Sunday, April 05, 2009

Am supposed to post a lot of stuffs.

But somehow, not in the right mood to edit nor write anything nor post anything properly, hence, the amount of drafts i'm "collecting"... which has bits and pieces of everything everywhere! Because i couldn't make up my mind on how to post the stuffs! So frustrating!

And thus... shall probably take a few days break while i sort my brain out. No worries, am taking a break not because i have problems, emo, or whatsoever lar!! I'M OK!!!
My head is a just a bit overwhelmed from too many things all coming at one time (not problems lar, just a lot of things to do haha!), and also from all the late night sleeps and early wakes. My brain is sleep-deprived! SORRY BRAIN!!
(ps: Am planning to name my brain ShinDong, what turf XD!)

I'm not in the right mind now to edit anything, and if i forced myself to edit, it'll just go all wrong and leave me even more frustrated, so yeah, will leave it like this for the time being.

Everyone have a good day! Will be back soon (^^ )!~

ps: Project365 ditto! But will upload everything in one shot when i'm up to it =P!

pps: 이정 가을~~!! ♡♡♡

Yeah, you bet i will (run to you) XD!~
(KimBum lar duh, what for i run to SoEun??)

For Pig! Just in case!~
Purr-fect ending now (^^ )!~
And i like how it's not "oppa~~~", because honestly, so many Korean dramas does that (in fact you hear it everywhere lar honestly) and it got super annoying, so yeah...


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