this.
I woke up at 8.30am, and was thinking, ah, i'll rest a little... which is a bad idea because i would always end up sleeping in a little longer.
And whaddya know, i did. And i dream i was in my old house, and i was running late for my date with Pig, and i couldn't find this pants i wanted to wear!!
So i was running all around looking for it, when i remembered it's at my new house, and it would be too late if i were to go back and change, so i thought, what the heck, i'll just wear like this lar.

And when i woke up.
I was indeed late.

Will update again, feeling woozy now, i think i kena heat stroke. Bah!!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Where can i get YoungWoon's scarf?

Edit again: Ok lar, so i couldn't resist not updating, so i updated, what turf.

Edit: What turf, nobody knows where to get scarf similar to his???
Not updating till then, hmph!!

Bloody scarf, not like it's the Crown Jewel or something right?? Got so rare meh??
(Then again, maybe it is in Malaysia *sobs*?)

(Originally posted on 20th April 2009 at 12.01pm.)

Does anybody knows where i can get a scarf similar to KangIn's in the pic apart from stealing it from him? In Malaysia of course. Or if i can get it online!!
Any colour combination! I like it a lot but i just can't seem to find it anywhere (ㅠ.ㅠ*)!!

LeggyPoo has the blueish-green-black version and... OMG I WANT IT!!! She got it from F21, which i don't think it's available anymore there so... please??? Help!!!

Help anyone??
Pretty please with 13 boys???
(Nah, i'm just kidding about the 13 boys part (mineminemine) *KyuHyun-ish evil grin*!)

Friday, April 24, 2009

Sedikit sedikit lama lama jadi GUNUNG.

OMG. This is scary.
Not bukit anymore, it's GUNUNG.

On the other hand...
Ok, i guess you don't use "adorkable" this way but whatever! I mean, how do you call someone whose a dorky driver but is oh so adorable at the same time!
Come sayang, let nuna me teach you how to drive yah (i'm not his nuna apparently ガ━━Σ(゚Д゚|||)━━ン!!, as much as i would like to say that i am), vertical parking is my speciality (except if you expect me to go head first, then i suck big time. Ooh, and parallel parking too, apparently if you don't practice parallel parking for awhile you tend to suck at it bigger time as well... ah the good ol' parallel parking days, rofl)!

I got it from this site!
Apparently one fine day it was easy for him because there were many empty lots (i can imagine his smirk, if he ever did, on this accomplishment), but the following days it got worst because he had trouble reversing in and pretty much parked too close to the other car on the driver's side he had to SQUEEZE out *rolls on floor laughing*!! And another time he took up two parking lots (XD XD XD), and the other time he almost reversed into the tree... kekeke!

How more adorable can you get O(≧∇≦)O???

ps: Yes, i do realize i super bias, because if it was any other person who took up two parking lots, i would so fire them (except if finding a parking was easy). Hehehe!

pps: My cousin is adorable too =D!
wHOisBaBy says:
u need anything from here?
no korean movie star to bring for u
eiko-chan: Cat Biscuit says:
so far haven't thought of any yet~ kekkee
LOLS!!! cannot =(??? (as in the Korean movie star part.)
Ooh, i want zac efron please, lols!!
wHOisBaBy says:
ooh that one ... i dunno how to pack him inside my suitcase
only limited 23kg


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Save Energy Save Earth.

Because Super Junior said so =D!

But how ironic, i had to use the computer (and internet) in order to watch this song's video, and also i love my Angel very very much.

Though, i heart the idea of outdoor activities =D!
One thing i've always wanted to do, especially after buying all my bento stuffs... PICNIC!!
(though let's skip the Peppero part, i'll admit i'm only interested in doing that with my boys and only my boys.)

One fine day, i'll buy those really "lou-tou" checkers cloth, pack a basket of yummylicious food, and will head to the park nearby and stone there till the birds come pecking at our heads!!!
Yeah XD!!!~

What turf so random and retarded.

So kiasu.

I went to watch a Thai horror movie, Coming Soon, with my cousin brother just now.
A horror movie which my CousKat highly recommend, and mind, she's someone whose really scared of horror movies, but she still went to watch it! So it should be good right?
So off we went!
And then it was at the moment i realized that i very kiasu.
You see, the minute the movie started, it was already the scary part that i have almost every intention i can possibly come up with to run out of the cinema hall screaming.
With hands up the air (and wave 'em like you just don't care omg i'm so lame) and everything you know.
Its either the movie is really freaking scary, or it was because it has been a while since i last watch a (really scary) horror movie, i got chicken.
But then i thought, "Eh, if i run out now very "memalukan" lar!! Cannot, just watch nya lar!"...
And so i sat there, occasionally flinching when necessary (and covering my head with my jacket parts), and wah-lah, finished the movie.
Yes, i sat throughout the movie just because i feel it's memalukan to run out of it. What turf. (but honestly, as scary as it is i'm glad i didn't, it's actually not bad!)

And i thought there would never ever be another horror movie which is actually "scary" ok, after being disappointed so many times! THIS IS FREAKING SCARY!!! My heart was beating real fast even 15 mins after the movie!
But i still think Shutter rocks (even the English version) because it focuses on the storyline, slowly developing and everything... and it doesn't even need too scary scenes to scare you! While this one just focus on scaring the daylights out of you (and encourages you to run out of the cinema screaming with your hands up the air). Not bad though! Highly recommended!

Throughout the movie i kept messaging people, just to distract myself (though i don't think it worked)... and while it kinda works and everything, i think Loo Yee is a meanie, because i jokingly messaged her, very drama-ish, "I come sleep with you tonight", but she didn't reply me =(...
But it's still ok, because LeggyPoo beats everyone hands down.
Her message says:
"Have fun sleeping tonight."
Yeah everyone, meet LeggyPoo, my uber-most wonderful friend ever. What turf.

ps: Justin Long!!
All LeggyPoo's fault =P, i think his damn hot now after "He's Just Not That Into You" (*blames scriptwriter for his lines* BAH!)!
I don't care, you're watching this horror movie (which he is in) with me!~ Tra-la!~

Monday, April 20, 2009

Kim JongWoon you creep.

Random note:
But I think Yesung is creepy in a funny way... of course, I say that because
I've never experienced him touching my upper lip or just randomly showing up while I was sleeping.

- damifino from Soompi.

But creepy or weirdo or whatever, i still heart Kim JongWoon! The adorableness!~
He made me laugh so badly in the middle of the night, i'm glad my neighbours didn't sue XD!


This entry is totally unrelated to the title, but then again, who ever read the titles, do you?

I'm so proud of my boys.
Watch and you'll understand.

마주치지 말자 (Let's Not).
The song which never fail to make me feel damn emo every time i hear it. It's just... OMG i love my boys!
And the lyrics...!!! The meaning is just (ㅠ.ㅠ)...

I cried while watching them perform, because it was just so beautiful LIVE!!
My boys are the best!!!

ps: Pig, this was the song i was telling you about!! Listen if can ok??? Okwecan XD!!!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Swirly, SungMin, ShinDong and EunHyuk.

This post is specially dedicated to a few stuffs which i super love in my room.
Oh yes, i super like naming my stuffs. Though, i'm not really creative so... (you'll see. I'm as creative as a bowl of cornflakes. Yeap, that's how creative i am.) but erm... whatever, rofl!!

First, with Swirly!
I heart you Swirly, i think you're the most purr-fect part of the room (after my 13 boys and HeeChul).

Everyone say hi to Swirly =D!
What turf.
Just in case you're wondering, yeah, this was *the chair* that i've mentioned here and here!

Then there was SungMin.
Actually it's because i can't find another name. The name SungMin was reserved for *something else* but in the mean time, SungMin it shall be =D!

Everyone say hi to SungMin!
The first time i saw this table there, i so totally fell in love with it.
... ok lar... i admit BECAUSE It's White. OMG i'm so racist what turf XD!

I sincerely thank anyone who layan me and give me opinions which i truly appreciate! It took me quite some time to decide if i should get SungMin because i already have a table, and feared this would take up more space in my room (remember the "bring things in but nothing comes out" theory?). But anyways, the day i went to get Swirly, i showed mom the table and she said it's very nice, so in the end i got it =D!

And i so didn't regret it even a single bit! It's worth every penny! Best RM45 spent XD! (i say this all the time, just ignore it)
It's just so convenient for everything, even for my lappie Gamba =D!

Then there was ShinDong!

Say hi to ShinDong =D!
Not the plant lar how if i end up killing it?! ShinDong's the pot! So now all my plants will be protected by ShinDong =D!
What turf.
The plant's name shall be... erm... Mr Plant. Yeah! So far it's still alive, so i'm happy, yeah =D!
Told you i'm not the least bit creative. Pfft!

EunHyuk is the best!

Bought at RM55, during a sale ages ago (like seriously). But apparently now it's even cheaper. PFFT!
... and there's also a white version apparently. BAH!!
But anyways, Silver's cool! It reminds me of EunHyuk (because his EUN is written as Silver in Chinese or Hangul), thus, the name!

So yeah, there you have it =D! See how a bowl of cornflakes is even more creative than i am? At least you can add milk to the cereal ok!!
OMG i seriously *love* Ikea a lot, despite the horrible service and everything.
I thought i have Super Junior all around my room... i also have Ikea all around my room!! You can see Ikea in every corner (no seriously). And... Ikea actually have one corner more than Super Junior!!! What the...???

Ok, that's it, byebye!!

See why it's important to neuter your pet?

Edit 19 April 2009, 1:12am: Apparently, all the males and 1 female are adopted, leaving only 2 females (^^ )! Yeahs! Hope all the pups are going to good homes!

Edit 19 April 2009, 2pm: All puppies are adopted (^^ )!~ Yeahs!

My friend Loo Yee's friend found 7 abandoned pups, who she wants to give up for adoption as she couldn't take them all. Please go to her Blog here for further information if you're interested in adopting the puppies. They are super cute! If you can give them a good home, please do consider ok!

So you see how important it is to neuter your pet?
If you're a "responsible" owner who somehow fails to consider the spaying part, one day your pet (say, a dog) comes home pregnant and gave birth to some puppies... being "responsible" you'll try your best to find them a good home right?
But what about those irresponsible people? Yeap, they'll just put the puppies into a box and throw them somewhere, not caring about their future as long as it won't trouble them.

Those puppies i mentioned (who are up for adoption here) are most probably a result of a bad family. It was raining when they get abandoned. If not for my friend's friend, they would probably had died, either from the cold or starve to dead. Do you want to see that happen?

Even if the one you own is a male, how would you feel knowing your pet probably made some other pet pregnant... and how if the owner is a bad person who just throw the pups away? Can you live with that?

Saturday, April 18, 2009

It's 5am.

I love my boys i love my boys i love my boys i love my boys i love my boys i love my boys i love my boys i love my boys i love my boys i love my boys i love my boys i love my boys i love my boys.

I just died and gone to heaven. The boys made me laugh so badly! IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT (more like early morning honestly)!!!
JongWoon-ah!!~ What would we do without you (^^ )!~
KyuHyun is evil, i can sense the evilness even from my laptop screen ok, lols!

They are just so wonderful!
Now if only i could put it in them to make me go sleep earlier... what turf, all this sleeping late nonsense is making me incoherent.
Wait, i'm incoherent even to begin with, oh well!~


ps: That's why kids, there is a reason why your parents ask you to sleep early every night. This is so you wouldn't end up like the one who wrote this, who incidentally, is awake now at 5am writing this just because. What turf!

I like having an OCD husband.

Edit@4.30am: Turf. I think my room looks very weird with the additional cabinet which would not fit and so i had to find somewhere else for it that cabinet.

Note: Watched Initial-D again today by chance!
No matter what anyone say, i still think
Jay Chou is hot =D!
I still think so everytime i see him (^^ )!~


Years of studying Kemahiran Hidup *actually* pays off.

Not purr-fect (but that's not my fault, go blame Ikea!), but i'm proud of it!

Bloody thing can't fit into the place i wanted it to!!!
BECAUSE IT WAS 0.01cm (whatever, i don't know maths) a bit too much. CURSE YOU!!!

Some more i measured the space before fixing it, even taking one part of it just to use as rough estimation... AND IT WAS SUPPOSED TO FIT OK WHAT TURF!!!
Now i have to find somewhere else for it, WHAT THE !@#$%^&*...

My dad was like, "You're bringing too much stuff into your room...".
Yeah yeah yeah, i know!!! BUT BUT BUT... it was supposed to fit and make me more organize and everything ok!!! And it was not supposed to *look* like i just add something (but since it doesn't fit... well...)...
*pulls Nana's hair - since she wanted a new style anyways*

On the other hand, i made Dad watch Super Junior on Music Bank with me today =D!
... ok lar, it was because he wanted to watch the tee-vee, and i said "after i watch Super Junior first".
Anyways, what i did was right. He *should* know more about Super Junior. Because he deserves to know where i spend all the Korean Won i conned from him the 13 boys i'm so proud of!~
He even watched Girls' Generation performance (which was before SuJu), and made a comment that "Super Junior are more popular than them?". I explained that they are their (13 boys) junior.
Hehe, i still remember the first time i told Dad that Super Junior has 13 members, he went all like "0.O??". HAHAHA! My parents are adorable!~

HeeChul is extra adorable today!
First, i kept showing her pics of other kitties, and finally when i showed her *her* videos she got annoyed and slap the camera before walking off!
Second, i was watching the OCD-of-a-husband (her appa) when she walked towards me, meowed and slept behind me on my bed as i pet her (i was seated on the floor in front of the laptop).
Everyone go, "Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww"...

Or maybe because i laughed too loud she got annoyed but... whatever, hahaha!

Friday, April 17, 2009

『Life 天国で君に逢えたら』

This is a movie which i super like.
Normally i don't really like "realistic" romance-genre Japanese movies, because it's just too sappy and too artistic and yeah, too realistic and all...
(Death Note, L, and Nana are not what i consider "realistic" Japanese movies yah?)

That said, this is one of the movies i really like. When i first saw the preview, i actually know this is a movie i don't want to watch. But by fate, one day i just turned on the tee-vee, it was on, and so... i just watched it. And OMG me and my mom cried in the end, because it was just too touching!

Another two "realistic" romance-genre Japanese movies which i really like are 『世界の中心で愛をさけぶ』 and 『いま、会いにゆきます』, but those are just too sappy, and despite i super heart 『いま、会いにゆきます』's storyline, i actually fall asleep halfway in the show, despite waiting for like ages before getting to watch it (blame ORANGE RANGE and their Hana song! And the trailer! They made me anticipate the movie like super much!).
Hey, it's not my fault my brain lacks artistic genes blah whatever dah. In my defence it was late at night, and my cousin sis (who has waited super long for the movie too) fell asleep too ok!

Anyways, as much as i love those movies, i still prefer 『Life 天国で君に逢えたら』 a lot more. Perhaps the fact the story is mostly based in Hawaii has its perks??
Ok fine lar, the fact that it is mostly based in Hawaii is one of the main reasons why i super like this movie!! The feel from watching it is just wonderful ok!!!

Like i'm there enjoying the sun, the wind and the sea too (^^ )!

Another thing i like how it emphasize on the relationship between the husband and wife, and also of them and their kids. The youngest son is super cute! It's a family movie, so yeah, expected lar! Click here to read what the movie's about (i think there's spoilers too btw)!

I also like how the main character's will to live and his passion everything is just so touching and inspiring!
Yeah i know i'm a lousy reviewer but blah whatever! It's based on a true story too btw! Watch it if you have the chance, i know i like it (^^ )!


Where do I start?
So super overdue review ok! And mind, i write crappy reviews, so don't mind this one! It's another just because thing XD!

First off, I’m happy and satisfied that they didn’t “ruin” the movie. I would not say the book is better than the movie, or otherwise, but rather, the movie is as good as the book in it’s own ways. I like how the movie is as if it's based on it’s own storyline, instead of following the book, and it’s not rushed even the slightest (unlike Harry Potter, rush rush rush then die die die. PFFT!).

I think it’s important not to compare (depends though, if you like, follow the book strictly, but screws it up, it's hard not to compare!), since both movie and book has plus points on their own. That said, in the movie, there are a few parts which I want to say “I would like the movie better if…
It’s not exactly “comparing” I guess, but rather, if it’s this way, I would like it better.

I think Robert Pattinson (Bobby) did a good job. The way his eyebrow creases whenever he kisses Bella, as if it’s painful (which if you think about it, I understand his pain. Imagine having to kiss your lunch, and couldn’t eat it even though you starved for a whole century or something).
The only thing I find lacking is the “protectiveness” i’ve always felt Edward has for Bella. Except at the end though. But generally throughout the movie, “something missing”. Like when I watch Joe Cheng in those drama series, his stare is the “selling-point”. The way he stares at the one he loves, it makes you melt on the spot, even though you are not “that one”. It makes you wish there is someone who would stare at you like that. Like you are a cheeseburger the one and only thing he sees in his eyes.
I can see Edward staring at Bella lar, but like I said, “something missing”. Hey not complaining, but if got it’ll be even better.

Kristen Stewart is a bloody brilliant actress! She’s a real natural beauty! Her looks scream “I’m hot” even without trying! I watched her in this other horror movie, and she never fails to amaze me!
I like how in the movie, you can really see how all the other guys goes “goo-goo-ga-ga” over her, making it more believable on what Edward says about Bella “you might not think yourself as attractive, but you should see how the other guys think in first day”.
But somehow she (Kristen) doesn’t strike to me as a klutz, someone who always trips and falls down, zero-hand-eye-coordination type of girl, unlike Bella in the book. However, Kristen Stewart carries out the role “Bella” so well, it’s like she created another Bella of her own, and a really successful one!
That said, the Bella in the book is always falling down, she had to remind herself not to fall down while walking. But in the movie Kristen moves so normal like any other girl, sometimes i was expecting her to fall (which she didn't)!

Another point to note, is since she doesn’t fall down as much, we didn’t get to see how protective Edward is of Bella. I guess I was half hoping to see Edward being all around Bella ensuring she didn’t fall and stuffs?
Oh, and though she did slip and trip a bit at the beginning of the movie, towards the end she hardly even slips or fall anymore (especially when she was running away from James), a bit the disappointing, but it’s ok.

Another character that deserves a mention…
Like his constipated lols!
I’ve always perceived Jasper as a very quiet, serious, “dark” type of character. Not talking, always like mopping around in depression and full of gloominess, but the Jasper in the movie is nothing other than adorable! Like a silly little kid XD!
I especially love his description, “who looks like his always in pain”!! And mind, the actor (Jackson Rathbone) is rather convincing with his “pained look”!
Oh, and the especially cute part is when Jasper and Emmett danced around the “bon-fire” (when they burned James), as if they had never just dismembered a living (well, sorta) body, or as if they dismember vampires and burn them everyday. It was so cute!!

One of my favourite-st part would be when Bella was washing her truck, and Edward jumped onto her truck, and jump down from it, help fix the dent at the side as he invites her to his house. It was so sweet! So cute really, they way they did it. Just like any other normal couple! Bobby Pattinson XD!!

Overall, it’s like, the movie is it’s own movie, the book is it’s own book, both has it’s own plus points and all, and I love it! A definitely must watch (but this comes so late i'm sure a lot of people has watched it lols!)! (^^ )

Thursday, April 16, 2009


You know i heart you?


Yes, went nuts at Ikea again today (for an hour plus, just walking around, really...), just in case you're wondering. What turf.

Neuter your pets.

I hate it when people say "It's cruel to neuter your pets". Then they went on saying blah blah blah. I am all for "different people different opinion", and i like to share opinions as long as you don't dwell too much into "i'm right" those thing... but i guess this is just one thing which i can never ever agree with the "different people different opinion" thing.

Sure, i guess for angmohs they can say that, but they don't live in Malaysia. They don't live in an place where there are just too many stray dogs and cats which caused so much havoc around that residents hated them, to the extent that some actually poison the poor strays. The local authorities aren't much help either, the animals (mostly stray dogs) they caught are cruelly catched and treated. There were even news that DBKL actually poisons the animals just so they wouldn't need to catch them.
Furthermore, the pound which they live in are just horrible. SPCA, PAWS and a lot of other animal organizations in Malaysia actually make weekly visits to see which animal they can rescue which they could put up for adoption.

Sure a few lucky ones get picked, and it's definitely better than living in the pound... but what about the others who aren't chosen?

Living in Malaysia, where there are so many stray dogs and cats around because typical Malaysian owners with Orang-Cina mindset think "it's cruel", and then when the pets reproduce and they couldn't find owners for the babies, they just throw them away, sometimes along with the mother.

Do you know what are the chances of me seeing a dead animal on the streets in a week?

Imagine seeing this girl here by the roadside. Do you want it?

What about this boy. How would you feel?

It's irresponsible to judge others that they are "cruel" because they choose to spay their pets. If anything, i admire people who choose to spay their pets because they understand what is it to being responsible.
Being a responsible pet owner is not only being responsible to your own pet, but also responsible that you don't create problems for other people.

I choose to spay HeeChul, because i know should she give birth, there are little to no chances of me being able to keep her babies. Finding people to take her kittens in would be a hassle, and why should i even do so when there are so many other cats up for adoption, who seriously needed somewhere to call home, from so many different animal organizations in Malaysia!
I especially despise people who keeps male dogs or cats, and because male pets wouldn't get pregnant (obviously), so they didn't bother with spaying because it wouldn't bother them anyway. This kinda people are just selfish and cruel, and not responsible at all. Their pets wouldn't come home bringing "extra burden" to them, but what about the strays who got pregnant by your pet??

It sickens me how some people say "it's cruel" to spay your animals, when it's them who are cruel in the first place for not thinking of the other stray animals who are suffering just because they don't agree with spaying.

If you don't agree with spaying not because of the cruel part, but rather because of the gaining weight, being lazy etc... you're just being a lazy irresonsible owner, and choose to take the "easy way out". I'd rather my cat be fat and lazy (but with a healthy diet and everything), and i having to find ways to encourage her to play at least 15 minutes a day, than letting 10 stray cats out there getting hurt or injured. Besides, spayed animals are usually healthier if taken care properly.

Have you ever been to SPCA or PAWS? Or even to adoption drives like those organized by Independent Pet Rescuers?

Do you know what's it like to long to have some place you can call home, and someone to call your owner? Someone who will love you unconditionally?

"You bringing me home?"

Well, HeeChul is lucky she found us! But do you think i can say so for every other animals in SPCA or PAWS? Some of them get put to sleep just because it was too long and they still didn't get adopted.

Be a responsible owner. Even if you don't agree with spaying, you can stick to that belief, but DON'T impose your beliefs on other people or judge them, because after all, spaying *is* the right thing to do. Especially in Malaysia, where problems caused by too many strays are rampant.

If you don't care a hoots about strays, think of your pets, and how would you feel if they were the ones whose the stray. Will you still think it's just "another animal" which you can ignore? I know i can't.

Can you?

Adopt if you can!
Independent Pet Rescuers
(i forgot the rest of links barnacles.)

ps: All photos stolen (because i was too lazy to email to ask for permission) from Independent Pet Rescuers. Besides we can help them by spreading the word around about what they are doing to save the animals! They need help in any way they can! Spread the word!

And because my husband has leg hair.

We rock (^^ )!!~

I don't care what you think about me and my love for Super Junior.
I shall write and say whatever i want, and there is nothing you can do about it!

I super love them, and if you don't like it, you can eat my pants.
Ok, i got to find some new "come back"... because if this keeps going on, soon i'll be running out of pants to wear. What turf.

ps: Inkigayo has the best cameraman imo! One month has passed, and every week it's still my most favourite performance!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I'm never ever going to The Face Shop anymore.

Who in the right mind would go for Bae YongJun when you can have Kwon SangWoo lar really!

ps: No offence to the aunties who are YonSama's fans ok, but i'm SangWoo-oppa's fans yo what turf oppa! HAHA!
pps: I'm "Eww-ing" not because of YonSama, but rather, to express my horror over the change, directed at *the news* and not *the individual*.
ppps: Yes, it's important to clarify because i still want to live. YonSama's fans are scary. I don't want to be stampeded over if i ever decide to visit Japan ok, haha! Imagine a group of obasans running after you with frying pans and rolling pins what turf i watch too many movies haha!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Say hello everyone!

To my new ride!
I shall name it White Devil!

I can't wait to bring it on road trips! Super heart it! It's going to be wonderful!! WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!~

ps: Please highlight the following part: HAHA, just kidding. It's not mine lar! Took the pic in the showroom, hahaha!


In my attempts of purr-fecting my room, i find myself going to Ikea a lot a lot of times.
Like A LOT.
And i also realize how significant Ikea can be in a lot of people's lives. Even if i'm not home, i can see at least ONE Ikea products somewhere else ok!

OMG. I'm addicted to Ikea.
Apart from the nice woody smell i like there (though it's icky when it's too strong), there's another very huge factor which keeps drawing me back to Ikea.

(The pic is my dream living room btw, so you're not allowed even the slightest to copy it, go away! What turf!)
If that is my house it would be like holiday everyday (it is now too isn't it?), hahaha!

Yes, i do realize the seriousness of my obsession and addictiveness over the colour WHITE. I need therapy i think.

I blame this on OldMan Teuk.
I've always liked White, but not so obsessed! I would always choose BLUE over White then (and there was this stage in my life when i went Pink obsessed, but i find it too overrated and almost every girl likes Pink, and i don't want to be stereotyped... and its overrated so in the end i went back to good 'ol Blue! Hehe!).
Then after SuJu, the love for Blue grew stronger (Sapphire Blue!), but at the same time Teukie kept showering me with the colour WHITE... that i go for White unconsciously whenever i choose stuffs (and sometimes because the Blue version is not so nice or unavailable, or if it just so happens i was thinking of Teukie then).

Till the end, it ended up i myself loving White a whole lot, and not because of Teukie anymore! It's just so pretty ok, WHITE!
And now, the obsession is like.., getting more and more serious, what turf!

And recently Teukie just put into my head that wearing White is good. What turf. I suddenly have this obsession of wanting to change all my undergarments to White, just so i would have something White on my body whenever. What the...
Seriously, blame Teukie. All his fault he influenced me in the first place. Hmph! I think i need rehab and therapy! Liking white and having loads of White is ok, but the obsessiveness...


If i ever take pictures of the scenery, i never believe in PS to make that pic nicer.
Whether or not it's just slight adjustment for the balance nada boda bada, no.
Well, that's me anyways!

The reason so is because i like to capture the moment.
If i see something beautiful, i want to be able to capture it's colours and everything as i've seen it, and not rely on something else to enhance it's beauty.
Yes, it may make the pics nicer and look better, but it's still enhanced and has lost the natural beauty which i've seen through my eyes.

I am someone who likes to share my happiness, because i do believe in the fact that happiness can be spread. So if i have a crappy day, and my friend comes along telling me how great her day is, i would feel happier eventually (though as long as if they would hear me rant it out first, because i always feel better after ranting, hehehe).
So yeah, same reasoning when it comes to pictures. I would like to show people what i've seen from how i've seen it. (Lols, Renesmee what turf!)

What do you think when you see this picture?

To professionals, this is probably one crappy photo, but to me, i like how the light reflects just right at the background. I like how the colour of the sky blend oh-so-purr-fectly. I like how the trees and colours match so well that just by looking at the photo, i still couldn't believe i took this photo at my neighbourhood.
Personally, it looks like some country side far far away =)!

Fairy tales anyone?

And mind, it's not taken using D-SLR, but just your normal everyday compact camera.
I had thought of getting a D-SLR, because i love taking pics! But after some serious consideration (which was why it made me pening yesterday lar really), i've decided not too. Besides, i like pics to be as i've seen it!
Of course, D-SLR will make it better, but it also involves taking up half my brain space, so, yeah, no thanks! Even though i super want one!
(I shall get a boyfriend who is a (sensible) gamer and who likes taking pictures and owns a D-SLR so i can play with it. HAHAHA!)

I love my crappy old anti-anti-shake (means there's no anti-shake, lols) camera, because it's erm... crappy... but anyways...
I still love it for all it's crappy functions, and especially how it captures things as you see it! It doesn't enhance it digitally whatsoever, it just gives you what you see.
Maybe that's why it's crappy too, because it's old! Haha!
But i still heart it a lot! I've brought it to like, so many places, and yeah, no matter what i still love it very much (^^ )!~

April 11th 2009.

A significant day.
Because 4 years after moving into the new house, i've finally... FINALLY... finishes purr-fecting my room, and every nook and cranny nada mada boobaa beebee bom!
Yes i'm random. Love me for it.

Actually, i think i blogged about it before right?
But anyways, this time it is FOR REAL. Every thing is purr-fect now! EVERYTHING!
Last time i just used to tidy it, then it gets messy, and i tidy it, then messy again... but finally, a few months back i started cleaning out all the cupboards (though throw nothing much =P); then a few weeks back i started finally deciding where to put stuffs properly and all... and a few days back i started this rampage of buying new stuffs just to finish up my room once and for all! Purr-fecting it, if i may say!
Now it's like a room out of a magazines those type! Or at least, to me! Since it's very personalized with all my stuffs!
Very happy!)

Initially i thought i missed something, but no, it's not important so it's ok. And yeah, though i actually finalized the toilet on April 12th 2009, but it's ok, April 11th is the official date what turf!

I love it before, i love it even more now!! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!~
Though with great powers, come great responsibilities, what turf.
No, serious. I just realize how obsessed i can get over certain matters what turf.

Shall i blog about it? Let's see how XD! Mwehehehehehehehehehehehe!
I have something else to Blog first! Toodles!

The new addition.

Ok fine it's not mine. Nor it's my brother's.
It's his friends !@#$%^&* can't i just show off for a minute???
Ok fine lar it's just PS3 nothing special. Not like it's the White one, what turf.

Hahaha, HeeChul is bugging my mom in the kitchen, so adorable the two of them!

Anyways, i seriously admire gamers. They just swap and borrow each others consoles like nobody's business. If it were me i would be inseparable with my console (which is portable though, and has a name, and then again, since i play with it every 2-3 days so it's justifiable. Any new games? I'm sick of looking at Mario and hearing Princess Peach's girly squeals what turf).

Stupid brother won't play Resident Evil.
He has the game (friend's). He just doesn't want to play it.
I even offered to buy him that bloody game ok, but it's so freaking expensive i rather buy myself something bimbotic and completely useless instead. What turf.

It sucks being a lousy gamer.
I seriously so badly wanted to play Resident Evil, but...
Let's just say the first time i attempted playing it, i switched on the bloody thing and i ran around in the room i started in for like 5 minutes before braving up to leave the room.
And when the zombies appeared i couldn't fight them off so i just shut down the bloody console and left the room cursing.
Yes, i'm that lousy. Shut up.
That's why i super like watching my brother play RE. Because i can play the game, but *without* playing it, what turf.

I shall find a boyfriend who is a (sensible) gamer. And if he doesn't play RE i shall dump him. What turf.

Currently the only consolation is watching my brother play his stupid MGS, stupid alarm sound. Frightens me everytime ok stupid!!
Bah whatever. I'll just bribe him into playing RE or something soon. My brother is easily bribed. Mwehehehehehehe *evil laugh*!

On the other hand, my house currently has almost every single console there ever was, i think. At least those popular ones.
PlayStation (from ages ok, but either my bro lend it to his friend or he kept it somewhere, shall ransack his room someday to confirm), PlayStation 2 (bugged my brother into getting it back from his friend, i wanna play Final Fantasy-X again!!), XBox (bloody useless taking up space thing), XBox 360 and GameCube (cousin bro's).
Now if only we could get or borrow someone's Nintendo-WII just for the sake of it... MWEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE!!

Ok, i shut up now. What turf.

Sakit Kepala.

When you want the best, or at least, you just want one which you won't complain about, since you're quite fussy.
Or put it simply...
You want to be professional.
But you're simply too lazy to find out everything.
But you want to be professional.
So you just jump start with no basic.
And considering your own brain capacity, it'll all lead to...

Why can't life (or at least, things which comes in life) be easier really??

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Hair products.


Considering that i've been rasuk-ed by the Hantu of Beauty Products Past... what turf...
I've been buying a lot of beauty products these days, and one of my best buy, imo, is definitely...

Super heart them i want to marry them, what turf!

Before i start talking about it though, let me first tell you a very long winded story a story.
So yes, i've cut my hair!
... like it's a big news lar really, i cut my hair so often i don't think it surprises anyone, ne?

Anyways, though, the thing with my new hair is, if i don't style it, it's super not nice!
Actually all my previous hairs needs styling lar, but i was just too lazy before... anyways, now it has changed since i know Lucido-L!

The reason why i don't like using hair products before is:
- It makes my head feel "heavier". And my head's heavy enough, i don't need the extra weight!
- I hate the stiff icky oily feeling on my hair! Looking at it even more... yuck!
- It smells bad!

But after using Lucido-L:
- It doesn't make my hair feel "heavy" at all (of course don't lar like use the whole bottle!).
- It's oh-so-natural i like! No "oily look" andi can see the difference after using it!

So see, you say i heart Lucido-L anot? I hard selling it and recommending it to everyone honestly!
And considering the fact that my vainess level just sky rocketed... oh yeah, i actually spend 10 minutes or so (or more) just on my hair before going out!
It's no biggy if you've been doing so all along (some people take even longer ok), but for me... for such a lazy person, ME!!! Oh yeah, Pigs are flying in the sky what turf.

Yes, it is a big statement since it's coming from me!
Here's a picture of all my hair-products from Lucido-L!

First step, the pink bottle behind on the left.
It's actually for people with long hair who uses the curling iron, to style your hair and protect it from the heat at the same time. But for me, i just use it to protect my hair.

Then i would proceed with my wax, the styling pots in the front-line.
The bigger brown pink pot is for volume (#Smash Fixer), brown orange pot is for kinky edges (#Edgy Move), and peach white one is for airy styles (#Nuance More).
What i use depends on what style i want that day! But i will always use #Edgy Move for my tips to make it nicer and edgy!

Note the bigger pot! I actually wanted to get the smaller one, but it ran out of stock EVERYWHERE! More difficult to find than holy grail ok (and considering that it *is* the holy grail of hair products)!
So i was forced to buy the big pot... and now i know why it ran out of stock everywhere! It's super effective!
Just a bit nya your hair seriously VOLUME!!! The first time i use it i used too much i had to wash my hair in the end because it got difficult to style properly (also because my hair was wet, bad time to style), because it was just too effective, and it really stays!
I've only used it twice so far, and the results are super good! Though, i don't really like how it gets all... funny (because i don't know how to describe) at the end of the day. The other ones doesn't have this effect, i wonder if there's any other reason, or it is just the wax's problem? I will still use it of course, but each to their own!

So far my favourite is still #Nuance More! Although it's not very lasting, but it's still the best imo! Super heart it! I highly recommend this if you want your hair to look really nice and fluffy and airy (^^ )!~

Final step, of course, hair spray.
The big red bottle!
I don't like hairsprays actually, they smell vulgar!
But considering that i like Lucido-L, i just thought i give it a try, and it's good!
It keeps my hair in place, doesn't "stiffen" it, and it's not smelly at all! At least to me lar, and i'm a very fussy person!
Though, i still need to master the proper art of spraying hairspray, you'll be surprised, i actually think there is some skill to it, no?
Because my hair still falls at the end of the day, so i want to find out if its because the spray is not good enough my hair is too heavy, or if its because i don't know how to spray properly!

So yeah, there you have it! My love for nice hair-products what turf!
If i'm late for appointments (but aren't i always? I'm type-O mar =P!), you would know why because i usually overslept! Kekeke!

Oh yes, and another "kena rasuk-ed by the Hantu of Beauty Products Past" case...
I find i'm a sucker for glamourous thing.
What's with my love for Anna Sui, Etude House, and now MM. Or Majorlica Majorca!

I heart their pencil liner! And mascara, though i haven't try any yet, what turf!
I'm thankful i'm not a "buy on impulse" type of person, because every time i'm at their counter, i will feel like buying something... even if i don't need it!! Because their stuffs are just too pretty!
Becky Bloomwood but not-quite Becky Bloomwood yah XD?

I may be indecisive when it comes to buying stuffs, but at least i won't regret my buys!
I can imagine if i'm those "buy on impulse" type of person... sure guarantee a lot of unneeded stuffs plus a whole ton of regret!
I'm good at wasting money, but i like to think that i've wasted my money well what turf.

Now you also know why i'm indecisive, hahaha, ok not funny. Ok continue updated Project365 now, hehehe!

ps: Apparently, after i cut my hair... my whole image has changed to the "sweet" type.
No, i'm a rocker lor, what turf.
I don't want to look sweet, why can't i be cool? I know i like to act cool (which always fail, because i'm too lazy to keep up with it), rofl!

Although really, i realized if i'm high, i get very childish and speak through my nose, what the turf XD!!!