Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Surprise surprise.

Never would i thought i would find a city i really like here in UK!
I would even go on to say that i really love the place!

And surprise surprise, because it's Liverpool!
I was shocked myself, especially being an MU (albeit useless) fan!

But i just love it there!
It's not too dirty, people there are generally friendly... but most important is i actually felt safe there! Like i did in Oxford! (Yes, Oxford's in the list too!)
And mind, i haven't had this feeling in any other places i've visited thus far.

I guess a huge part might be because of Liverpool One, because that place is just beautiful! And i miss shopping malls SO BADLY!

There's a lot of people, but it's not too badly congested when i was there on a working Tuesday!

It might also be because it's near the sea, and i love the sea!

That said, one thing i'm terrified of there is nuclear bombs from the sky when you least expect them! The seagulls there are HUGEEEEEEEEEEE!!

Anyhoo, the amount of eye candies there justify the nuclear-bomb-problem i guess? Teehee!

Can't wait to go there again! (^^ )

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