Sunday, September 30, 2007


Just last Wednesday, i was watching Super Junior's Don't Don MV (again for the 192712987981291 time) in the study room the other day, and CousinMay was there too reading.

Halfway through, she looked up from her book at me, but of course, i was paying full-attention on my boys and is completely unaware of whatever that is happening around me.

Then, she said this:
"Why whenever you are watching Super Junior, even if its just the music, you'll be smiling..."

I ponder on what she said for a moment, because i was actually completely oblivious to the fact that i am actually SMILING whenever i'm watching Super Junior!
I mean, i know i'm smiling, but it has become something which has been occurring so naturally for over a year now that i have taken granted of it.

I didn't know what to reply, so i was blabbering at her accompanied with very idiotic laughs, so in the end i give her a big grin, and replied because i very 행복!

Its good to always smile! Keeps you younger and all (^^ )!~ ㅋㅋㅋ~

But wait, if this means that when someone's there, i also can smile until like that...

... does that mean if nobody is there...

I'll smile as if i've conquered the world (-┏)?

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Just because.

I'm not in a good mood...

... so i'm posting pics...


So lame (= =")...

Its because there are so many pictures i had bloody procrastinated from not posting, and thus, the avalanche... so i deleted loads i'm just too lazy to post, but there are still some which i wanted to, so full steam ahead =D!

Bamboo trees at Taylor's main campus!

Taylor's wanted to rear panda's now as celebration that they're "University College" now!

Or maybe the reason they planted bamboos there are as symbols of how important we, their financial supporters, are to their ever-growing "Taylor's country"? We are their academic symbols, kinda like how pandas are national symbols to China =D!

Teeheehee, i love my imagination XD!~

My aunty brought me to this musical the other day!

It reminds me of how much i love stage plays, that from now onwards i vow i'll never miss anymore musicals (i missed Sound of Music the last time they performed in Malaysia...), Disney On Ice's (Loads i've missed, very regret), just because i'm too lazy to buy tickets!
No more, no more =D!

I saw this from OU's 5th floor the other day, after movies at round 11pm-ish!
The interior roadshow thingy had finished, so they were packing up the stage props at night after the mall's closing hours!

Just thought it looks neat!

Dinner with parents that night @ Fish & Co...
My drink VS Dad's drink...

No wonder the waiter was looking weirdly at me when i ordered it...
The food was good, but the service so-so.
He wasn't rude, but was rather unfriendly, and a good waiter will always give advice and recommendations based on what we've ordered.
He should've told us about the drink sizes - it was my first time there and how in the world would i know the drinks are of such different sizes?
Apart from that, we ordered side-dish - grilled calamari - which was also available in the Seafood platter my parents ordered... so in the end we couldn't finish it, and there was still a lot left! Talk about food wastage...
The menu too didn't state that there's "grilled calamari" in the seafood platter too.
If he had the nacks of a good waiter, he could at least tell us there are grilled calamaris in the platter, so as to let us think whether we should go ahead with the side-dish or not!

For the first time...
PuPu looks decent, for once, as compared to those two XD!~

Watching Coffee Prince!~
Its a good drama, totally different from any other Korean dramas i've watched! Highly recommendeded!

I'm addicted to post-its XD!~

On a lovely day, while i was watching Coffee Prince...
My hands just couldn't stop doodling!~
And it redecorated my section in the study room much to the dismay of my mom when she returned from China!
Hehehe XD!~

My post-its contents, apart from doodlings, it also shows my feelings at the moment.
But it seems to be able to predict the future too.

The first pic is how i'm feeling RIGHT NOW.
But it was drawn like a few weeks ago XD!~
The second pic is how i see myself when i was watching Coffee Prince...
It really is so.
I will lean back into my cosy chair, one hand holding drinks, one leg on the Ikea stool (because it is short and another... to use to pause or rewind the drama whenever necessary (= =")...
Yes, i'm that lazy, but at least i'm making good use of my legs even when i'm sitting =P!

Apart from post-its, your car says a lot about you too...

Mine shows how much i love BaskinRobbins, Jay Chou (Initial-D because of him), what a "professional driver" i am, and how much i support WWF and PAWS as well!
Pathetic cat HeeChul added his "own thoughts" on it... Idiot cat...

So as revenge...
Seeing someone ALWAYS sleeps like the dead...


Muahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha, REVENGE IS SWEET XD!~
... omg so childish (= =")...
But i never say i'm mature to begin with, so what the heck XD!~

Ok, i gtg now!
HeeChul is sleeping, as usual!~

And SungMin says, "Shee~~~"!
Heehee, so cute XD!

I left the book opened at that page on my bed, when HeeChul came and just sleep there!
What a coincidence ne XD?

Our Little Princess HeeChul loves Super Junior too XD!~

Stupid public holiday.

I hate today.

Because its a public holiday.

And the postman don't come today.


Everyone has got their CDs and DVDs... except ME!!


Edited @ 4PM.

The postman did come.

But nothing i wanted.


Somebody must've have hijacked him to prevent him from bringing the goodies to me.

Shouldn't have Blog about the goodies are being sent to me earlier.


Grindelward's pants (as opposed to Merlin's pants).

I am Blogging about it now aren't i (= =")?

Everyone has got their CDs and DVDs... except ME!!


2 more days of suffering, bah!

I should write a petition for the post to come on Sundays too.
All week round even public holidays!

Or better, to use OWLS instead of lazy humans.

They need rest, but they aren't really bother with the days aren't they?

Except the pooping part...

They're probably cheap to maintain too...


Friday, September 28, 2007

What type of fans are we?

Today is our beloved DongHee's birthday!


... because of "certain reasons", period, so we didn't celebrate it as much as we would have liked...

Both of us had tummy ache, with no appetite for anything (except that i want to eat rice)... so we just make-do with whatever we have for-the-moment...




Moreover, if JungAh hadn't come, and cause i thought i wouldn't be going out, so i was just planning to find anything i can use in the kitchen to celebrate saja!

But anyways, luckily she came, and regardless of "our condition", we did "small-celebrate" for DongHee's birthday today, and we'll big-celebrate for him again soon (^^ )!

I know it looks miserable (no need to remind us), but this is the best we can find for the moment!

I feel its so unfair to him, but i promise DongHee a more scrumptious piece when we celebrate it for him again next month 15th =D!

We love you DongHee, our big blubber of love (hahaha, i love his flabs, it wobbles - i would know because i'm a fan and we notice stuffs normal people wouldn't)!

If you feel this photo is weird, this is a secret between you and me =P! ㅋㅋㅋ!~

Do not take what happened today as judgment on how we feel for you - because of that reason, period, this "small celebration" does not justify how much we love you (instead you should feel more sorry for KiBum and YehSung - both had to share cakes)!

You're a Super Junior, we love all you gits regardless
(except for the few special "bias" occassions *coughRyeoWookcough*)!

우리 슈퍼주니~~ ~~~ 에요!!~~~~~





Why has everyone got it BUT ME (ㅠ.ㅠ)??

You guys are gits!! HMPH!

To all people who never understands fangirly-ness.
(ps: I'm writing a piece on that, just you wait)

If you think we are "silly"...

ㅋㅋ, wait till you look in the mirror =D!


Thursday, September 27, 2007

I'm not happy.

With this news:

I do hope the police will manage to catch those fools who did this. Filthy mudbloods.
If the police do manage to catch the fools who did this and every single assfools behind this, everyone involved... and i swear i will never ever say a bad word against Malaysian police, ever again. Especially the Langkawi counterpart no matter what.
I'll only say the truth, but no more stereotype, fat or nasi-lemak comments etc ever again.

Mind, although i may refer to the culprits who did this as "one person", but it actually means the whole bunch of them, whoever who are involved (TheStar article - Police believe it's an inside job).

I believe in karma, however, killing wildlife is just unforgivable, so i'll curse him.
The fool deserves these anyways.
Too bad i'm no Hermoine or i swear i'll hunt him down, and use the Levicorpus on him; dipping him while his hanging upside down by his ankle in and out of the Langkawi Underwater Tank, with the poison used to kill the fishes still in it, in and out million of times till all water in the tank spills out or dries.

But i'm not Hermoine, so my curses, unfortunately, have to be more "verbal".

Mind, again, the "he" in my curses below are meant towards everyone who is involved in this. Not just that one person.


I hope every time he drives out onto the road, he gets a (or more) saman the minute his car tires touches the road pavement.

If he uses public transport, it'll break down as long as its on it for 1 minute.

If he decides to cycle to his destination, since all the modes of transportation he has tried is no good, his bicycle tires will meet a freaking huge pin halfway in the journey. Cannot go front, nor go back.

I hope he drowns every time he swims, he'll be ok, he won't die, but his still drowning.

I hope everytime he plays ToTo, his number is almost similiar to the winning number, but he gets nothing.

I hope everytime he eats fish, he chokes on the fish bone. Even if his eating cod fish, or fish n chips.

And if he dares to take Shark's fin soup, i hope he gets choke badly by it as well. Serves him right for daring to take Shark's fin soup after killing them.

Actually, ditto to every animal-produce food in this world. He'll choke even if he takes butter with bread! So he'll have to succumb his WHOLE LIFE to eating veges only to reimburse his wrong-doings.
Every single animal-produced food in this world!!
Except dung perhaps.

I am freakingishly upset by the news, especially for someone who loves animals, especially sharks.

Do you know an 12-year-old nurse shark died "innocently" because of the fools' act?

Apart from nurse sharks, blacktips, whitetips and leopard sharks are also the victims! What !@(&!()@&)(!@)(!*@)(!*@)*!@!!!

I better go rest first. I'm fuming with anger now. GRR!!

The fools will get what is deserved in the end.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Over the rainbow bridge...

Scoop from Katz Tales passed away on 20th September, around 6pm.

I'm sure most of us read The Star; Katz Tales is one of the columns on the Saturday Weekender every fortnight.

I've been reading Katz Tales for about a year now i believe, faithfully following it and never missing a week. I remember missing last week's issue and asked mom to get the papers back from her friend, to which she gave it to.

You can see how addicted to that column i am, because apart from my love for animals, after having HeeChul, it did helped me understand cats more. Apart from the column, i also read her Blog frequently for any new updates on the cats.

Every fortnight's issue is a new story on Scoop and Au. I just love reading about them, they are just so... Royal =)!

I feel so sad Scoop is gone now, i hope he rest in peace at Rainbow Bridge.

This is something i got from Sharlene from the comment box:

Rainbow Bridge...

Just this side of heaven is a place called Rainbow Bridge.
When an animal dies that has been especially close to someone here, that pet goes to Rainbow Bridge. There are meadows and hills for all of our special friends so they can run and play together. There is plenty of food, water and sunshine, and our friends are warm and comfortable.

All the animals who had been ill and old are restored to health and vigor. Those who were hurt or maimed are made whole and strong again, just as we remember them in our dreams of days and times gone by. The animals are happy and content, except for one small thing; they each miss someone very special to them, who had to be left behind.
They all run and play together, but the day comes when one suddenly stops and looks into the distance. His bright eyes are intent. His eager body quivers. Suddenly he begins to run from the group, flying over the green grass, his legs carrying him faster and faster.

You have been spotted, and when you and your special friend finally meet, you cling together in joyous reunion, never to be parted again. The happy kisses rain upon your face; your hands again caress the beloved head, and you look once more into the trusting eyes of your pet, so long gone from your life but never absent from your heart.

Then you cross Rainbow Bridge together....

This reminds me of when my BoyBoy left.

I miss him so much.


Ah, sorry Minny, this is not about you, though pretty your fake tattoo maybe as part of the new image for the 2nd album (^^ )...

No no, this is about the one behind you...

Doesn't Kim HeeChul realises the DANGER in doing so?

But why does that look so familiar?




Ah, its because i do so too (= =")...

When you don't have purr-fect eyesight, and your glasses are off and you're as blind as a bat, people who see you using the com from behind will probably wonder:
  • Are you playing some IQ games which requires intense power attention?
  • Are you trying to enter to another dimension through your computer screen?
  • Are you retarded?

So anyways...

Who am i to nag The Great Kim HeeChul?

So all i can say is perhaps...

Kim HeeChul NICE!~

Oh, i've gotten nicely trained haven't i (-┏)?

PPP: Tattoo lovers

*Sponsored post*

A friend of mine told me her friend is having trouble finding a nice guy who can accept her interest: getting tattoos. Apparently, her friend claims its so addictive that before she knew it, she has over 10 tattoos, from small "experimental" ones, to huge graffiti ones on her leg. She thought her boyfriends might not mind, with our country getting more modern by the day, but apparently there are still some conservative minds who feels that girls who get tattoos are "bad girls". I wonder if she had tried finding dates online, maybe find some tattoo singles who also loves tattoos and also share the same thoughts with her, and instead of minding her tattoos, they might be able to share tattoo dating experiences and other stories together.

Marry U

The song above...

... is a VERY dangerous song to listen to when you are driving.

Especially Only if you are a SuJu fan!

It will make the SuJu-fan-driver who is listening to it while driving go all smiley even when it is raining, gloating like a mad cow, smirking like she just pranked someone, grinning till you can't see her eyes as if she had just received SuJu's latest album, and getting all lovey-dovey...

... that i'm very sure it will scare the car next to the fan's car...


Which i just did this evening =P...

As much as i want to show the world how much i love SuJu, i really didn't want to scare anyone suddenly without any warning, especially when they innocently did not do anything and just happen to glance at the driver next to them, and then receive the shock of their life.

Ah, i'm such an Angel to think for others, LeeTeuk would be so proud!

So anyways..

Luckily nobody saw what i did that time, but seriously... i'm sure i'll repeat it again the next time...

... maybe i should just remove that song from the CD in my car (-┏)...

PPP: Senior datings

*Sponsored post*

Sometimes when someone gets older, it must be really difficult for them to catch up with the younger generation. It must be frustrating when all young ones are flying away from their nests for better opportunity elsewhere. At least they'll have their other half to share and complain about the younger generation with. Someone to accompany them. But what about the lonely seniors? I wonder if they have thoughts of going on a date and find some senior singles who may matches all their quirks, habits and needs? is a website which may help them to find their most compatible match, so they needn't worry to look everywhere just for senior dating.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Emo emo emo...

Feeling so down so emo now...

Why perhaps you should not know?

Why perhaps you would not know.

What am i going to do now?

Nobody would've expect i'm supposed.

Nobody would've bothered the importance of togetherness i'm supposed.

And while i emo in this feeling of rollercoster, i just want to say:

WHAT IS THIS? - What am i going to do with my payout?

I'm sure a lot of people know about, or to make it sound more glam - “ - Blog Advertising in Asia!”!

Who says you can't earn money through blogging *smirks*?

First of, my earnings from Advertlets is... miserable.

Lets not go there, but anyways, every girls dream is to earn some extra cash for shopping, or buying things you like, without fear it'll avalanche onto you in form of a very angry parent, husband, boyfriend, credit card debts etc etc.

So yeah, despite my miserable earnings, i do dream on the stuffs which i'm going to buy when i cash out from Advertlets. The list is endless, but unlike those "What am i going to do with a million dollars" tags, this will be more realistic... i hope.
  • Donate to an animal organization - in this case, PAWS or WWF Malaysia. Always donate and help save an animal today! I don't like donating to human charity organizations, i always feel my money is cheated, and besides, a lot of people are doing so already, so why bother? Missing lil' ol' me won't be a "big matter" for human charity organizations, but the lost of my one little contribution to PAWS etc might mean a lot to the entire pack!
  • 3rd copy of Super Junior Don't Don CD
    Ok, i didn't want to strike that out, but i believe my laptop just did it itself (= =")... Though their CD sales are going strong, supporting them further is just what a fan will do won't they? Teeheehee!~
  • Kim DongWan's 1st album's Special Repackage Edition
    Ok, i didn't strike that out... Super Junior did (= =")...
    Isn't this my Blog? How come everyone can just come and cancel the stuffs i wanted to buy?
  • Spoil my fat cat Her Royal Highness Kim HeeChul on whatever she wants; food, snacks, treats, toys or grooming sessions - but i think the grooming session is more of to my delight, not hers XD!
    I love gatherings and yumchars with my close friends! Chatting all the way, dancing, making jokes, acting retarded - typical of me -, singing... FUN XD!~
Ok, there's actually more to this, but then, i better stop now before i go on and on and NEVER STOP! NO GOOD! It'll just make me yearn for more stuffs!!

So, what are you going to do with your Advertlets payout? Thats of course, assuming you are already a big part of the Adverlets family!

Don't worry if you're not, just join and you too can take part of this posting opportunity and earn some extra cash (and buy me presents - i love surprises - and presents for HRH Princess Kim HeeChul as well!!)! Don't this makes blogging much better? Earn while you write!
Though i doubt you can be like the ever great J.K. Rowling, but you can still earn some extra cash as you write! My cup of tea!~

BTW, i do hope Adverlets can give more chances for us miserable bloggers to earn extra cash from, hehehe! HINT HINT!~
Whether its in the form of posting ads, or writings, no one can ever complain when they get to earn extra kaching kachings right?

Thanks Adverlets for making blogging fun =D!~


My boys first comeback performance was just so powerful!~

As i've said before, now said again, anyone who has looked down at my boys and thinking they are just another "idol boy-group" can now go home and eat slug =D!
And because this is not the wizarding world, even if it is i wouldn't any chance be holding a faulty wand, so the chances me vomiting slugs are totally 0%!~
Ah, i'm still very submerged into the wizarding world, please do excuse my Potterness.
ps: I'm still reading book 7 again and again.

My boys sang LIVE for the comeback after preparing for so long, and it was purr-fect!

The vocal was purr-fect, the dancing was purr-fect, and also Henry's performance was also purr-fect too!

Ah, purr-fect *beams proudly*!~

Nobody should even doubt me when i said SuJu sang LIVE.
I know it when my boys are singing LIVE or not, thank you very much.

Its just something which comes naturally when you are a fan =D!~

I keep on watching the performance again and again! ㅋㅋㅋ~

Its just beautiful!~

The 550MB+ space its taking up in my harddisk is well-worth-it, as always XD!~


But ah, i need to rephrase...

Too much hip-thrusts throws me into fits of giggles... ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ~

... it might scare people around me (-┏)...

Monday, September 24, 2007

Hip thrusts!

My favourite dance part from SuJu's Don't Don is definitely the hip-thrusts part !


I've never seen anyone who could do better hip-thrusts than Super Junior, not even Bi!
And i'm not being bias! Its true XD!~
Bi doing it seemed really pervertic and awkward... like an old geezer =P *hides from Bi fans*!

But SuJu doing it is just so beautiful, not an ounce of feeling awkward whatsoever!

Beautiful Boys does beautiful hip thrusts !

I don't understand why a lot of people, for example JungAh or Auntie, can get really speechless or pretends not to hear anything when i mentioned i like their hip-thrusts part; its not like we're "little girls" and its like a "forbidden topic" so we can't walk about it! We should be more open !~

Or maybe because i'm too open ?

But anyways, like what JungAh said... as regard to me always saying "Baby is back", that she wouldn't want to smack me in the face...

Because she's used to it (-┏)...

Ehem ehem...

So maybe she's just used to it?

Or maybe they just feel i'm so pervertic, its hopeless adee !~

Oh yeah, do you know SungMin does the best hip-thrusts, but i prefer his U's hip-thrusts XD!~

Bah, but what so pervertic about it really? Its a type of dance which NOT EVERYONE can master it purr-fectly, not even Bummie (his U's one was *coughomgcough*)!!
But his is purr-fect adee now!~

We should just feel proud our boys can do it purr-fectly!


ps: If you don't know what hip-thrusts are, got knock your run headlong into the wall, then come back and ask me =D! I don't bite i swear (since you knocked your head anyways)!~



My cousinMay complained said that my Blog is ALL SUPER JUNIOR only !

And also whenever she comes, i'll definitely force invite her to watch the Super Junior MV with me !~

And when me and JungAh gather to spazz watch SuJu stuffs, we'll squeal, scream, laugh, shout and go crazy over the boys, it annoys her !~

Now, she "warns" me if i continue to introduce her to my husbands aka my beautiful boys, she'll throw my laptop away !

She also said that if i don't write about something else in my Blog now, she'll boycott my Blog !

Ok, i'll write about something else now!

Btw, do you know that KyuHyun is really cute ?

And do you know that RyeoWook is getting really jealous at my constant attention over KyuHyun ?

Hey, its SuJu, but i did write about "something else" first !!

I'm so hyper now don't you just love it ?

Head counts.

I always do so every performance.

Which member is performing today? How many members are performing today?

So i head count everytime.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13...

I give a satisfied smile. All my boys are here.

That was last year.

A year plus has passed since then.
And throughout performances and appearances that whole year, i would count...

... but i would never reach the number 13...

Different schedules, visa-problems, the accidents...

But finally...

I can head-count now...

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13...

EeTeuk. HeeChul. HanGeng. YehSung. KangIn. ShinDong. SungMin. EunHyuk. DongHae. SiWon. RyeoWook. KiBum. and my baby KyuHyun.

And get my 13 boys purr-fectly.

My boys are beautiful and purr-fect.

I love you retarded idiotic gits!~

Baby is back!

(pleasetakeSKINCARE-LESSONSfromEeTeuk, notDongHaeorSiWonthankyoubaby)
Thanks for the album!~

You're back!

I've said it a million times!

And i can't stop saying it (^^ )!~

I've said it so many times...

So many times i believe JungAh and Auntie would've smacked me in the face if they have the chance =D!

But ah, i couldn't care more!



The months without you has been difficult...

Thank GuanYing you are back safe and sound! Thank you for everything!

Being able to hear your voice again has been heavenly.
So heavenly sometimes i thought i was dreaming, but its not.

Its the truth.

You're back.

My baby is back!

Thank GuanYing you are my one and only SUPERKyu !~




But you're still retarded !~

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Retarded SUPERkim...

As apposed to retarded SUPERKyu...

I am retarded SUPERkim (-┏)...

The first lines to the song "사랑이 떠나다 (She's Gone)" is by SUPERKyu.

He sings:
[규현] 내게서 언제부터 지친걸까

Which if translated, it means...
[KyuHyun] Since when did you start to get tired of me...

And then retarded SUPERkim immediately thinks in her head:
"How can i ever get tired of you baby *retarded smile like SUPERKyu's*..."



Shit, i'm getting we're so WE ARE retarded (= =")...

All this happiness is getting into my head!~ Tra-la-la!~
*twirls and dances around*

ps: On that day's Sukira...

They were talking about while filming the MV, which took the entire night. The special thing is the running part, and they said KyuHyun got SUPERLY SCARED when he heard the first explosion XD!!

Aww, trust my babyKyu to be as cute as ever *glees in happiness*!~

I msged BiBi...

"Hello =)!"
"hihi" BiBi replies...

So i say:
"I solemnly swear the pics you'll see later are dedicated to my baby SUPERKyu =D..."...

And i send her the link...

... of this pic...


My SUPERKyu looks so well-groomed *prouds*!~
And his so brave to touch LittleBoy, who i would not touch at that moment, let alone stand next to him!~

On the other hand *grins*...
LittleBoy ChangMin looks like a crazy old woman living alone with 20 cats !


I also solemnly swear one of my "purpose in life" is to distract BiBi when she does her assignment !

Pic credit: Sugarlessmin

PPP: Scuba Diving

*Sponsored post*

Everyone knows i love the sea, and therefore, i really wanted to go Scuba Diving. I've never scuba dived, but i had always wanted to. I always envy anyone who had went scuba diving before, like my brother. Though he didn't venture beyond the depths of the ocean, just the beach, at least he knows how to scuba dive, and he has a license. So do this high school classmate of mine.

I guess i just didn't find the chance to go scuba diving. Maybe when i had found a good dive buddy who i feel comfortable with, we can go scuba diving together. I know of a website called which has information and tips every scuba diver should know. It is an online scuba diving portal, where scuba divers can also research various scuba diving hotspots around the world, and choose the one which fits their needs. They can also use its interactive map to find the area and all the information they need if they want to to scuba dive at any particular location. Also, if you're worried you can't find a dive partner, you can also use their buddyfinder service. How convenient, all information you need at the touch of a button!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Their performance...

... is beautiful.

To everyone who has doubted Super Junior in the past, i reckon stuffing your head down the toilet bowl now is a very good idea. Not that the toilet bowl would need anything like you in it... ㅋㅋㅋ...

Its just beautiful, wonderful, brilliant!

Powerful vocals and singing, accompanied with their powerful dance...

Super Junior is back!

슈주 2집 대박!

ps: As much as i missed SUPERKyu's part**, his the one i wanted to see most, and the one i missed most (after Wooky - yeah, Wooky-bias is still very strong, despite magnae power bias... ㅋㅋㅋ~)...

Ah, i was so obsessed with looking at my SUPERKyu and worrying about him, that i totally ignored Henry, the violin player, during the performance (= =")...

SUPERKyu danced a bit and even squat down while Henry did his violin solo, and i was looking at SUPERKyu whose behind through Henry's opens legs, worrying if it hurts if he does so etc...

I tell you, that boy may not be my dongsaeng...

... but he might as well be one because i treat him like one (-┏)...

I even call him BabyKyu for his magnae-ness...


**Its all SiWon's fault (that i missed out SUPERKyu's part), because that idiot husband of mine's part is right before SUPERKyu's, and i was talking about idiotWon when SUPERKyu came on that i missed his part abit for like 0.5 seconds... possibly 0.8seconds *gasps*, and i have to "rewind"!


But you guys are just so much love XD!~

Thursday, September 20, 2007

DongHae is many loved!

In the album's thank yous, DongHae posted this:

To. The person I love the most, Donghae and Donghwa's father, how is it in heaven?
Is it better than here? Still, it's better to be with your son Donghae and Donghwa hyung, right?^^
And you're not sick, right? Don't be sick even while you're up there! The one and only thing I want to ask of you is not to be sick!
Father, now our 2nd album is out^^
I'll be by your side and do well in the 2nd album too,
You always have to stay beside me and give me strength! Also, is grandma doing well?
Please tell grandma that I miss her too
Also, I love you! Dad, Grandma, when the 3rd album comes out I'll write again^^
I love you and I love you again!
DongHae-yah, you are much loved (ㅠ^ㅠ)...

And furthermore...

TO Me. Donghaeya
I'm now holding in my hands our 2nd album, our 3rd cd.
Never become too arrogant, never be too proud, and always think and care for others before yourself
With God, and also with Dad and Grandma in heaven, always smile happily and enjoy life, don't ever be sick, and I love you..My other half, our hyung, Donghwa hyung, Mom, Grandpa, I love you
(IngBi nim) I love you! Donghae, always live in thanks for being alive, enjoying life, being healthy, and smiling
A happy person isn't one who smiles, but a person who smiles is a happy person.
We wouldn't exist if it weren't for ELF.
Thank you and thank you again! I love you^^ Don't cheat on us^^
super junior Teukie hyung, Heechul hyung, Hankyungie hyung, Yesungie hyung, Kangin hyung, Shindong hyung, Sungminie hyung,
iloveyouShiwon (I'm extremely sorry for the accident I made!), Eunhyuk, Kibum, Ryeowook, Magnae Kyuhyun, I love you!
Our magnae Kyuhyunie,
hyung loves you so much for getting up and showing up a smiling image! I love you! I love you!

Credits: sides. @ Soompi

No Hae-ey, we won't cheat on you, so stop touching HeeChul's father aka my husband... on the contrary, i've married all SuJu members, so what the heck, go touch lar... ㅋㅋㅋ!

DongHae-yah, you are always and really very much loved by all of us!

따랑해 ♪!~

Retarded SUPERKyu...

SUPERKyu posted this in his friend's minihompy...
기대하라...커밍쑨...ㅋㅋㅋ씨디 10장사 (아이돌 조규현)
Anticipate it...Coming soon... ㅋㅋㅋ go buy 10 of the cds (Idol JoKyuHyun)

I don't mind doing so...

If you'll pay it all for me (-┏)...

My boys...

... are beautiful!

I'm not being bias this time, the album really is GOOD!

Of course, who am i to ask you to buy it, nobody would trust my "opinion" on this album, seeing that its me being a fan recommending it...
However, i can be very honest with you, there's absolutely no bias opinion now!

Anyone who likes idol pop songs should give it a try!

I'm so proud of my boys, they really outshine themselves, as always, this time!

우리 슈퍼주니~~ ~~~ 에요!!~~~~~

Ok, i admit i finally given in to temptation and *downloaded* the songs, HOWEVER:
  • I've bought the album, i have every right to download the songs first because:
    • I just want to listen to it first (cause i don't know when my albums will arrive), and i'm saving my "time", no need to rip the album!
  • If buying one album isn't enough, I'VE BOUGHT TWO!
Tell me again if i have the right to download or not =D? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ!~

JungAh bought the album too, despite much hardship she have to endure, to show her love and support for SuJu, so both of us have EVERY RIGHT!!

Anyways, its not like we're getting this album earlier for illegal reasons to distribute or whatsoever!

As JungAh puts it:
So yeah, buy the album if want to listen to it, or if you're considering whether to buy it anot! I can honestly tell you the money won't be wasted (no, not bias now either)!!


Anyways, again, emo-kimchi almost cried again when she finally heard SUPERKyu's voice again after so long (= =")...

You can't blame me ok, SUPERKyu is my beloved magnae (magnae power!), he is retarded (like me), and i love his voice and i've been missing his voice for a very long time adee!
But hee, of course, at least its better than me bawling everytime i heard his voice for the past 5 months (= =")...

But anyways, RyeoWook-yah, you beware!

"RyeoWook-bias" is now might turning into MAGNAE POWER BIAS!

Yeah, now i'm especially RyeoWook and SUPERKyu bias XD!~



BTW, you know Super Junior has added a new member?


I couldn't believe this news either, but oh well, there's nothing we can do right?

Or is there?

So anyways, here is the latest picture with their official NEW MEMBER!!

Their new member's name is YoungJi =D!

So now its Super Trio Magnae Power!

Or Super Junior Magnae Power - K.R.Y.!
KyuHyun. RyeoWook. YoungJi =D!

This news is confirmed by Super Magnae Entertainment! Which is owned by eiko-chan, owner of this Blog =D!


As EunHyuk puts it:
"Because its... FUN XD!~"

PPP: Mobile phone deals

*Sponsored Post*

I know someone who absolutely loves collecting mobile phones. No kidding! His really well endowed anyways, so i guess this really isn't much bother to him. He only collects limited editions or models he like though, and can even go to the extend of getting his oversea friends to source certain phones for him which he couldn't find locally.

His especially fond of collecting Nokia phones. So far, his Nokia phone collection has been the most extensive one, with his favourite being Nokia 6300 deals. I'll be sure to let him know if i know any mobile phone deals, especially any Nokia N95 deals, as he had just lost his Nokia N95, but has just never gotten round to getting it back.

Hello everyone!

Meet my God-Daughter, Kyra (pronounced Kirra)!

Isn't she Adorable (^^ )?

Well, she's not exactly my "god-daughter" yet, cause i haven't propose this to her owner, QueenoftheFreakingUniverse!
But Kyra's so cute and adorable, i might as well just kidnap her home and call her my daughter XD!

Just in case you're wondering, this beautiful girl is a German Sheperd mix normal breed (the Malaysian stray if i not mistaken)!

Apart from her darker brown colour and floppy ears, she could've pass off as a GSD anytime!
She inherited her GSD mother/ father's side, and has a darker face, with beautiful eyes, sharp snout and beautiful tail and coat!
She has such thick fur, she reminds me of a BEAR XD!~


Have i mentioned she's really really adorable too?


Amanda adopted this cute girl from SPCA (ah, bless Amanda the Abuser! Hahaha!)! She also encourages others to adopt from SPCA, help them reduce the number of dogs living there! And there are just so many dogs there!

She's right you know, for once in her life =P! HAHAHAHAHA!!
Just joking, we always crack lame, idiotic jokes around each other (= =")...

And do you know?

Kyra's the FIRST living thing in this world which could come between me and my Super Junior!

Today was their album release, so naturally, i would want to stick to the computer ONLY! But the crazy woman's ONE PHONE CALL to inform me her dog has arrived... i straight away jump up from bed, wash my face, eat a fast breakfast while checking the computer for SuJu news... but it was quite "pointless" because i didn't have the heart to read everything properly =P! I just know i wanted to go see Kyra immediately!

Although i don't know her name yet, nor have i see her yet, but i was so excited, its as if the crazy woman has shoved Kyra to my face the moment i answer her phone call (^^ )!

Kyra, The Little Princess!~

She fits the title doesn't she?
(Yes HeeChul, you are My Little Princess forever ne!)

Now i hope she remembers me as she grows up, so i can go play with her anytime, and bring her to parks and all!



BTW, Kyra sees me as a "peace offerer" who brings food for her (i went to buy a bag of dog-treats before going to her house today)!
So she was especially friendly to me! Hehehe!
Anyways, she was part-cat too, and i give "good-massages" =P!

But anyways, the next time Kyra sees me, guarantee she'll look at me and asks...

"So food woman, did you bring anything for me?"

Are you turning into another HeeChul (-┏)?