Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Just to rant.

I love Greek mythology!

One of my favourite books is Percy Jackson. While most might consider it as a children's book - which it is, mind - i honestly love the book!
While i haven't reread it as "much" as Harry Potter ("much" emphasized because i have honestly lost count of the number of times i've read Harry!), - which forevermore will remain my favourite books ever - nonetheless i love this series for its Greek mythology!

So i started reading Percy Jackson *after* watching the movie (Logan Lerman woots!), and am absolutely grateful that last book has already been released by then, so there's no worries of having to wait every year for a new book. In fact, i actually stopped after the third book for quite some time before finishing the fourth and fifth (last) book in UK.

After finishing the fifth book, and also finishing "I Am Number Four" (big mistake, i hate having to wait for the next book!), i have nothing else to read so i thought why not read "The Lost Hero", the sequel to the Percy Jackson series.

I've totally forgotten that the book is in a series (FIVE BOOKS!!), so after finishing this i would have to wait for the a new one EVERY YEAR! GAH!
And the last book would be in Autumn 2014... T^T

Anyhow, the mistake has been made, and now i'm hooked onto a book which has yet to end bleh...
It's not so much the wait... I have waited 8-years for Harry Potter... but this book, The Lost Hero, ended with a sort of cliffhanger, and involved my favourite character!!
This is what irks me most!

*Spoiler ahead!*
See, i have an extremely soft spot for the title character Percy Jackson. Be it because he was portrayed by Logan Lerman, or because having read all 5 books on him, or just being son of Poseidon... i don't know, i just do. I have always loved the main characters in a book anyways.

I was extremely impatient to finish The Lost Hero because there were mentions of Percy Jackson throughout the book, and i wanted to know what happened to him.

Alas, before i even finish, i could already guessed what has happened and i was right! But i didn't expect it to be a cliffhanger!

You can imagine my frustration! He didn't even appear in the book, i don't even know what exactly happened to him (or will happen to him)... and i have to wait till Autumn this year!!

To top it off i don't really like the title character (in The Lost Hero) Jason Grace because he seemed to be like... more superior than Percy Jackson, and i'm kiasu like that because i have always preferred my favourite character to be the most powerful one what turf.
(only exception to be Ron Weasley because Weasley is King and all that)

Anyways, i am extremely glad that the next book would be entirely about him! I have thought that he would just be a minor character in this whole series because of some synopsis i read about this book, and i thought the next book is titled "Son of Jupiter" (who is Jason Grace)... but i was wrong! Only in this book, so yeah! =D

And the most embarrassing would be that the next book is actually "Son of Neptune" (who is Percy Jackson)... NOT Jupiter... and i have absolutely NO IDEA how i read it as "Son of Jupiter" initially! And i only realized this after finishing the first book, and AFTER wiki-ing the second book's summary!! OMGWTFBBQSUPERMANBANANAULTRAMAN.
Can i blame it on exam pressure?

I guess all there is to do is wait... but really, i can't wait for Autumn for the second book! Hope it'll be released on time! =D

ps: Yeah this post is just to rant how frustrated i am with the ending being a cliffhanger and how i have to wait... and er, that's about it. Yeap, there's no proper content i know. T^T
I feel there's not even a proper ending to this post, and am actually afraid how i can't even write a proper Blog post now to save my life! *gasp*

pps: I know i sound like some little kid or deluded teenager happily blabbing about Percy Jackson *coughkidsbookcough* what turf but truth be told, the explanation deserves a whole new entry of its own, so just wait! Teehee!

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