Friday, May 06, 2011

Of the boys singing Chinese songs...

I'm always so proud of the boys whenever they sing a Chinese song. 8D

I don't know, perhaps because i'm Chinese, or because i know how difficult it can be to sing Chinese songs what's with the pronunciation etc...
Then pronunciation aside, you have the emotions to project blah blah...

To be honest, i personally feel that Chinese songs have notoriously complicated emotions. Like seriously, you feel like whacking the person over the head "OI CAN YOU BE SIMPLER??"...

But anyways, one thing i really like about Chinese songs is how it really sings to the heart. They are horrible to listen to when you're emo, but you can't deny how it can really reach you when you are at most vulnerable.

Anyways, yeah, the boys have been singing Chinese songs... and i always cry whenever i listen to them!
I feel part of me cries because i can finally understand them better what turf.

But yeah, mostly because i'm so proud of them! 8D

One of my favourite have to be 如果你也聽說 sung by KyuHyun!
I've listened to this version for like days repeating to no ends, and it stops me from doing anything else every time i listen to it!! Nasty bugger...
But no denying how awesome it really is!

I haven't listen to A-mei's original version for the longest time, being here... but i used to listen to it every time my friends and i have our K-session! It's like a must sing song!

The other day (after being drowned with JoKyu's version) i finally listened to the original version again, and i was further amazed by how awesome JoKyu can actually be!

A-mei is awesome (of course), don't get me wrong. When i listen to her version, i actually felt really sad, like... tragedy... how she was really heartbroken, and all that really sad stuff... you can actually "feel" the pain. She's just powerful like that!

JoKyu's on the other hand, actually gave me the feeling that it was a completely different "version", so to speak. The emotions he is able to convey is just... whoah!
Same meaning and everything, except that i feel JoKyu's is more towards "first love". Much softer, much gentler... unlike A-mei's really powerful emotional one.

As much as i love A-mei's one, i love JoKyu's one very very much as well. Never forgetting his pronunciation! Just awesome! 8D

Ming recently sang 可惜不是你, and yeah sobfest again!
Ming's pronunciation may not be as good as JoKyu's yet, but still!

The thing about Fish Leong's songs, i always feel like she is singing from a third-party point of view. Like she is looking at the couple (since most of her songs are love songs) and singing about their emotions at the moment. My friend doesn't like her because she feels that she only has one singing style. Nevertheless, i still like some of her songs because sometimes i feel, instead of feeling the "emo-mo-mo-ness" from the song, it's nice to hear someone singing about it from another perspective i guess?

Anyways, Ming's version, i feel that when he sang, he's actually a party to the whole situation. Like he's singing it to a person who he once loved, but they couldn't be together and all that. Like he is singing about a feeling he has experienced (unlike Fish's third-party point).

This time round, i personally prefer Ming's version! I feel he could do better by improving his pronunciation, but other than that, 8D!!

Did i mention he was the one playing the guitar as well? *swoons*

I don't know why i'm suddenly all emo-mo-mo-ey and deciphering feelings i get from songs what turf, i guess i'm just procrastinating from studying?

But anyhoo, tell me how to not be proud of the boys! Awesome as always! (^^ )

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