Sunday, May 15, 2011


People often ask, why do i love Super Junior so much.

Once upon a time, i probably be able to give you an answer... but now... i honestly don't know what to say.
The default answer now is "because i like their song", though truth be told this is answering for the sake of answering.

I can also say they dance well, they sing well... but i guess because there are so many reasons why i love them so much, i couldn't figure out what it is ultimately!

Though one thing i do know is, i love them because they are so close to each other despite the number of members.

All the boys are just so close to each other that it's endearing to see them so!

I've seen other boybands which, despite not having so many members, yet there is certain awkwardness between some members.

Unlike the boys!

So i guess this is just one of the many reasons why i love them so much. (^^ )

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I've never been the best fan.

I forget dates.
I never know what's happening at the moment.
I always get distracted by trivial matters.
I am never up to date with information.
I will never be an up to date fan.
I have amnesia.

But regardless, i love you boys so much. 8D

Nobody will ever know how much i love them.

But yeah, i really really really do. ♡

ps: Yeah, the title of the post can be read in whichever way you like! Go figure! 8D

Saturday, May 07, 2011


I remember...
... when i first watched this performance, i actually wondered, what are the boys doing playing "invisible" instruments...

Then when KangIn appeared, as you may expect, sobfest 2010 what turf. Because i was totally not expecting it!
I remembered crying so badly that this girl nearby was shocked, and during the second SS3 i cried worst than KangIn's CaraCara, and she had to console me in the end... =P

And then in subsequent SS3, i've never failed crying at this part.

Sometimes, i have this "thing" of not being able to accept unhappy stuffs, that part of me prefer to think of it as a "dream" which will eventually past.
I acknowledge that it has happened, that it has really happened... but i just can't accept it.

It's not a good thing, because when i have to finally face the thing which i was in denial of, when i finally accept it, everything doubles up in emotions and it's probably worst! I probably should've just accepted it when it happened!

This was one of it.

Regardless, looking forward to the day when all my favourite boys are on stage, together, again, like in 2008.

I don't think it's possible, but one can always hope, yes? (^^ )

Friday, May 06, 2011

Of the boys singing Chinese songs...

I'm always so proud of the boys whenever they sing a Chinese song. 8D

I don't know, perhaps because i'm Chinese, or because i know how difficult it can be to sing Chinese songs what's with the pronunciation etc...
Then pronunciation aside, you have the emotions to project blah blah...

To be honest, i personally feel that Chinese songs have notoriously complicated emotions. Like seriously, you feel like whacking the person over the head "OI CAN YOU BE SIMPLER??"...

But anyways, one thing i really like about Chinese songs is how it really sings to the heart. They are horrible to listen to when you're emo, but you can't deny how it can really reach you when you are at most vulnerable.

Anyways, yeah, the boys have been singing Chinese songs... and i always cry whenever i listen to them!
I feel part of me cries because i can finally understand them better what turf.

But yeah, mostly because i'm so proud of them! 8D

One of my favourite have to be 如果你也聽說 sung by KyuHyun!
I've listened to this version for like days repeating to no ends, and it stops me from doing anything else every time i listen to it!! Nasty bugger...
But no denying how awesome it really is!

I haven't listen to A-mei's original version for the longest time, being here... but i used to listen to it every time my friends and i have our K-session! It's like a must sing song!

The other day (after being drowned with JoKyu's version) i finally listened to the original version again, and i was further amazed by how awesome JoKyu can actually be!

A-mei is awesome (of course), don't get me wrong. When i listen to her version, i actually felt really sad, like... tragedy... how she was really heartbroken, and all that really sad stuff... you can actually "feel" the pain. She's just powerful like that!

JoKyu's on the other hand, actually gave me the feeling that it was a completely different "version", so to speak. The emotions he is able to convey is just... whoah!
Same meaning and everything, except that i feel JoKyu's is more towards "first love". Much softer, much gentler... unlike A-mei's really powerful emotional one.

As much as i love A-mei's one, i love JoKyu's one very very much as well. Never forgetting his pronunciation! Just awesome! 8D

Ming recently sang 可惜不是你, and yeah sobfest again!
Ming's pronunciation may not be as good as JoKyu's yet, but still!

The thing about Fish Leong's songs, i always feel like she is singing from a third-party point of view. Like she is looking at the couple (since most of her songs are love songs) and singing about their emotions at the moment. My friend doesn't like her because she feels that she only has one singing style. Nevertheless, i still like some of her songs because sometimes i feel, instead of feeling the "emo-mo-mo-ness" from the song, it's nice to hear someone singing about it from another perspective i guess?

Anyways, Ming's version, i feel that when he sang, he's actually a party to the whole situation. Like he's singing it to a person who he once loved, but they couldn't be together and all that. Like he is singing about a feeling he has experienced (unlike Fish's third-party point).

This time round, i personally prefer Ming's version! I feel he could do better by improving his pronunciation, but other than that, 8D!!

Did i mention he was the one playing the guitar as well? *swoons*

I don't know why i'm suddenly all emo-mo-mo-ey and deciphering feelings i get from songs what turf, i guess i'm just procrastinating from studying?

But anyhoo, tell me how to not be proud of the boys! Awesome as always! (^^ )

Thursday, May 05, 2011

All My Heart.

Just because i don't like leaving my Blog on an emo note, here's my awesome possum boys! 8D
Though admittedly they are the main cause of some of my emoness and tears at times, but it's justified because they never fail to make me smile and laugh whenever wherever.

That's why i love them so much! ♡

Being unreasonable.

Everyone is entitled to be unreasonable every now and then.
While some people may not do so often, some can, so sucks to be the former. =D

Especially now with all those exam pressure, yes, i can. 8D

I'm feeling extremely lonely and vulnerable now that exams are around... well, yeah i have not been doing much preparations hehehe... also because there's nobody else around for me to annoy when i need to de-stress.

So when all those stress are couped up, it just goes to your head and makes you emo and eat a lot (or don't eat at all) etc etc.

It's times like these when you can try to blame that because you are so stressed you can't do any preparations... yes? No?

It's also times like these when i honestly wish i was home.
Home comfort aside, everyone's back home you can't help but to wish you are back with them.

You are surrounded by people who truly cares for you (or well, only because you're extremely loud and annoying but hey, better than nothing? 8D), not stuck here alone with the four corners just to stone and stare at a random corner bleh.

Oh well, just a few weeks till you're back! So for now, let's do this GO GO GO! 8D

Yeah, i can be extremely positive when i want to *coughcough* it scares me sometimes. 8D

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Of my love for books.

You see...

When i read a book which i love, i will always end up reading it like i'm part of the story. Like the events in the book is real. Like i'm actually following the protagonist of the story on the quest/ adventure/ etc. That's why when i talk, or even rant, about a book which i really like, i can sound a little too over enthusiastic about it... like a little kid on crack, or geek, perhaps?

I blame it on the child in me. The over imaginative one. The one who loves stories of adventures, myths and legends. I figured this is why i've always stick to fantasy or adventure novels... or to put it simple, books from the children's section AKML.

They are not "scary" to bring to reality, it's fun to read, and it's always exciting to put yourself into the story! It's like you're going on an adventure!

While some might say stuffs like "it's time to stop reading children's book", i say screw them. Life's hard enough without you piling even more stress to it. If you have a child in you, spoil them! They deserve every bit of indulgence you can give them. =D
Everyone needs a place where they can escape reality, and mine's in my children-section-books.

I love my children-section-books. I love talking about them. I love reading about stories of adventures, quests, fantasies, legends and myths... and regardless, i honestly don't think i'll stop anytime soon, because they are too fun to read! (^^ )

Side note: I've realized for quite some time now that when i read a book, i will always pour myself into the story to the extent that everything else will be oblivious to me.
Perhaps that's also why i'm so picky with the books i read. I have not read a lot of books, unfortunately, because like i said, i'm just fussy like that.

If i read a book, i want the book to be worth my time, because when i start, it will be as if nothing else existed in the world. I will be so into the story, only to wake up later to realize stuffs like "oh crap i haven't study for exams". That's how completely ob... ... ... ok i lost the word but you know what i mean!

Heck, when i read a new Harry Potter book (for the first time), SiWon could dance topless in front of me and i wouldn't even realize!
Or would i? *smirks*

Just to rant.

I love Greek mythology!

One of my favourite books is Percy Jackson. While most might consider it as a children's book - which it is, mind - i honestly love the book!
While i haven't reread it as "much" as Harry Potter ("much" emphasized because i have honestly lost count of the number of times i've read Harry!), - which forevermore will remain my favourite books ever - nonetheless i love this series for its Greek mythology!

So i started reading Percy Jackson *after* watching the movie (Logan Lerman woots!), and am absolutely grateful that last book has already been released by then, so there's no worries of having to wait every year for a new book. In fact, i actually stopped after the third book for quite some time before finishing the fourth and fifth (last) book in UK.

After finishing the fifth book, and also finishing "I Am Number Four" (big mistake, i hate having to wait for the next book!), i have nothing else to read so i thought why not read "The Lost Hero", the sequel to the Percy Jackson series.

I've totally forgotten that the book is in a series (FIVE BOOKS!!), so after finishing this i would have to wait for the a new one EVERY YEAR! GAH!
And the last book would be in Autumn 2014... T^T

Anyhow, the mistake has been made, and now i'm hooked onto a book which has yet to end bleh...
It's not so much the wait... I have waited 8-years for Harry Potter... but this book, The Lost Hero, ended with a sort of cliffhanger, and involved my favourite character!!
This is what irks me most!

*Spoiler ahead!*
See, i have an extremely soft spot for the title character Percy Jackson. Be it because he was portrayed by Logan Lerman, or because having read all 5 books on him, or just being son of Poseidon... i don't know, i just do. I have always loved the main characters in a book anyways.

I was extremely impatient to finish The Lost Hero because there were mentions of Percy Jackson throughout the book, and i wanted to know what happened to him.

Alas, before i even finish, i could already guessed what has happened and i was right! But i didn't expect it to be a cliffhanger!

You can imagine my frustration! He didn't even appear in the book, i don't even know what exactly happened to him (or will happen to him)... and i have to wait till Autumn this year!!

To top it off i don't really like the title character (in The Lost Hero) Jason Grace because he seemed to be like... more superior than Percy Jackson, and i'm kiasu like that because i have always preferred my favourite character to be the most powerful one what turf.
(only exception to be Ron Weasley because Weasley is King and all that)

Anyways, i am extremely glad that the next book would be entirely about him! I have thought that he would just be a minor character in this whole series because of some synopsis i read about this book, and i thought the next book is titled "Son of Jupiter" (who is Jason Grace)... but i was wrong! Only in this book, so yeah! =D

And the most embarrassing would be that the next book is actually "Son of Neptune" (who is Percy Jackson)... NOT Jupiter... and i have absolutely NO IDEA how i read it as "Son of Jupiter" initially! And i only realized this after finishing the first book, and AFTER wiki-ing the second book's summary!! OMGWTFBBQSUPERMANBANANAULTRAMAN.
Can i blame it on exam pressure?

I guess all there is to do is wait... but really, i can't wait for Autumn for the second book! Hope it'll be released on time! =D

ps: Yeah this post is just to rant how frustrated i am with the ending being a cliffhanger and how i have to wait... and er, that's about it. Yeap, there's no proper content i know. T^T
I feel there's not even a proper ending to this post, and am actually afraid how i can't even write a proper Blog post now to save my life! *gasp*

pps: I know i sound like some little kid or deluded teenager happily blabbing about Percy Jackson *coughkidsbookcough* what turf but truth be told, the explanation deserves a whole new entry of its own, so just wait! Teehee!

Monday, May 02, 2011

If you have heard...

This song has been on repeat the past few days, JoKyu version.

Because i love listening to his voice, i can keep saying how proud i am of him for his perfect pronunciation and this gave me great luck during mahjong too. 8D

Then again, as this song is so emo, it made me emo... and can't help but feel that the lyrics are like describing my feelings at the moment.
Nothing relationship-y, but rather the first verse.

突然發現站了好久 不知道要往哪走
還不想回家的我 再多人陪只會更寂寞
許多話題關于我 就連我也有聽過
我的快樂要被認可 委屈卻沒有人訴說
夜把心洋蔥般剝落 拿掉防衛剩下什麽
爲什麽脆弱時候 想你更多

I can sit there not knowing where to go, or what to do. Like... just stone.
Well, i know i should be studying but yeah i haven't so sue me.

And truth be told, i've never felt so lonely in my life.
I'm so glad of my friends around me, yet i've never felt lonelier.
I enjoy their company very much, but i also find myself wanting alone time just so i can emo and sulk by myself.
Then again i'm afraid of being alone because it just makes me more emo what the turf.

I may snap at people when i'm in a bad mood, but i never like spreading my emo-ness or sadness. That's just wrong. So what better than being alone to sulk? But like i said, i don't want to be alone, i want to go out... yet when i'm out i just want to go back to my room so i can sulk.

Contradicting emo piece of bitch. Let's just hope it's the hormones talking.
I can't wait to go home.