Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Of my love for books.

You see...

When i read a book which i love, i will always end up reading it like i'm part of the story. Like the events in the book is real. Like i'm actually following the protagonist of the story on the quest/ adventure/ etc. That's why when i talk, or even rant, about a book which i really like, i can sound a little too over enthusiastic about it... like a little kid on crack, or geek, perhaps?

I blame it on the child in me. The over imaginative one. The one who loves stories of adventures, myths and legends. I figured this is why i've always stick to fantasy or adventure novels... or to put it simple, books from the children's section AKML.

They are not "scary" to bring to reality, it's fun to read, and it's always exciting to put yourself into the story! It's like you're going on an adventure!

While some might say stuffs like "it's time to stop reading children's book", i say screw them. Life's hard enough without you piling even more stress to it. If you have a child in you, spoil them! They deserve every bit of indulgence you can give them. =D
Everyone needs a place where they can escape reality, and mine's in my children-section-books.

I love my children-section-books. I love talking about them. I love reading about stories of adventures, quests, fantasies, legends and myths... and regardless, i honestly don't think i'll stop anytime soon, because they are too fun to read! (^^ )

Side note: I've realized for quite some time now that when i read a book, i will always pour myself into the story to the extent that everything else will be oblivious to me.
Perhaps that's also why i'm so picky with the books i read. I have not read a lot of books, unfortunately, because like i said, i'm just fussy like that.

If i read a book, i want the book to be worth my time, because when i start, it will be as if nothing else existed in the world. I will be so into the story, only to wake up later to realize stuffs like "oh crap i haven't study for exams". That's how completely ob... ... ... ok i lost the word but you know what i mean!

Heck, when i read a new Harry Potter book (for the first time), SiWon could dance topless in front of me and i wouldn't even realize!
Or would i? *smirks*

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