Thursday, May 05, 2011

Being unreasonable.

Everyone is entitled to be unreasonable every now and then.
While some people may not do so often, some can, so sucks to be the former. =D

Especially now with all those exam pressure, yes, i can. 8D

I'm feeling extremely lonely and vulnerable now that exams are around... well, yeah i have not been doing much preparations hehehe... also because there's nobody else around for me to annoy when i need to de-stress.

So when all those stress are couped up, it just goes to your head and makes you emo and eat a lot (or don't eat at all) etc etc.

It's times like these when you can try to blame that because you are so stressed you can't do any preparations... yes? No?

It's also times like these when i honestly wish i was home.
Home comfort aside, everyone's back home you can't help but to wish you are back with them.

You are surrounded by people who truly cares for you (or well, only because you're extremely loud and annoying but hey, better than nothing? 8D), not stuck here alone with the four corners just to stone and stare at a random corner bleh.

Oh well, just a few weeks till you're back! So for now, let's do this GO GO GO! 8D

Yeah, i can be extremely positive when i want to *coughcough* it scares me sometimes. 8D

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