Monday, June 20, 2011

This is me.

I do not think i'm pretty.
But i don't think i look too bad.

I am definitely not thin.
I'm fat, and no, i'm not those girls who are 43kg yet calls themselves obese!

I can be pretty positive.
Yet when i'm negative the whole world seems to crumble along.

I am really really REALLY loud!

I emo easily.
But i cheer up pretty easily too! You just have to know how!

I can be very emotional.
Yet i can also be very realistic.

I guess i am quite hot-tempered.
But nothing which is "unsolvable". I get back to normal pretty quick. =D
(but apparently the pretty quick still isn't enough for people to think that i'm not all that scary! Woops!)

I'm not at all sensitive.
Which is really bad as i sometimes hurt other's feelings without realizing it.

Sometimes when i forget myself, i may appear rude.
But i do not really mean it. I just forget my *ehem* manners... because i'm not a "gentle" person to begin with.

I am very unreasonable.
Because i can. Muhaha!

I speak too fast.

I am definitely not the nicest person! In fact, i may be a big (literally and figuratively) bully!
But yeah i admit it. That's how i justify myself when i'm being mean! 8D

I am super duper random and retarded.
Because i can. Again. Hahaha!

I am full of whimsical and childish thoughts.
Because the whole is too serious and rigid that it's boring to be so!
There's a different between acting childish, and being childish.

I always get misunderstood, because i'm just bad at conveying and expressing myself to the point.

I love my family and friends to bits.
If i fail to show you i'm sorry, but know that i love you guys very much, and am very grateful that you guys have stuck through with me despite my horrible personality!

Never be ashamed of how old you are, because that's who you truly are!

That said, it's no harm celebrating your birthday with a huge "17" plonked on the cake. 8D

You're two decades old, far from perfection, yet what matters is how much you truly love yourself!

And that's all that matters! 8D

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