Sunday, May 15, 2011


People often ask, why do i love Super Junior so much.

Once upon a time, i probably be able to give you an answer... but now... i honestly don't know what to say.
The default answer now is "because i like their song", though truth be told this is answering for the sake of answering.

I can also say they dance well, they sing well... but i guess because there are so many reasons why i love them so much, i couldn't figure out what it is ultimately!

Though one thing i do know is, i love them because they are so close to each other despite the number of members.

All the boys are just so close to each other that it's endearing to see them so!

I've seen other boybands which, despite not having so many members, yet there is certain awkwardness between some members.

Unlike the boys!

So i guess this is just one of the many reasons why i love them so much. (^^ )

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